10 Classic Chanel Bags I Love

France is a hub for luxury fashion houses, and Chanel is no exception to that. Founded in 1910 by the expert of haute couture, Coco Chanel, This brand has been part and parcel of our lives for more than 100 years.

And not for one has Chanel lost focus and failed to deliver off exactly what we wanted. From the generation of Marilyn Monroe to Margot Robbie, Chanel has encapsulated all kinds of age much and maintained its legacy in a very inspiring manner.

Tired of carrying bags in her hand, Coco Chanel came up with the world’s first sling bag, and after that, there was no turning back. Be it perfumes or handbags or haute couture or prêt-à-porter, Chanel has climbed the ladder of success in almost every aspect of fashion. Here is a list of Classic Chanel Bags. Get enlightened with the best bags that would definitely add luxury to your wardrobe collection.

List of Classic Chanel Bags

1. Chanel Flap Bags, $4,400 – $9,200

Chanel flap bags are more of an identification of the brand rather than one of its designs. Debuted in 1955, Chanel flap bags took the world by storm and created what was going to be one of the most copied and cherished bags by the general public and critics alike. An interesting fact is that the original bags contained the Mademoiselle Lock rather than the prominent interlock Cs. With time and change of fashions, the bags get updated and reinvented to meet the changing demand of people.

From traditional diamond quilted lambskin iterations to funky and bold experiments using neon as well as bright shades of blue, pink, and yellow, Chanel bags have not only regained but increased their popularity among different segments of people. Its availability in smaller sizes adds a bit of ambidexterity and functionality to it.

2. Chanel Waist & Belt Bags, $1,875 – $3,200

Fanny packs and belts bags seem to have gained unprecedented popularity in the recent past, with the blend and incorporation of streetwear in age-old luxurious brands. If you want to make a statement by just using your waist, then waist and belt bags are the way to do it. Ideal for situations like a party or a concert, festival, or just your daily grocery shopping, The Chanel bags are a testament to their high-quality and fine craftsmanship.

The design models after the Chanel 19 flap bag, with the belt made from chains which give it a very classy look. And the main highlight is, of course, the hands-free look. Mainly made from quilted leather, fanny packs which have a notorious reputation for being extremely casual, these Chanel waist bags make them up to the minute.

3. Chanel 2.55, $4,200 – $10,000

While it may be a form of a flap bag, Chanel 2.55 deserves a spot of its own. Originally thought of in the 1920s by Coco Chanel, when she was tired of carrying handbags and wanted the burden to shift towards the shoulders, the flap bag came into existence. But it was in 1955 (hence the name), in which she debuted with the sling Chanel 2.55 and created a buzz among the elite class of the society. Since then, millions of designers have reproduced those designs, but nobody has matched the level of elegance in the actual one.

It has a zipper compartment, back slip pocket, with the inner lining having the signature burgundy color. The outer part contains the iconic flap. And you would be surprised to know that the original did not have the interlocked Cs! Instead, it had the Mademoiselle Lock. New sizes get introduced with the mini as well as large versions available after every few years.

4. Chanel Clutch with Chain, $1,700 – $5,875

Wallets and clutches with chains are a fashion statement of Chanel. Available in both, gold and silver hardware, the clutches chain bags are some of the most appreciated and desired styles keeping in view the current styles and trends. The quilted caviar leather provides a posh and avant-garde look to the clutch, and the chain provides a fancy and futuristic perspective. It contains a front flap with the classic Mademoiselle CC logo, inside a compartment, and a back flap pocket to keep your absolute essentials within easy reach.

This bag is very versatile because even though the chain is undetachable from the clutch, it can be inserted inside the clutch and can give a wallet-type look and feel. They are available in a variety of colors from angelic white to loud red to classy black, which you’ll get tired of choosing but the choices will keep on increasing.

