6 Awesome Games like Undertale in 2023

Games like Undertale had always impressed players all around the world through their interesting plot with RPG elements and retro art style. Undertale is a 2D role-playing game developed by Indie game developer Toby Fox. If you are also among those players, here are some similar games like Undertale you must try your hands on. Here is the list of

6 Awesome Games like Undertale

1. Deltarune

Deltarune is a 2D role-playing game developed by Indie Game developer Toby Fox, who created the masterpiece, Undertale.

Here, the player controls a character named Kris. Kris and his mate Susie accidentally fell into the Dark World, which is the world of monsters. In the Dark World, they met Ralsei, who is the prince of Dark World and from Ralsei, they learned that they are superheroes. As the story goes on, the players face lots of consequences and monsters throughout the game and the players have to battle with them to return to their world. Their objective is to close the Dark Fountain, which is the gateway of two different worlds and that must be closed.

This is the first chapter of the Deltarune and chapter 2 is under development. This is a free to play game available on Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch.

Download Deltarune for free from Nintendo.com

2. Cave Story+

Cave Story+ is a platform based puzzle and shooter game developed by Studio Pixel.

The plot of Cave Story+ set on a floating island and the island is full of Mimiga which are very similar to rabbits. The game starts on the island very randomly without any previous context. The player finds a town of peaceful Mimiga creatures who are being persecuted by the doctor. The game features puzzles, 2D combats, weapons to fight with the enemies. As the story continues, many characters, equipment, enemies appear throughout the game.

This is an action-packed full story mode game on a 2D platform with interesting characters and plot and platform-based combats. Cave Story+ is available on Microsoft Windows, PSP, Nintendo Switch.

Purchase Cave Story+ at Steam

3. Hollow Knight

The third game on our list of games like Undertale is Hollow Knight. In the whole game series of Hollow Knight, Voidheart Edition is the latest update. In the ruins of Hollownest, The Knight arrives to explore the underground world and solve the ancient hidden mystery. The game is full of 2D action and marvellous graphics visuals and graphics. The animations of the characters in the game are very unique on their own and the adventurous journey makes the game more and more interesting and fun to play.

The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

Get the game on Steam

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4. Heartbound

Heartbound is a platform based RPG game developed by Indie developer Pirate Software.

There is no proper storyline present in the game. The game continues according to the choices made by the player. Here, the player is a depressed boy who travels to different locations in search of his dog, Baron. There is no fixed ending of this game, many different ending can occur according to the player’s interaction with the environment. The game does not feature traditional combat systems with levels. It more focuses on basic equipment based combats and puzzles.

Purchase Heartbound from Steam

5. To The Moon

To The Moon is a basic role-playing game but different from any traditional RPG. Unlike any other RPG, this game has no combat battles throughout the game. This game focuses more on narrative and puzzle solving which makes it different as well as interesting.

The story of the game lies around a wish fulfilment service of dying men using artificial memory. Sigmund Corp. uses this technology of artificial memory to fulfil the wish of a dying man. It explores deep into the memory of Johnny to find certain objects and energy.

The narrative of the game is very futuristic and different from any other RPGs and the story was presented exceptionally with the use of music and emotion. The game is available on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

Get To The Moon on Steam

6. Rakuen

Rakuen is the translated word for Paradise in Japanese. Rakuen is an adventure RPG game with a warm emotional storyline. The game is completely free of combat and the story is the main narrative here.

A mother brings a book named Rakuen for her son, who is laid up in the hospital. The book is about the guardian of the forest and its magical world. The boy wished to visit that magical land. Certain challenges are there in order the complete the wish. The player has to collect pieces of music through exploration until he comes to the entrance of the parallel fantasy world.

The story of the game is as interesting as the name. The game focuses more on the emotional side of the player with a heartwarming story and narrative.

Rakuen is available on Steam

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FAQs on Games Like Undertale

What should I play after Undertale?

If you have completed Undertale, you should try Cave Story+.

Is Earthbound like Undertale?

The game mechanics and arts are quite similar in both of the games but the storyline is different.

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