25 Classic Coach Bags

When started in 1941, this small workshop in New York could never have imagined that it would become a household name for handbags, luggage, accessories, and ready-to-wear that it is today. Today Coach is known for its exquisite leather and luxe details. But there has been a great deal of struggle throughout the eighty years to achieve and maintain that status in society. Coach has revolutionized and reimagined its styles with every passing decade. So, there are more than a dozen reasons why coach seems to be the go-to luxury brand among celebrities as well as the ordinary person.

This is an article for all the Coach lovers as well as the potential Coach fans who are in search of some of the most iconic and recognizable styles of this high-end brand. We have researched and listed down 25 of the classic Coach bags available on the official Coach site waiting for you to buy them. Read it out, and select the bag that suits you the best. These bags will be definitely worth your money.

25 Classic Coach Bags

1. Coach Tabby Pillow Bag, $395 – $595

Coach is a very reputed luxurious brand, but it had never made bags that shook the world. That was until the pillow tabby shoulder bag 26 entered the market. A generation of people who were more inclined to fake designer Items got attracted to this structured, puffy, and chic design that could be easily affordable. With a stiff yet slouchy silhouette and the classic C closure, this tabby is arguably the best contribution of Coach to the fashion industry. It only comes in monochrome print that is far away from the classic jacquard pattern adorned in almost all of the coach designs.

To maintain its popularity among the younger generation, Coach has launched two metallic iterations of this pillow tabby in a smaller size but with equal attention to detail. The price of this bag varies between $395 – $595.

2. Coach Willow Shoulder Bag, $210-$350

The Coach Willow shoulder bag is one of the most popular and in-demand bags. Essentially designed to be a go-anywhere bag, the willow is not too big nor too small and is the ideal size for a shoulder bag that can go almost anywhere. With polished pebble to leather and the signature canvas with the C print, this bag of incredibly good and durable quality is a mix of the Coach Shay and the Lora bucket bag. The gold hardware complements the bag in the best possible way and gives it a modish look.

Adjustable straps make it a versatile bag adding to its popularity. The Willow bag is available in a variety of colours ranging from block to patterned canvas. The Coach Willow shoulder bag can be purchased between the prices of $210 to $350 depending upon the price and size of the purse.

3. Coach Saddle Beat Bag, $315 – $700

Inspired by the hustle and bustle of New York City, the Saddle Beat bag makes it easier for the ladies to carry their essentials in style. Handcrafted from soft glove-tanned leather on the outside and jacquard print on the inside, this saddle bag provides multifunctional pockets, both on the interiors and exteriors of the purse, to make all your daily items available within an easy reach. The coach buckle accented in gold hardware makes The bag more elevated and timeless.

Be it any occasion at any place at any time, this is one such bag that will fetch you compliments for sure. The coach saddle beat bag is one of the higher priced range of the stylish and luxurious bags varying from $315-$700.

4. Coach Tote Bag, $177 – $750

Coach offers one of the largest varieties of tote bags which makes it the first and foremost brand in the same. Be it Dempsey or city tote or a Carryall, every tote bag of Coach is different in its pattern and outlook than the other. The material also varies from leather to canvas with either signature Cs or floral prints or graphic designs. Tote bags or a necessity for individuals who love to travel, and a tote from Coach is a must. Zip and slip pockets complete the elegance and grace of this bag

The elegant coach symbol embossed in the front makes it noticeable from a mile. Be it your laptop or your lunch, this bag makes everything look chic and sophisticated. The range of tote bags varies from as low as $177 to as high as $750.

5. Coach Lori Shoulder Bag, $275 – $425

Timeless on the outside and perfectly categorized on the inside, the Lori shoulder bag is bound to check all the boxes of an exquisite bag. The double top handle gives a sort of late 1990s and early 2000s fashion trendy look, which complements the polished fine fabled leather flawlessly. The bag is surprisingly lightweight and has three compartments all joined with the magnetic class to meet the space requirements. It is the effortless that the bag oozes which makes it different from others.

It also contains the signature charm hanging through the buckle straps that are adjustable to meet your needs. The price of this Lori shoulder bag can vary from $275 to $425, makes it are affordable and within an easy reach of the common folks.

