Beastars Season 3 confirmed: When is it coming out?

Are you looking for the release date of Beastars season 3? Have you been anticipating this anime’s brand-new season?

Here is everything you need to know about the Beastars Season 3 in this article. You can find the plot of Beastars, the release date, and even where to watch Beastars Season 3.

Beastars is a Japanese anime, favoured by the same name in Japan. The source material of this anime is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Pary Itagaki.

Fans have been waiting and wondering about Season 3 since July 2022. Despite its controversial storyline, the anime has a passionate fan army waiting for Beastars: Season 3.

Beastars Season 3: What is the release date?

Studio Orange has confirmed that Beastars is coming out with Season 3 in 2024. However, they also came out with an unfortunate statement for the fierce fan armies of the show. Beastars Season 3 will be the last season of this anime series. The trailer release date of Beastars Season 3 has also not been announced or confirmed yet.

Where can I watch Beastars Season 3?

As the Orange Studio, producers of the anime series have confirmed the filming of Beastars Season 3, the final season will be available on Netflix for the fans.

How many seasons does Beastars have?

Beastars is an original anime series licensed by Netflix. Beastars Season 1 was released internationally on October 8, 2019. It came out with 12 episodes. Beastars Season 2 premiered internationally on July 15, 2021, with 12 episodes. You can watch the first season and second season of Beastars on Netflix.

How many episodes will Beastars: Season 3 have?

Beastars Season 3 is the last anime instalment of the manga. Considering the fact that they are ending this anime soon, Beastars season 3 is likely to have at least 24 episodes to cover the remaining pages of the manga.

What is the Beastars anime about?

In the realm of Beastars, anthropomorphic animals are common. Our protagonist, Legoshi, is thrust into a setting where predatory animals are constantly in danger of being eaten by their carnivorous counterparts, resulting in a sharp clash of cultures. Legoshi, the main character is a shy grey wolf that just wants to go about his daily life. A student is discovered consumed, and tensions develop among the kids of their school, so the cards do not fall in his favour and he is thrust into drama. Amidst the chaos, we find romance brewing between Legoshi and Haru, a dwarf rabbit.

What will Beastars Season 3 cover?

In the third season of Beastars, the Interspecies Relations Arc—which spans chapters 100 to 123 of the manga—will be examined. It takes place after Legoshi and Riz’s fight and is covered by this season’s episode. It’s possible that the third season will open with Legoshi’s fights’ aftermath, but it’s also possible that flashbacks will introduce those scenes. When Legoshi decides to get out of school and live freely, he will have to learn the hard way what it means to be a carnivore in society. When the Interspecies-Relations storyline, the anime will go onto the Revenge of the Love Failure arc, where Legoshi will face off against the hybrid crime-lord Melon after Yahya enlists Legoshi’s assistance to capture him.

Will Legoshi and Haru end up together in Beastars?

Fans were quite disappointed with the lack of focus on the between the socially just wolf and the herbivore dwarf rabbit. Season 3 will focus on developing their relationship and explaining why he is against the devouring of herbivores. However, the fans should not expect a large proposal or groundbreaking romantic scene as season 3 will also focus mainly on other aspects than their love story.