The “without me” singer Halsey is in the news again and this time for her split from boyfriend Alev Aydin

Halsey and Alev Aydin

Reports say that Halsey has filed a petition, demanding physical custody, the full custody of her child. The singer has a 21-month-old son with Aydin.

All of these things were mentioned in the documents of court including joint legal custody of their 21-month-old child with joint expenses and visitation rights. Sources reveal that the sole custody is due to Halsey going on tours and taking her son with her and traveling with him and calling it a mere formality.

It’s saddening to see so many couples breaking up and getting divorced. Seems like the air isn’t full of love but splits this season.

The couple started seeing together in 2019 but Halsey cleared this speculation by stating that both of them started as friends but later on as time passed, their bond became stronger and they started dating each other later on.

It was in January 2021, when the lowkey couple revealed about the news of expecting a baby together. And after 6 months, the couple welcomed their child.

It’s also said that Halsey and Aydin discussed getting married but then the birth of a child became the first priority.

The couple have matching tattoos together which is the word ‘ seeds ‘. The unique thing about the tattoos is that it’s inked with each other’s handwriting and is located on their feet.

Halsey has also opened up about the struggle of welcoming and conceiving a child. The ‘Colors’ writer also opened up about her miscarriage a few years ago and about how her performance after that was the angriest performance she has ever done.

Alev Aydin is a film producer. He and Halsey were in a relationship for almost three years but are now Parting ways. The couple never married. The couple met due to work as Alev was in charge of making a movie about Halsey’s life. The movie was reportedly postponed as the couple fell for each other.

Halsey and her previous relationships

Halsey has dated a lot of famous people including Matt Healy, G-Eazy, Evan Peters, Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelley, and Lido.