6. Coach Duffle Bag, $350

Duffle bags can be very comfortable but, at the same time, can be very bulky if not designed correctly. Well, at Coach, you have no such fear. Duffle bags at Coach are just as stylish and contemporary as the Tabby Pillow bags. Apart from being voluminous, it does not have the standard slouchy silhouette, which makes it stand out. Covered with natural pebble leather, it has inside zipping and snaps pockets and a zip-top closure to systemically organize all your possessions.

The unmistakable design, introduced in 1971, has an updated version that contains an addition of chunky hardware and a fringe zipper pull. The standard Coach duffle bag has a cost of $350 and comes in a variety of bold, primary colors.

7. Coach Kip Turnlock Crossbody, $135 – $350

A prized possession of the original collection of Coach, the Kip Turnlock Crossbody is one of the archival-inspired bags that brings a little of the New York heritage in it. As the name suggests, the main feature of the bag is the distinctive and iconic turn-lock closure that keeps all your belongings safely and securely. Handcrafted out of soft and smooth glove-tanned leather, this bag, in addition to being very ultra-modern, is very practical and multifunctional, serving as a top handle or crossbody.

This is one such style that gets better with time and use. And the customization of the pattern is also an attractive feature of this already bag a la mode. The Coach Kip Turnlock Crossbody available for $135 to $350 and is definitely a keeper.

8. Coach Willow Bucket Bag, $275 – $495

The perfect example of casual meets dressy, Coach’s Willow Bucket bag is more than just a fancy purse. It is a style statement. Handcrafted from the original leather inspired by the look and feel of a well-worn baseball club, the bucket bag has a well-polished cover giving it a glossy look. The bucket bag provides multiple looks to it, as it has two detachable straps of different lengths, making it a shoulder bag or a crossbody in different situations. It even has the classic Turnlock which pays a homage to its original designs.

Apart from being extremely fancy and chic, it is the provision of multiple pockets with a zip closure in the center which attracts many coach lovers. The price range of the cost below bucket bag is reasonable starting from $275 and going to $495.

9. Coach Studio Shoulder Bag, $450 – $495

A nod to the 90s, the Studio shoulder bag is sure to make you nostalgic. Covered in buttery soft glove-tanned leather, the Studio bag is not too small, not too big, and contains ample space for neat organization of daily items. One can say that it is a cross between Coach Madison, Cassie, and Tabby, giving it a more sophisticated and geometrical shape. The most alluring feature of this bag is the push-lock closure with the signature see that catches anybody’s eye in a second.

The smooth leather shines in reality just as it does on the runway.You can keep your mask, lotions, keys, sunglasses, and chopsticks without compromising anything. This bag is in the range of $450 to $495 and once you buy it, you will become a fan of it for sure.

10. Coach Ergo Shoulder Bag, $197.50 – $395

A close-to-heart design of this luxurious brand, The Ergo has been a part of the coach originals as a collection of designs that celebrates the rich heritage of New York City. Originally introduced in the 1990s, this reimagined Ergo shoulder bag has a hobo silhouette that is utterly unique and distinctive from the rest of its contemporaries. The streamlined structure of this bag allows a lot of room to keep all your compact as well as large essentials, be it a small cosmetic bag or a 15-inch laptop.

It comes with an adjustable strap so that it can sit on your shoulder comfortably. The Coach Ergo shoulder bag is one of the most affordable luxurious brands not only in Coach but in the market as they start from $197.50 and go till $395.

11. Coach Rogue bag, $350 – $1,450

The Coach Rogue bag is one such that has to have a place in every collection, and there are a few reasons for it. For one, it provides ample storage and organization, making it a good option for the office. Second, it provides a modern yet elegant and Victorian-style look to it, which makes it even more appealing. The third is its versatility. Carrying it as a handbag or a shoulder bag or a sling, the Rogue provides the perfect look along with quality, making it a beloved item of collection for its fans.

In addition to all of this, the brass hardware makes the tea roses and python handles even more graceful. It is one of Coach’s most expensive design and to keep its exclusivity it starts from $350 and goes up to $1450.

12. Coach Swinger, $125 – $325

With the resurgence of the early ’00s, The swinger bag has become a hot favorite among the Millennials and Gen Zers. Maintaining the legacy and authenticity of the New York heritage, this is a structured and sleek bag covered in glove-tanned leather, which reenvisions the 1980s swinger bag. The short strap shoulder bag tucked under the arm gives a hands-free and a rather dapper look. Another attractive highlight of this bag is that it can be customized and embellished according to your requirements.

