What’s So Special About Dubai Shopping Festival?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event that started in 1996. Though it started as a retail trade fest that was meant to boost trade, it has since become a tourist attraction.

At DSF, the festival is called in short, huge discounts are offered on goods, daily raffles are drawn, and there is entertainment and fireworks on display. Now the Dubai Shopping Festival has become an event that has multiple attractions shopping, adventure, glamour, and entertainment held in an atmosphere of hospitality.

Dubai Shopping Festival

At one point of every year, people seek to get out of their work and go out for a vacation to relax. This week to explore places that offer beautiful sights along with shopping venues. In recent times, Dubai has developed to be one of the busiest cities in terms of tourists. Being one of the safest cities in the world and having the tallest buildings in the world, Dubai is on the list of every traveler.

And if you are told that an event is organized in Dubai which primarily focuses on shopping and unrelated activities, what would you do? The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual event that has been going on for the past 26 years. So if you have not been aware of this ongoing festivity, this article has been written to guide you regarding the same.

What’s Special in Dubai Shopping Festival?

The DSF brings something new and interesting every year. In addition to quality and quantity, shoppers get chances to win cars, cash prizes, and gold in millions every year. The major attractions are Dubai’s world-class hotels, supercars, drone lights, and breathtaking fireworks every evening.

It’s all about arts and culture, food and drink, shopping, sights and attractions, spas and wellness, and a beautiful life experience.

Dubai Shopping Festival 2021 – 2022

This year, the 27th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival is from 15 December 2021 to 29 January 2022. That’s one and half months of the ultimate shopping experience in Dubai.

Yes! It is that time of the year again! Get ready to stock up on your favorites. With a new year comes the season of the most awaited shopping event in the world. The 27th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival is all set to amaze people like every time. Starting in 1996, Dubai has maintained its reputation of organizing unique and thrilling experiences. It attracts the top brands of the world and what that person from every corner of the world.

The DSF has overcome the obstacles created by the COVID-19 and has decided to go on with its yearly event with celebrations as usual. The DSF is set to take place from 15th December 2021 to 29th January 2022 while taking all the precautionary measures so that the shoppers can enjoy and be safe at the same time. Exciting activities and carnivals will surely make this festival a hit. The special thing about this particular event is that it has something new to offer every year. And if you are looking to go on a holiday, consider Dubai during the holiday season.

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DSF 2022 Location

The best thing about this festival is that it is not limited to the spheres of a shop or a boundary. rather it is spread across the city of Dubai. Global Village, Al Rigga Street, Night Souk, Al Fahidi For, Gold Souk, The Layali Dubai Concert, Promenade at Dubai Festival City, DSF Desert Camp, Asianet Film Awards, Al Seef Street, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Festival Waterfront Centre, Lamcy Plaza, Dragon Mart, Mercato Shopping Mall, and Lulu Village are only a few of the official places to visited. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the most popular and must-visit locations for the DSF 2022.

The Dubai Mall

One of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Dubai Mall, is located right next to the iconic building of Burj Khalifa. It includes 1,200 shops which all come under sale during the festive season. You can shop limitlessly from high-end brands from day to night and will still have something new to discover.


Souks of Dubai are legendary. A variety of souks are spread all around the city of Dubai, which gives the perfect opportunity to sightseers to travel along with shopping. Perfume Souk, Textile Souk, Gold Souk, and Old Souk are some of the most famous souks which need to be visited at least once if you plan to go to Dubai.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall is a massive mall named after the Moroccan Bergen traveler Ibn Battuta, who went on adventurous voyages to different countries. Accordingly, the mall is divided into six sections giving a tribute to countries visited. The mall is open 24/7 and offers insanely low prices during the Dubai carnival.

Outlet Mall

While this is an ordinary mall, there is something special about this one. It covers almost 1200 brands like Adidas, Coach, Nike, Mango, and Aldo, which are put on sale during this global event. Sales go up to 90% at times during the festive season. People should not let go of this opportunity of buying Such high-end brands at such low prices.

Things to Buy in DSF 2022

As shopping is the main event of this festival it has to be grand. And this Dubai shopping Festival is not only grand but also resourceful. Good quality items at low prices make this festival a standout. If you are planning to go but are wondering what to buy at the upcoming Dubai shopping festival, check out the list given below.

Apparels and footwear

All the fashionistas looking to update their closet have a chance to do it at the Dubai shopping festival. The Dubai shopping festival is a hub for buying the latest and most stylish clothing, footwear, and accessories of luxury brands at affordable prices that will leave you amazed. If you are looking for designer brands like Gucci, Coach, Prada, Michael Kors, Bebe, Versace, Burberry, and Rodeo Drive, the Dubai market is the right place for you.

Gold Jewellery

It is a known fact that gold in Dubai is cheaper due to its taxation policies. And this festival allows you to explore this opportunity to the fullest. Not only does the market provide pure gold at a moderately priced rate but also lets you have a broader choice that suits your wish list the best. However, the most exciting part is that no matter in which corner of Dubai you are at, there will always be a shop of gold waiting for your arrival.

Electronics and gadgets

Though Dubai is not particularly famous for electronics, this event allows all gadget lovers to buy the latest technology at cheap rates. The fact that Dubai does not have any tax policies makes it a sprawling market for updated electronic accessories. Be it the recently launched iPhone or LED TVs or the new Marshall speakers, you name it, and that electronic is available here at rates unbelievable. If you are a gamer or a gadget freak, this place will make you go gaga.

Perfumes and cosmetics

Perfumes and make-up supplies in Dubai? Absolutely yes! Duty-free accents and cosmetics, this is heaven for cosmoholics. The most famous brands ranging from Chanel, Bvlgari, De Beers, Burberry, Christian Dior, and many more, are sold like hot cakes under the extravagant discounts provided by the Dubai Shopping Festival. You can find the latest trends as well as the vintage collection all in one place, coming straight from the high-end stores at insanely low and cheerful prices.

