My Hero Academia Chapter 315 And 316 Prove That One For All is Twisted To The Core

My Hero Academia manga chapters 315 and 316 left most of us feeling horrified and angered by the series’ main villain, One For All.

Some even compare his actions to that of DC’s Joker and also point out that he used Lady Nagant as his very own Suicide Squad. 

Lady Nagant Vs Deku

The last few chapters of the manga covered the fight between Deku and Lady Nagant, the hero traitor. Lady Nagant was hired by All For One in order to bring Deku to him. 

my hero academia lady nagant

She is fueled by anger and hatred towards the hero society. So she hardens her heart and willingly joins One For All. This, combined with her capabilities, makes her a formidable enemy to most.

Her hatred for the hero society comes from her bitter experience while working for them as a public safety official. She had to assassinate heroes to cover up for others. This disregard for justice made her feel horrified. 

She decides to quit the hero society in order to find her own ways of uprooting the hero system that allowed them to rule over the society all this while. However, when she encounters Deku and sees his display of selflessness and bravery along with his beliefs in justice, she is swayed enough to want to change her ways.

Deku points out that she isn’t evil as she could’ve defeated him earlier but chose not to, he points out that her heart is on the right side and that she has the soul of a hero.

He asks her to join the heroes once again and stand on the side against evil. She is unsure whether she will be accepted after having done all that she did and if she could join the heroes again.

Despite her hesitance, she is willing to recognize Deku as a true hero as she is moved by his nature of wanting to help others, villains or not.

All For One’s Deceptive Plan

Right then, she gets exploded as a result of a self-detonation quirk that All For One planted in her secretly.

What makes this act twisted is that All For One could’ve simply informed her earlier that if she did not complete her mission, she would be killed.

Instead, he chose to keep it a secret as a way to show Deku that she hadn’t been forced into his plan; she willingly chose to follow him. 

Had Lady Nagant known that her fate lay in his hands. she wouldn’t have failed the mission. He knew she would betray him. This was just an extremely elaborate and sadistic plan to tarnish her redemption.

He also tells her the wrong address of his location such that when an enraged Deku arrives at the mansion, he is received by a hologram of One For All. The hologram teases him about Lady Nagant and gloats about how she willingly joined him without any coercion whatsoever.

my hero academia

He reveals to Deku that he took a more difficult part towards heroism since his soul wore down with each fight he had.

He also talks about how he didn’t stop thinking about him even in the prison and that he no longer has an interest in All Might. He then tells Deku that it’s his turn and blasts the mansion.

The My Hero Academia chapter 317 is to be released on 20th June 2021. The chapter is titled ‘Deku Has Changed’. You can read the chapters on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Many fans are contemplating whether Lady Nagant is actually dead or not, what do you think?

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Trailer

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