Why is the Dreaming Festival Special? History & Celebration

In the Sunshine Coast of Australia, the sun shines almost all year round as the name suggests. The greatest event here is the cultural festival which takes place in a hidden valley just outside of the small town of Woodford, the sets hearts glowing.

This is The Dreaming Festival, a showcase of Australia’s own ancient cultures. It is held under clear warm winter skies in the sweet-smelling bushland of the valley’s traditional owners, the Jinibara people.

The Dreaming Festival celebrates traditional and ancient Australian art forms. From dance, music, theatrical, literary, and visual performance to workshops, stalls, lectures, films, traditional foods, and crafts, the festival is truly a creative showcase of traditional Australian culture. It also includes representations from the ancient traditional cultures of New Zeeland and North America.

The beauty of the Dreaming Festival that is it opens the eyes, minds, and hearts of vision to the rich artistic talent of Australia’s traditional inhabitants, from their long ancient history into the exciting present. It also provides the rare opportunity to witness and appreciate ceremonial performances most people may not be able to experience otherwise.

Dreaming Festival 2021 Date

This year, the dragon dreaming festival will be celebrated on 1 – 4 October 2021 in Wee Jasper, New South Wales, Australia.

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