20 Most Expensive Jordans of All Time – 2022

Michael Jordan’s legacy permeates even the luxury sneaker industry, and while Jordans are fairly easy to get, some of the designs released by Nike Air Jordan are so rare and in such high demand that they’re selling for thousands.

You would not believe the competitive nature of the auctions held for each pair, and while some of these have been sold for record prices, some of them remain available on the market. Take a look at this list of the most expensive Jordans of all time and judge for yourself just how much you’d be willing to pay for a pair of these iconic shoes!

List of Most Expensive Jordans of All Time:

20. OVO x Jordan 14 Retro “God’s Plan” – $25,000

Image: Fight Club

Drake has gotten a number of unique pairs of Air Jordans from Jordan Brand, including the highly sought-after OVO Air Jordan 14, which has only been made for him.

The OVO x Air Jordan 14 shoe sports an ivory leather top with indigo accents on the laces, inside lining, heel, and sole, as sports the Kentucky Wildcats’ color scheme. The Jumpman logo appears in silver and gold on the flat tongue and on the OVO heel tab.

In the coming months, it is predicted that Drake would sever his ties with Jordan Brand and join Adidas. Drake’s unannounced OVO x Air Jordan 14, nicknamed “Gods Plan,” is available for $25,000 USD.

19. OVO x Air Jordan 8 Retro Promo “Kentucky Madness” – $25,000

Image: Stock X

Another one is the series of unreleased shoes Jordan Band customized for Drake is the “God’s Plan” Air Jordan 14 which is inspired by the Kentucky Wildcats colors, Drake’s favorite Basketball team. A pair of these previously unseen shoes has surfaced for sale recently. The unreleased colorway is being sold for $25,000, and supposedly, one may bid even higher to buy a pair of these. Sneaker enthusiasts are vying for a pair of these since Drake is about to exit his partnership deal with Jordan Brand.

The shoe is a derivative of the Wildcats’ team colors, and has a sophisticated design with the Wildcats insignia inscribed on the upper side of the shoe, the Jumpman logo embroidered in gold on the tongue. It also sports a gold buckle. The shoe has a black upper and, blue and white detailing.

18. University Blue, Nike Air Jordan 4 by Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Friends and Family Exclusive – $25,000

Image: Fight Club

In 2018, Travis Scott released a customized version of Nike Air Jordan 4 going by the name of “Cactus Jack” and it is considered one of the most popular releases of sneakers ever. In addition to the retail pair, there were a few exclusive versions reserved for family and friends. One of the exclusive pairs is on sale for a mind-blowing $25,000. It is crazy that the shoes which factor in last on the list of most expensive sneakers of all time cost about a quarter of a hundred thousand dollars, and can pay for one university year on its own.

Travis Scott and Nike Jordan will expand their collaboration in the future. Branded labels on the inner tongues and insoles complete the look of these blue and black color-blocked sneakers. Embellished heels with the Cactus Jack insignia and design make the sneakers instantly identifiable.

17. Dior x Air Jordan 1 High – $25,000

Image: GOAT

The Dior x Air Jordan 1 High tops are proof that this iconic partnership is now official. Constructed to the exceptional standards of these high-end clothing brands, the silhouette is made from plush calf leather that defines Maison Dior’s leather products. In addition to this, the shoes sport edge-painting in Dior Grey, which has come to be associated with the house in the last seven decades. “AIR DIOR” blended with the classic Jumpman logo is emblazoned on the top of the shoe. The Nike Swoosh is made out of the Dior Oblique jacquard, simultaneously representative of both industry leaders. The same pattern was scaled down and etched onto the insoles.

Dior released this exclusive Air Jordan 1 High OG edition internationally in select Dior locations in April of 2020, with only 8500 pairs being released to the public. It is amazing that the shoes that last at the very bottom of the list of the most expensive Jordans cost almost $25,000, and can pay for one year of college all by themselves.

16. Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low – $25,000

Image: GOAT

Designed and supplied by a renowned sneaker brand and a luxe clothing brand, this shoe hit the marketplace and was in such high demand that it sold out in a matter of hours. Every product was thoroughly examined by professionals who are experts in their field, ensuring the product’s authenticity before sale. This sneaker’s release was a highly-anticipated one. This is the first time that Dior and Jordan Brand have worked together to produce a luxe sneaker. The shoes are made from Dior gray and ivory leather, and features a gray swoosh with the Dior motif superimposed on top.

