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What Was the Trojan Horse?



What Was the Trojan Horse & Trojan War?

The Trojan Horse was a huge wooden horse on wheels. It was so big that many soldiers could hide in it. It was used by the Greeks to win a bitter war against the Trojans, according to myth.

The Greeks tricked the Trojans taking the Trojan Horse into their city. When the Trojans slept, the Greek soldiers hidden inside the horse came out and destroyed the city completely. Today, the term “Trojan Horse” means a person or thing that destroys by working from the enemy camp.

Here is a short clip about Trojan Horse from the movie Troy. You can watch Troy on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What was the Trojan War?

The Trojan War is a story of love, anger, cunning, and betrayal. It was one of the greatest wars in the Greek mythology, and has inspired poets and writers to this day!

Long ago, Helen, the beautiful wife of Greek King, ran away with Paris the handsome Prince of Troy. The Greeks went to war with the Troy to get her back, but Troy was well protected by high walls. For ten long years, the Greeks tried into Troy, but failed.

Finally, the Greek leader, Ulysses had a brilliant idea. A huge wooden horse was built, and Greek soldiers hid inside it. The horse was left outside the gates of Troy in the middle of the night.

The next morning, when the people of Troy saw the wooden horse outside their gates, they thought it was one of the idols that the Greeks worshipped. They pulled it inside the walls of the city, believing that it was a peace offering from the Greeks.

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When night fell, the Greek soldiers quietly climbed out of the horse, and open the gates of Troy. The Greek army marched inside, and burnt the city down.

The Trojan War: Explained by ‘Grunge’

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