What is the Sydney Festival in Australia?

Sydney is Australia’s oldest city, and is blessed with sun-drenched natural attractions, dizzy skyscrapers, delicious and daring restaurants, superb shopping, friendly folk…and dazzling festivals!

In January, it’s time for the greatest event in Sydney- the Sydney Festival. It is the largest annual cultural show featuring local and international theatre, music and dance, multi-disciplinary and visual arts.

Its program features more than fifty events including classical and contemporary music, dance, circus, drama, visual arts, and public lectures. The indoor and outdoor presentations attract an estimated one million people annually!

Sydney Festival

Sydney also celebrates the New Year with a mind-blowing extravaganza. Every year, over a million people gather around the harbour to see the most magnificent of all fireworks displays. There are also more fireworks on January 26, this time in honor of Australia becoming an independent nation.

Most of the action in Sydney is again based around the harbour. The highlights include the decorated boats, which race against each other across the water.

When will be the Sydney Festival 2022?

Though the final dates are yet to be announced, the estimated date for Sydney Festival 2022 is Wednesday, January 5, 2022 – Tuesday, January 25, 2022. The Sydney Festival board has appointed their new Festival Director for 2022, Australian curator and producer, Olivia Ansell.

Other festivals in Sydney include the Cracker Comedy Festival and the Home bake Festival. The Cracker Comedy Festival takes place over seven venues close to the city center. Every year, acts of high quality are performed in the honored city. Many of the artists come all the way from the UK and the United States. The Home bake festival is a music festival featuring the only bands from Australia and New Zealand.

Comedy, fireworks, ferry races, surfboard challenges, art installations, music, band, and more…the Sydney Festival has it all!

You can subscribe to the official YouTube channel of the Sydney Festival for the latest updates and videos.

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