This limited release was initially priced at $90,000 in some auction houses, but is currently selling for $25,000.

15. DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 Retro “Another One” – $30,000

Image: StockX

DJ Khaled’s fresh collaboration with Air Jordan is finally out in the form of Air Jordan “Another One”. This time around, Khaled culminated a collaborative project by crafting two separate Air Jordan 3 designs. Similar to his earlier project “Grateful”, both shoes are Jordan 3s which utilize near-tonal uppers that have crimson accents as opposed to the royal blue color from the first “Grateful” release.

This season’s “Another One” has a white liner and black embellishments, which imitate the leather upper of Khaled’s previous designs. The blue suede is contrasted with an orange-lined tongue. It is doubtful that this sneaker would be issued formally, which is why lucky fans who won these pairs are selling t for $30,000.

14. Jordan 4 Retro Eminem x Carhartt – $30,000

Image: StockX

In 2015, Eminem and his friends and family received 10 pairs of the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 “Black Chrome” sneakers, custom made for the renowned rapper, which were then donated to various charities for auction. This distinct-looking shoe was crafted with expert craftsmanship, and has a black canvas top, a shiny chrome eyelet, and a black leather lining, all of which is complemented by a semi-translucent rubber outsole. Eminem’s reverse ‘E’ emblem adorns the heel of this sneaker.

Due to its rarity, it hit the markets with a price of $12,000 and is currently being bid upon. This has escalated its price to $30,000.

13. Jordan 1 Royal DS 1985 – $30,000

Image: GOAT

This black and blue version of Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe, known as the Air Jordan 1 ‘Royal’, was one of the original colorways released by Nike in 1985. The instantly recognizable combination of colors made a comeback in 2001, 2013, and as a low-top in 2015, and more recently in 2017. It has a combination of jet black and royal blue patent leather on its upper with a full-length snowy midsole and an indigo rubber outsole.

Currently unsold, these shoes are priced at $30,000 due to their rarity, ranking them 13th on the list of most expensive Jordans ever.

12. Air Jordan 3/8 Retro “Kobe Pack” – $30,000

Image: GOAT

The Air Jordan 3/8 Retro ‘Kobe Pack’ was released exclusively to friends and family in 2016, with a design in honor of Kobe Bryant’s stellar NBA career. Combining the classic Air Jordan 3 and 8 hues, this two-piece set replicates one of the most identifiable Mamba PE versions, which was used in the 2002-03 season.

A white tumbled leather upper is complemented by an elephant-grey overlay at the front and on the heel of the Air Jordan 3. The tongue sports a gold Jumpman highlighted in purple, while the molded heel tab has a second Jumpman emblem. The Air Jordan 8 sports color blocking similar to the previous Air Jordan 8, with an all-white leather upper serving as the main color contrast and with purple and gold detailing throughout.

This exclusive shoe is selling for $30,000. After the basketball player passed away, grieving fans renewed bidding wars in order to own a part of the unforgettable legacy of KB.

11. Red Ribbon Recon’s Customized Air Jordan 1 Retro High ‘Supreme x Louis Vuitton’ – $33,500

Image: GOAT

A limited-edition pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro sneakers customized by Red Ribbon Recon are available for purchase through auction for a price of $33,500 which is expected to rise as the bidding intensifies. The Air Jordan 1 has a customized design that emulates the shape and body of the iconic Jordan sneaker, while the upper’s design consists of a red baseball jersey with LV logos plastered all over it. This is reminiscent of the Supreme X LV collaboration of 2017. As a last touch, a Red Robin leather patch is placed on the satin tongue, while traditional Nike Air branding is sewn onto the lambskin-leather side.

These offer a unique luxe spin on the iconic Jordan sneaker, and sneaker enthusiasts are vying to get their hands on this one-time design, making it one of the most sought after and most expensive Jordan sneaker.