5. Chanel Classic Handbags, $8,200 – $10,300

The idea for the classic handbag occurred when Karl Lagerfeld took over the position of artistic director of the Parisian luxury brand, Chanel. Making great use of Chanel’s CC logo right from the 80s, this bag, dubbed as the 11.12, contains a double flap, with pebbled calfskin leather and an elegant chain that is typically gold or silver hardware. This bag has a towering status and is considered one of the most coveted purses in the history of fashion.

Its availability in quilted, chevron, tweed, and other varieties makes it famous today as it was thirty years ago. Every fashion enthusiast is bound to buy at least one classic handbag in their lifetime. If you want a one of a kind of bag that started it all, then go for this. You won’t regret it.

6. Chanel Drawstring & Bucket Bags, $3,000 – $4,400

Though it might be Louis Vuitton who invented the bucket bags, it was Chanel who took it in a spin and And made it into an internal bag that count to be relished by generations after generations. This bag comes in bright shades like pink and yellow to bold and sophisticated colors like black. Anybody Seeking to upgrade the run bank collection must go through these drawstring bags. You are sure to become startled by the uniqueness and creativity in designs.

It comes in a lot of variety which makes these bags all the more fun. A new addition to this collection is the Pearl Chain drawstring bag that has been since Spring-Summer 2021. The white pearls serving as the strap of the bag make a big impact and create a one-of-a-kind bag.

7. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag, $5,000 – $33,000

Named after the quintessential and phenomenal founder of Chanel itself, the Gabrielle Hobo bag is the definition of royalty. No matter what you are wearing, this bag is guaranteed to match with your sequenced cocktail dress just as perfectly as an oversized tee and denim jeans. A little aside from the already ultra-popular and available in the market styles, the Gabrielle Hobo bag provides a more casual look which was much needed in this super chic and posh brand.

Like most of the other Chanel bags, this one comes in six iterations, and a variety of materials, such as classic black lambskin and alligator in the prices fluctuate from $5000 to as high as $33,000. Inaugurated in one of Chanel’s fashion shows, this became an instant sensation and is seen in the hands of celebrities frequently.

8. Chanel Shopping & Tote Bags, $3,000 – $6,400

If packing lightly isn’t your style, then you can take the Chanel shopping bags, which swear to give voluminous space to fit all your belongings. While you might be disappointed to know that Chanel has discontinued its all-time favorite, cult classic Grand Shopping Tote, there are plenty of other tote bags to make up for it. These bags are available on the campus, giving it a proper beach bag feel with imitation of pearl strings elevate rather than a casual bag.

But if you want a bag that catches your eyes, then you can go for the quilted leather shoppers, which give an everlasting look and feel. As opposed to the current fashion, possessing a tote bag will give a distinctive look and add functionality to your attire. If you are a big fan of huge accessories and roomy yet not so monstrously huge bags, you should try these Chanel totes.

9. Chanel Boy Bag, $5,400-$6,200

No, this is not a bag for boys. Named after Coco Chanel’s former lover, Arthur “Boy” Capel, Karl Lagerfeld decided to put his mind to make Chanel an immortal luxury brand. One of the most fancied silhouettes of Chanel, the boy bag has almost identical features as of the 2.55 bag though it is just a bit boxier and a little less girlish, subtly hinting at its name. PVC quilted outer cover and a strip of matching leather instead of braided shiny silver metal compose the masterwork that is this bag.

The gunmetal color – giving it a tomboyish look- is one of the most, if not sole, attractions of this boy bag. The launch of the Chanel Boy was a way of tributing to the original mastermind of this luxurious fashion house. Thanks to Lagerfeld, Chanel which had already made a mark during her time, has her legacy continued most supremely.

10. Chanel Camera Case, $4,300

One of the many specialties of Chanel is that it possesses the ability to transform an ordinary item into a highly aesthetic and chic one. And this quality becomes very evident through the Chanel camera case bags. Quilted in smooth calfskin, the camera bag is not necessarily a case to store and transport cameras. The name of the camera bag is put forward due to its boxy silhouette. However, it does not stop you from using it in the way that you like.

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