The zip-top closure and a detachable strap constitute its features. The Y2K style has already made a mark in just a short span and looks like that it is here to stay. The bag is available in the signature jacquard as well as bold colors making the price vary from $125 to $325.

13. Coach Elise Satchel Bag, $295 – $595

Every item of Coach pays as much attention to the functionality and practicality of the bag as its style and voguish looks, and this Elise Satchel is no less. The plush and versatile pebble leather covers this best-selling coach design. The silhouette of this bag is convenient as it contains an outer pocket accented with the signature charm, and the interior contains zip and snap pockets, all with a zip-top closure. The upright silhouette of a classic satchel is maintained while some iconic elements of Coach get added to it.

And like all other coach bags, this bag does not hide its versatility and can be used as a cross-body or shoulder bag according to your will. The original glove-tanned leather gives it a glossy and shimmery look. The average satchel bag varies between $295 to $595.

14. Coach Mini Skinny Id Cases, $39 – $95

The Mini Skinny ID case is the perfect inexpensive outlet to the luxurious world of fashion. This is a classy wallet that can moonlight as a purse on your nights out and can serve as a wristlet on your busy days. Its availability in colors like buttercup, black, amazon green, watermelon as well as floral patterns, and of course the signature canvas, makes it a must-have among coach lovers. The goldtone key ring conveniently matches with the ID case and enhances its features.

The mini skinny contains a credit card slot and an ID window with a zip-top closure giving enough space for all your cards. The Coach symbol and the logo in the centre of the case attract a lot of attention. The average case ranges between $39 to $95.

15. Coach Shay Bag, $125 – $250

Similar to the Coach Willow bag is the Shay bag, which is more of a relaxed and slouchy hobo bag. The Shay bag has a more laid-back style and is perfect for any casual outing. And while it may be an informal bag coach has kept in mind the need for storage as the topmost priority. So it is loaded with pockets, both zipped and slip, to organize your daily belongings in a perfectly systemized manner. The metal studs at the bottom of the purse offer protection to the leather and help maintain the sturdy silhouette of the bag.

An adjustable strap comes along to convert it into a crossbody whenever required. The Shay bag comes in a variety of colours, ranging from dark shades of blacks and greys to the shades of brown to pure white. Accordingly the price ranges between $125 – $250.

16. Coach Madison Bag, $270 – $650

Some particular bags are a keeper, and the Madison shoulder bag is one such bag that you’ll own forever. Maintaining a balance between the classic designs and the modern alterations, the medicine shoulder bag is a favorite among the old coach lovers as well as the Gen Zers. The design suits every occasion and outfit, be it jeans or a ball gown. Some of its prominent features include the classic turn-lock closure with a matching chain that could convert from one long to a short handle.

The colors of this bag vary from block and bold colors to quilted leather to the signature canvas, and finally, the most exclusive tea rose knot pattern. The price, according to the size and color, varies from $270 to $650.

17. Coach Channing Carryall Bag, $197.50 – $395

A subtle and elegant Carryall, the Channing is altogether different from the Tyler one, not only in terms of its silhouette but in terms of its functionality. Made from polished pebble leather On the outside and scratch-resistant cross-grain leather On the inside, bass Channing carryall the prime choice of all celebrities. An important feature of this bag is that it comes with an adjustable strap which instantly changes the look and feel of the bag, making it a crossbody or a shoulder bag in seconds.

The center zip compartment with slip and snap pockets makes it an organized purse for travel. This tasteful and distinguished bag comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Its price varies from $197.50 to a high of $395.

18. Coach Noa Pop Up Messenger Bag, $105 – $425

The ultimate free handbag, the Noa pop-up messenger candy conceived as a weekend or a travel bag. Inspired by the many coach authentic bags, the Noa in polished pebble leather is a great purse for carrying bare minimum items. If you are in a hurry, this is the grab and go back for you. It is small enough to be easily fitted in everywhere but not that small as it can set an iPhone 12 Pro max. There is a tint of versatility added to it as it is a crossbody or a shoulder bag or a clutch or a wallet in a matter of seconds.

It comes with a pop-out pouch that can be carried separately or with the purse. The different patterns and designs fluctuates the prices between $105 and $425.

