10 Most Expensive Cakes in the World

Cakes are the delight of any party they are present in, bringing a smile to people’s faces and a pleasure to their tummies. The occasions are endless, and people who love to have cake simply need an excuse to buy one.

But since baking a cake is an art that is easy to learn but hard to master, the best of the best chefs in the world have mustered such creations of bread that have astounded people simply at first glance.

Towering and gigantic cakes, made with the finest quality of ingredients, with a taste that is just out of this world, have got a lot of bakery chefs rolling in dough.

So, today we are looking at the most expensive cakes in the world, the ones that are insane in either that structure, or price tag, or maybe even both.

10. Royal Wedding Cake by Fiona Cairns

It is no surprise that you would find a cake that has been at the British Royal Wedding on this list. After all, the monarchs from England are anything but simple in their daily life, and why should a celebration be that way?

The wedding cake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is 10th on our list, made by famous British pastry chef Fiona Cairns.

The eight-storeyed, 3 feet tall cake is not the tallest on our list, but it certainly looks the noblest.

The Royal Bride, Kate Middleton, personally supervised the making of the fruit cake and made sure that it looks just as marvelous as the rest of her wedding did.

This cake cost a massive 78,000 Dollars to make.

9. Platinum Cake by Nobue Ikara

It is one thing to ask your customers to buy jewelry from you, but to entice them with an edible version of it? That is just deliciously crazy!

In 2007, Platinum Guild International got famous Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara to make a beautiful fondant cake for them, as a marketing technique for them to encourage ladies to buy their platinum jewelry.

What’s interesting is that the cake was adorned with edible platinum foils and even proper platinum jewelry!

This move was a massive success and many Japanese female celebrities were honored with a slice of the cake. This cake cost 130,000 Dollars to make.

8. Diamond Chocolate Cake by Masami Miyamoto

Here is an example of a cake that did not need to be huge to be costly. The eighth most expensive cake in the world is the Diamond Chocolate Cake made by Japanese pastry chef Masami Miyamoto and is still on display in the Takashimaya store in Osaka, Japan.

The beautiful cake is rumored to be made out of ganache chocolate, embellished with 100 diamonds, all measuring up to 50 carats.

This cake is worth 850,000 Dollars.

7. Luster Dust Cake by Dallas’s Delicious Cakes

The Luster Dust Cake was designed by Dallas’ Delicious Cakes and Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange for the Dallas Bride Fair in 2010.

Even though the cake is considered to be inedible, the ivory fondant cake is still one of the most expensive cakes to have been made and is studded with an insane amount of diamonds and jewelry.

The Luster Dust cake is worth an astounding 1.3 million Dollars.

6. Africa Cake

This cake was made by a Japanese jewelry store designer and as the name suggests, the cake is in the shape of the African continent.

The chocolate cake is studded with almost 2000 diamonds, fitted across the border of the cake, and a bunch of them stacked in the bottom part of the continent, signifying the diamond mines that are present in that part of Africa.

This cake costs 5 million Dollars.

5. Luxury Bridal Show Cake by Nahid Parsa

The Luxury Bridal Show Cake presented in the Beverly Hills Luxury Bridal Show in 2006 has gone down as one of the most iconic attractions presented in the show’s history.

Created by Nahid Parsa, the 1.5 feet tall cake is a beautiful sight to behold, created in the shape of a luxurious white wedding gown.

What is more luxurious about the cake is the several beautiful pearly diamonds that are embellished on the cake, along with golden ornamental decoration and a ring of pink flowers at the bottom.

The fabulous cake is worth 20 million Dollars.

4. Diamond Gala Cake by Devorah Rose

The Diamond Gala Cake was made by Buddy Valastro, an American baker and the star of the American TV show Cake Wars.

He made this cake for Devorah Rose, the famous editor-in-chief of the Social Life Magazine. Even though it looks like a normal 7 tier cake, the thing that makes it famous is the countless numbers of ornaments it is decorated with.

Emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires; you name it and it probably was studded on the cake.

This shiny cake was priced at 30 million Dollars.

3. Pirates Fantasy Cake by Dimuthu Kumarasinghe

For our next entry, pastry chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe takes us to the seas with his creation called the Pirates Fantasy Cake.

It is a colorful and highly sophisticated 10-layer cake that is filled with the goodness of multiple ingredients such as cheese, lemon, cinnamon, yam, chocolate, and more.

Moreover, how can you have a pirate cake without some loot? If the delectable cake was not enough to convince you, it is also covered in millions of dollars worth of precious stones and jewelry.

The cake costs 35 million Dollars to make.

2. National Gay Wedding Show Cake by Jules and Tim Smith

As the name suggests, the cake was made for a TV show based out of Liverpool, England.

The 5-foot high cake is an absolute delight to look at, and is covered with almost 4000 precious diamonds, which are the only highlights of this extravagant cake.

This white fondant cake, due to all the diamonds on it, cost 52 million Dollars to make.

1. Runaway Cake by Debbie Wingham

Shattering all the records on this list by a landslide, the Runaway Cake by Debbie Wingham is the most expensive cake in the world.

The cake is made to look like a fashion runway event, and it is ginormous 6-foot long cake and weighs almost 1000 pounds. That is a lot of cake for a family, let alone a person.

The price of the cake is mostly due to the precious multicolored diamonds, and the cake also features beautiful models made out of cake and covered in stylish edible clothing.

The massive cake is made out of chocolate ganache and triple Belgian chocolate, and is priced at a whopping 75 million Dollars!

Cakes are a delight of the food industry and everyone enjoys a slice everytime they celebrate an occasion. Just by writing this article we have started craving for a small piece of cake!

Which of these cakes would you like to taste if you had the opportunity? Comment down below and also let us know what is your favorite flavor of cake!