What Does Hieroglyphics Mean?

‘Hieroglyphics ‘This strange sounding word actually describes a from of picture writing used by the ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians used about 1000 pictures or hieroglyphs to express their thoughts. Each hieroglyph stood for an object, sound or idea. The hieroglyphs were written on paper called papyrus, made of reeds.

Gradually, people stood using hieroglyphs, and in time everyone forgot what the pictures meant. Then, in 1799 a stone called the Rosetta Stone was found, which had writing in three languages, including the hieroglyphic language.

A Frenchman named Jean Francois Champollion was able to translate the hieroglyphs, and now scholars of the ancient Egyptian civilization can read hieroglyphs. If you want, you cam learnt it too when you grow up!

How to Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics?

This video teaches you how to write your name accurately in hieroglyphics, do watch.

Did You Know?

The Phoenicians were famous for a purple dye made from shell-fish. This dye came from the city of Tyre, and the color was known as “Tyrian Purple”. The dye was very costly, and only the very rich could afford to wear clothes dyed in this color. It was Phoenician love of the color purple that gave them the nickname “The Purple People”.

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