Shakira and Tom Cruise spark off dating rumors in 2023!


Shakira and Tom Cruise: Who thought there’ll be something going on between Tom Cruise and the Hips Don’t Lie singer but here we are in 2023 with major dating rumors.

Rumors or reality.

Two of the greatest people in the popular industry, Shakira and Tom Cruise have created wild news after which fans can’t stop the discussions about the duo. The fact that both of them are single is making people more interested in the duo.

The new couple was spotted at Miami’s Formula 1 Grand Prix and that’s where these speculations are arising from.

Tom is down bad

Reports say that Tom Cruise was highly impressed and attracted by Shakira. No doubt about this because it’s not the first-time big personalities are into Shakira. Furthermore, it’s said that Tom was very much interested in Shakira and wanted to talk to her and pursue her.

Shakira denies dating rumors.


Well, there’s nothing the Waka Waka singer has said about this except for the fact that she finds all of this very hilarious but she found Tom nice and enjoyed chatting with him and that’s all for the so-called chemistry makers of them.

Seems like the Mission of Tom cruise is quite impossible this time as a source close to Shakira revealed that she is not interested in any of these things and is currently focusing mainly on her children. The source also revealed that it gave a fun laugh when Shakira heard about these dating rumors because it’s everything but not true.

Just not this but guess what?

Seems like the Top Gun: Maverick actor was down badly because he was so taken away by the singer that he sent her flowers.

It could’ve been a power couple thing, from stability to extreme popularity, if the couple were actually dating.

Waka Waka singer’s long-term relationship


Shakira has recently broken up with her long-term 11-year-old relationship with the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. The couple started seeing each other after the popular song release This time for Africa.

Dating rumors were put off with the label of friendship but in 2011, it all actually started after Shakira shared a picture with the soccer player including a cute caption that said, “I present to you my Sun.”

The couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2013 and they named him Milan and was again blessed with a baby boy in 2015, Sasha.


After 11 years of beautiful togetherness, the couple announced the breakup news in June 2022.

Bad blood between the ex-couple?

After a lot of rumors about the uncertain break-up, Pique shared a post with his new girlfriend Clara Chia in 2023, and on the other side a diss track, a silent attack on the couple was made by the singer with her track, ” BZRP Music Sessions #53″. The singer, later on, revealed that she felt very healthy after the whole diss track thing.

Shakira who was living in Barcelona before has left Spain with her sons and is now in Miami for the betterment of her children.

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Shakira was recently spotted with Lewis Hamilton, enjoying a boat ride after denying her dating rumors with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and his relationship status


Tom Cruise, on the other hand, after marrying Katie Holmes and welcoming their sweet daughter together in 2006, has been divorced since 2012. The actors after his divorce have been together with Laura Prepon and Hayley Atwell.

Tom Cruise is single currently and is ready for a romantic relationship with Shakira but seems like the odds are not in Tom’s favor because Shakira is not interested at all.

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