Home decor

Home decor items are a favorite among the shoppers, especially interior decorators and architects, at this event. Be it furniture or carpets or even Dubai’s authentic handicraft, tourists love to take attractive home accentuating products to beautify their homes, that too at such affordable prices. A perfect item to gift during festivals, home decor products are a must-buy for every visitor.


Watches are an essential item which is worn by almost everybody. And when you get a chance to buy luxurious watches at crazy prices, you won’t leave that chance, would you? The Dubai Shopping Festival is this chance. Heavy sale on brands like Rado, Rolex, Omega, Cartier, which otherwise are too expensive even to look at, makes this a dream-come-true moment. Do not forget to add this to your shopping list.

Leather bags and jackets

Dubai is widely known to be a great supplier of leather. The quality of leather found there is exquisite and of very fine craftsmanship. You can find the best and trendiest leather products ranging from bags to jackets to shoes at this carnival. Brands like Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Armani showcase their quality products here at prices unbelievable. Do not let go of this opportunity to buy some of the world-famous leather items.

Exotic spices

If you are fond of cooking and want to have a kitchen that has as many spices available in the market, then you must visit the Dubai Shopping Festival, as it offers exotic spices collected from remote places located in India, Iran, et cetera. The discount may not be very much, but this place provides spices already at an affordable rate, which makes it different from other carnivals is held across the world. Cardamom, black pepper, saffron are some of the many spices available here.

Things to Do and Major Events of DSF 2022

Even though, Dubai in itself is an attraction for tourists the number of activities provided under this festival makes it a distinctive affair. There are plenty of things to look forward to which can be done with your friends and families. Here is the gist of some of the thrilling activities you can opt for during this mega-sale festival.


The Dubai Shopping Festival is primarily and most importantly for shopping, and people are traveling from all parts of the world to have an exclusive shopping experience. This is what the DSF promises and provides. Everything from clothes, to home decor, to handicrafts, to souvenirs, to purses, to watches is available here at economical prices. The best thing about the Dubai Shopping Festival is that it provides variety in each and every item.


You might be surprised to know that despite being a desert, Dubai actually has a ski rink in its city. One of its kind experiences, Ski Dubai, located in one of the largest malls in the world, allows individuals to relish long sessions of skin, zip-lining, snowboarding and penguin encounters. This is an excellent option for non-shopaholics as well as small children. It is not only a place for recreation but also a place for relaxing.


A highlight of Dubai, fireworks are a must-watch. The colorful and vibrant fireworks catch the eyes of every person in the near vicinity of Dubai. After a long day of shopping, you can experience this showcase of fireworks that has already set a world record in the Guinness World Records during the 2014 New Years’ eve. Plan your next New Years’ eve by watching these fireworks. This experience will be extraordinary and a memorable one.

Carnivals and Exhibitions

Dubai Shopping Festival is designed to switch to entertain people of every age group. Exhibitions and Carnivals like the Gulzaar Theatre Fiesta, Dubai International Kite Fest, and Hankook 24H Dubai make it a hot spot for tourists. People of every age are bound to enjoy this fiesta to the fullest, not just by watching but also by participating in them. The exhibitions include exhibitors coming from all over the Middle East.

Live Concerts and Film Festivals

Music lovers and film lovers can also find their interest in the Dubai Shopping Festival. The soil of Dubai that to the musical performances by world-famous celebrities. After a tiresome day of shopping, people can come to live concerts for entertainment. International film festivals are conducted to commemorate some of the most iconic films produced. Try and experience these never forgetting visuals and highly acclaimed performers in the DSF 2020.

Heritage Activites

If anybody has ever visited Dubai, they have surely, taken a camel ride in the iconic Sand Dunes. Dubai Shopping Festival provides an opportunity to taste the history, heritage and culture of the Middle East. These activities cover everything, from listening to traditional folklores to taking desert safaris to visiting the age-old cultural districts. A lot of events are organized centered around these heritage activities to make things interesting.


Be it any kind of person, everybody loves to eat. And nobody compromises with delicious food. If you are a foodie and like to try different dishes and cuisines, you must go to the Dubai Shopping Festival. International recipes as well as authentic Arabian dishes, everything is available here. Things like live cooking stations, high-rated restaurants, food and beverage outlets, street food kiosks make this festival a big hit.

Tips for DSF 2022

For all those planning to attend the Dubai shopping Festival of 2022, here are a few tips that will help you and come in handy while going there. Check them out, and do keep them in mind while planning your trip.

  • Download the official DSF app: The organisers have made it easy for you to enjoy this event by giving information on the places to go, latest deals, latest trends and functions taking place on this official DSF app. Make sure to download it before you go.
  • Start planning early: You know about the dates and details of the festival, then what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip early so that you can fully utilise the benefits as well as enjoy the festive season to the fullest.
  • Research well: If you are coming with a mindset of shopping, it is recommended that you research the items that you are willing to purchase beforehand so that you can get what you need, as well as have fun.
  • Explore everything: While shopping is the centre of attraction, do not forget that several activities can be availed at this festival. So open your mind to all kinds of activities and participate for an experience of a lifetime.
  • A hack for the shoppers: Wear multiple layering of clothes so that you get a chance to try on clothes and not waste your time in the changing rooms. This is an excellent way to save time as well as exploit the sale.
  • Most importantly, have fun: The Dubai Shopping Festival is such that it is not only confined to shopping. It is a carnival that provides entertainment to kids, teenagers, adults and old people alike. So it is essential to have fun with your family and friends on this lively fiesta.

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