19. Coach Kitt Messenger Crossbody, $90 – $150

One of the most affordable and consequently the most spotted coach bags is the kitt messenger crossbody. Made of durable scratch-resistant Cross green leather, this messenger crossbody is famous for its versatility and its simple yet beautiful design. Be at a party or an office meeting this bag goes with each outfit and all the more enhances it. It has a front out of pocket and interior slip pockets enclosed in a zip closure, which makes it a highly demanded design.

This design also allows personalization which makes it even more appealing to the customers. Owing to its trim and lightweight highlights, it varies from $90 to $150 in a variety of unique colors like oxblood and candy pink.

20. Coach League Flap Backpack, $357 – $850

Coach has decided to make a mark in the backpack industry as well. And with that, it has launched the League flag backpack, which is designed to keep pace with the fast life of the 21st century. Made for those who are in constant motion, The league tries to match up with them. Crafted from soft calf leather, this backpack has multifunction pockets with a laptop sleeve and drawstring speed clip closures to give it an aesthetic yet pragmatic look. It even has a compartment to fit all your notebooks and diaries.

The coach logo imprinted in the leather provides an eye-popping feel to this already understated unflattering backpack. Being an extremely posh backpack, its prices from $357 to $850, therefore, justifying the Coach name.

21. Coach Kira Crossbody, $125 – $275

This is a bag dedicated to all the multitaskers. Like the people carrying it, this Kira crossbody serves as a multifunctional bag that can take the form of a cross-party, or a wristlet or a clutch, or even a pouch. Made exquisitely from pebble leather, this bag has a zip closure with slip pockets to categorize and keep your items safely. It is high-quality, and it’s more texture which makes it a regular purchase among coach lovers. It is a beautiful petite bag that is fun to carry and looks leisurely at all times.

Despite its small size, it can easily set a phone, cards, keys and other essential accessories, Making it the perfect back for going out. The price of this crossbody ranges from $125 to $275.

22. Coach Tyler Carryall, $210 – $350

Minimalism meets versatility is the motto of Tyler Carryall. Living up to its name, this Coach Bag carries all your everyday items in a very organized manner while continuing the legacy of its New York roots. And it can be commented that this is every neat freak’s dream bag. An extremely classy bag with polished pebble leather and multifunction pockets separated by a center zip compartment, you can carry it anywhere effortlessly.

Its availability in bold and block colors such as wine, black and white chalk finished with the signature charm and accented with brass hardware makes them exclusive. The price of this Carryall bag went from $210 to $350.

23. Coach Mini Cashin Tote, $150 – $250

If there is a list of bags that are just for style and making heads turn, Then you can count the Mini Cashin Tote in them. Crafted from loft and leather, this is a cute little bag, redesigned after the iconic Cashin Carry made by the first leading designer of Coach, Bonnie Cashin in the early season of 1969. The top handle style with magnetic snap closure, this bag contains credit card slots, and detachable straps to convert it into a crossbody or a handbag of your choice.

While this might be a mini bag, it is spacious enough to stuff your cash, cards, keys, and most importantly, the phone. The price of this mini version of the Tote ranges from $150 to $250.

24. Coach Hayden Crossbody, $135 – $625

The perfect practical yet sleek bag that can be carried as a wallet, a clutch or a sling to a party, or a wedding, or maybe to IKEA Is the Hayden Foldover Crossbody clutch. Easy, compact, and comfortable, this is an ideal grab-and-go bag polished out of pebbled leather. The clutch contains eight credit card slots, a full-length bill compartment, and a zip pocket, all concealed with a snap closure. The practicality of this bag is one of the reasons why it is always sold out.

The outer part of the crossbody has the iconic coach logo adorned in gold hardware which gives it a discerning look. Depending upon the size, and the Hayden Crossbody ranges between $135 and $625.

25. Coach Kia Circle Bag, $150

Giving an unusual look to a normal crossbody, the Coach Kia sling bag Has become the go-to Bagh in just a short period. This bag maintains the minimalist collection of Coach and keeps up the utility function of a crossbody. It keeps all the essentials handy while giving the carrier a quirky and stylish look. Crafted out of the signature canvas and smooth leather, this bag comes with a detachable strap that can convert it into a sling or shoulder bag in a matter of a few seconds.

The mix of the canvas and leather surely provides an eye-popping formal yet sporty get-up. The Coach Kia Circle bag is for around $150 two in a variety of colors and textures, in both the leather as well as the straps.