10. Air Jordan 8 Retro “Kobe Bryant” PE – $40,000

Image: Fight Club

One of the most well-known basketball teams of the today is the Los Angeles Lakers, which included late star-player Kobe Bryant. In addition to an all-star lineup, the Lakers have also earned the right to claim the happiest fanbase, with several appearances in the NBA finals and other triumphs in the previous decade. Kobe Bryant was the MVP of this team, and after his passing, fans of the team and the player hurried to get their hands on these rare sneakers which commemorate his success.

These Jordan VIII PE shoes are a homage to him, and aside from that, they look really good in terms of design. Adorned with purple and yellow, which are the traditional Lakers colors, these Jordan shoes appear color-blocked and have a sharp look to them. These were not made available to the larger public, and are currently being auctioned for $40,000.

9. Nike SB Dunk – Don Quixote x Air Jordan Paris – $50,000

Image: Southby

The shoe was inspired by Don Quixote’s work, “El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote De La Mancha,” which tells the narrative of one man’s fantasy of being a Knight fighting many illusions around the Medieval Spanish countryside in pursuit of his Lady. The shoes reflect Don Quixote’s journeys, as well as the dirt and straw he walked on. The shoe has beautiful and unique decorations not seen on any other SB design, such as intricate cross-stitching on the outside, which represents the clothing Don Quixote wore throughout the novel.

A pair of these is so rare that one of them in new condition is currently selling for $50,000. This is a wonderful design that blends two cultural landmarks. No wonder it is one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever.

8. Autographed Air Jordan 1 Silver Shoe – $60,000 

Image: Heritage Auctions

These sneakers are the original design of the Air Jordan 1 Silver, which was created by Michael Jordan’s wife Yvette as a gift for his 32nd birthday. With the assistance of a jeweler, she had the shoe fashioned from sterling silver.

An autographed pair eventually made its way to the auction block, where it sold for $60,000. This ten-pound shoe was only produced ten times, so it’s hardly surprising that a signed pair would fetch such a hefty price. The shoes have a shimmering appearance, and the silver appears tarnished, making them look like something out of an 80s sci-fi film. These shoes are not only stylish, but they are also among the costliest Jordans ever made.

7. Nike Air Jordan 1 High “Chicago”, 1985 – $72,000

Image: Christie’s

This pair of sneakers, originally priced at $90,000, was the first of a series that featured the most well-known shoe styles today and may have sparked the sneaker craze. When Michael Jordan signed with the Chicago Bulls in 1985, Nike, Jordan’s shoe partnership, made a tremendous break through with the launch of the Air Jordan 1s.

Jordan came out to play in the NBA after a tremendous year at the University of North Carolina. He preferred Adidas but wore Converse, so he spoke with both companies, but neither was able to reach a deal with him. It’s strange, but Michael Jordan disliked Nike at the time, so much so that he refused to meet with them.

His mother persuaded him to go to the Nike facility in Oregon and give them a shot. To please his parents and the agency, he put up a nice show and played along, but in the end, he walked away with a contract unlike any other.

Michael Jordan was a huge fan of Nike in later years. He was the highest-paid athlete at the time, thanks to a shoe deal with Nike. Nike gave him a major position in their basketball marketing campaign, as well as his own line of footwear, Air Jordan.

6. Air Jordan 12 x OVO – $100,000

Image: Solecollector

Collaboration with a shoe manufacturer may be a fantastic strategy to boost sales. Numerous businesses, celebrities, singers, and athletes have collaborated with brands in order to raise the popularity of their own brand, enhance sponsorship options, or just establish a long-term connection.

Nike and Jordan are two of the most well-known brand names, and they are well-known for striking partnerships with some major names. In addition to working with Toronto Raptors player DeMar DeRozan, the Jordan brand collaborated with hip-hop musician Drake to create a limited-edition sneaker called the Air Jordan 12 OVO.

Drake’s own clothing label, October’s Very Own (OVO), is featured on these sneakers. This design is tough to acquire because the shoes were made as presents for Drake and his group.  In the spirit of charity , Drake gave away a pair of his trademark sneakers to a fan during a Toronto Raptors Drake Night event. The shoes rapidly raised $100,000 for the donor once they were sold.

5. Game-Worn Air Jordan 12 from the Flu Game – $104,000

Image: Southby

Owning a pair of Air Jordan 12 Flu Game sneakers is like to owning a piece of history in the form of shoes. Preston Truman chose to sell off a pair of sneakers he acquired from Michael Jordan for $5,000 after receiving them as a give-away from the big man himself. The winning bidder paid a record amount of $104,765 after 15 bids were received and the auction ended.

