What is the Acropolis of Athens?

An Acropolis was a high point in the city, which had a huge fortified area, where the people could take refuge, if the polis was attacked. Important temples were also situated on the Acropolis.

The most famous Acropolis was the Acropolis of Athens. The one with the best defenses was the Acropolis of Corinth which towered 565 meters above the city.

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What was a Polis?

acropolis of athens

The word “polis” refers to the Greek city-state. Each polis was independent and included the city and the countryside around it. Each polis also had its own laws, calendar, public assemblies, and coins. The smallest polis was the island of Delos which was only five square kilometers in size. Athens was one of the biggest and spread out over 26000 km.

Did you know: Why did the Greeks laugh at frogs?

A famous Greek playwright, Aristophanes, wrote a very funny play about frogs. It became a great hit, and from then on, the Greeks always considered frogs to be comical creatures.

The Greeks loved watching plays, and they built open-air theatres on hillsides. The actors were all men, who wore masks to depict the characters they were representing. Greek plays were either comedies or tragedies. Tragedies were often about the past, whereas comedies were usually about everyday life.

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