Michael Jordan wore these sneakers in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Despite having flu-like symptoms, MJ scored 38 points as the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz to take a 3-2 series lead. The Flu Game is one of basketball’s most unforgettable moments. That one play defined Jordan as a player and explains why he is regarded as one of the best in the game. Jordan didn’t need any justification because he didn’t fumble even once, and he played better than everyone else. The fact that these shoes helped make history surely adds to their worth. These shoes commemorate a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated occasion.

4. Game-Worn Air Jordan 7 ‘Olympic’ – $112,500

Image: Christie’s 

Michael Jordan introduced the world to Air Jordan 7 Olympic while guiding the Dream Team to victory and earning the Olympic gold medal in 1992. These game-worn Air Jordan 7 Olympic sneakers were a gift to the hotel receptionist at the hotel Jordan was residing at in Barcelona.

This classic design consists of a high-top shoe with gold, red, and black accents and a white upper and linings. It also features a blue tongue, a gold Jordan logo, and a distinct blue pattern near the clasp. It was auctioned off for $112,500 in the 2020 Original Air auction.

3. Nike Air Jordan 1s ‘Chicago-Inspired’ – $560,000

Image: Southby

A pair of game-worn Air Jordan 1s with a signature from Michael Jordan’s rookie season were auctioned off for a total of $560,000 at a private auction. Nike created a line of signature sneakers for Michael Jordan in an attempt to convince him to sign a footwear partnership deal.

According to legend, the original Air Jordan I design with red and black components was banned in 1985. The league fined the player each time the shoes appeared on the court as it was in violation of the league’s regulations. Later variants of the immediately identifiable sneaker received a league-approved white hue.

Red shoelaces, a longer Nike swoosh, and a Nike Air logo on the tongue distinguish the shoe. These sneakers are the iconic “Chicago” colorway, the most identifiable of the numerous “Chicago” Jordan models, and an essential element of the Nike brand. After being estimated at $150,000, the shoes sold for $560,000.

2. “Shattered Backboard” Nike Air Jordan 1 High “Chicago” – $615,000

Image: Christie’s

Michael Jordan played in a Nike-sponsored exhibition game in Italy in 1985, after finishing his first NBA season. Jordan scored 30 points in this game while wearing the Air Jordan 1 High “Chicago.” Jordan launched out for a slam dunk after making a transition play. His slam was so strong that it totally shattered the backboard, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. The game was temporarily halted while the court was being cleaned. He was wearing these shoes at the time of the iconic incident, and the left shoe still has a shard of glass buried in its sole.

The “Shattered Backboard” event was the most extensively photographed occurrence in Michael Jordan’s brilliant career, and these sneakers are valuable mementos for fans. These shoes sold for $615,000 at a Christie’s auction, placing them third on the list of most expensive Jordans ever.

1. Drake’s Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans – $2 Million

Image: Godly Soles

In 2016, Drake shared an Instagram shot of himself wearing gold-forged OVO Air Jordan 10 sneakers made of 24k gold. The $2 million sneakers were produced by Matthew Senna, a world-renowned artist who specializes in casting odd objects such as flowers, ski masks, and, of course, athletic shoes out of precious metals such as gold and brass.

Senna himself shared a photo of the shoes on Instagram, claiming that they weighed 100 pounds. Perhaps he didn’t want to brag, but 100 pounds of gold is about equivalent to four gold bars. These gold shoes are the ultimate winner and take the cake on the list of most expensive Jordans of all time.


It’s safe to say that amongst sneakers, Jordan’s legacy has clearly given his brand a higher ground and the highest esteem amongst his fans. Because the brand partners with celebs such as Drake and Khalid, it becomes all the more popular as a sneaker creator. However, the verdict remains that while rappers with a lot of dough can customize their sneakers with gold and while they may be valued in millions, true fans of the legend himself have devoted a lot of time and effort into curating Jordan shoes that have been worn by MJ himself or are a piece of history. Do you think that as a fan, if you had the money, you’d buy these Jordans? Which ones are your favorite? Comment down below and let us know!