From Paris to Tokyo: 10 Biggest Fashion Weeks around the World

The biggest and most influential events in the fashion industry are international Fashion Weeks. While typically it happens in all major capitals in the world, there are two seasons namely Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collection.

These international fashion weeks set the newest trends and bring forth an abundance of creative talent onto the runway. They influence several factors for the upcoming season like color, texture, pattern, and even beauty trends. Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest fashion weeks all over the world.

The Fashionista’s Calendar: Must-Visit Fashion Weeks Around the World

New York Fashion Week (NYFW)

The Big Apple might just be the most happening city in the world. A hub that welcomes everything and everyone, New York is the dream. You want to work there and you want to live there, but New York also tops out in the fashion arena as well.

The streets of New York teem with self-expression and style and it makes sense that the biggest fashion show in the world takes place here. NY Fashion Week pulls in designers and fashion veterans and most of all press coverage like no other. Almost all the big-name designers can be spotted on the runways of NY fashion week.

Conducted semi-annually in Manhattan, the fashion week spans around 7-9 days and reveals the latest collections to the buyers and general public. Setting it apart from the other Big Four circuits (London, Paris, and Milan) is the diversity and participation of the LGBT community in the event, with the history of drag queens and LGBT designers leaving their creative marks on the runway.

London Fashion Week (LFW)

  • Schedule: June 9-12, 2023
  • Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • Tickets: RSVP or Ticket Purchase

From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, London is a veritable treat to the eye and is teeming with history and art. One of the foremost cities in the world, London is home to many iconic events and people, among them is the London Fashion Week, held every year during February, June, and September.

It is one of the Big Four circuits along with New York FW, Paris FW, and London FW. While London Fashion Week brings together over 250 designers from all over the world for the event what sets it apart is the presence of the blogging community in broadcasting the events.

London FW is already ahead when it comes to ease of access in the case of the general public with the event going live as early as 2010 and now abiding by a hybrid mode of exhibiting the designs. The consequent celebration held by the name ‘London Fashion Festival’ is open to all, so anyone who’s ever dreamed of being in the thick and thin of a fashion week this is your ticket.

Paris Fashion Week (PFW)

  • Schedule: September 25 – October 3, 2023
  • Location: Carrousel du Louvre
  • Tickets: RSVP or Ticket Purchase

Most people refer to Paris as the City of Love but it also holds the title of being the world’s first and most famous fashion capital and it is still relevant to this day.

Credibly the most sought-after fashion week in the Big Four, Paris is home to numerous legendary fashion designers and luxury Houses like Dior, Balenciaga, YSL, Chanel, etc. Paris FW usually happens after the other Big Four fashion weeks and is lauded as the most sophisticated one of all.

For the Haute Couture shows the designers have to follow numerous regulations and requirements set by the Chamber of Haute Couture, which leaves a few Houses eligible to participate, effectively making it a highly selective and hard category. Curiously enough Paris fashion week bans any model who is size zero or under the age of 16 to walk the runways. While notoriously invite-only and hard to access.

Milan Fashion Week (MFW)

  • Schedule: September 19 – 25, 2023
  • Location: Piazza Duomo, Milan
  • Tickets: RSVP or Ticket Purchase

Home to Renaissance, Milan has been lauded as the ‘Fashion Capital of the World’ and is an important trendsetter in the fashion industry. With a long history in textile and fashion evolution, Milan is known for top-tier luxury fashion.

Also, the final member of the Big Four circuit, Milan Fashion Week brings a splendid opportunity for young designers to shine and no fashion veteran misses this event either. Held in the metaphorical heart of the city, Piazza Duomo, the fashion retains the magical effect of the city of Milan and evidently, the streets itself turn into a runway during the consequent days the event is held on.

The iconic Gucci fashion show where 68 pairs of twins walked the runway happened in the 2022 Milan Fashion Week and had every religious fashion follower in tears with it being Alessandro Michele’s last collection for Gucci.

Tokyo Fashion Week

  • Schedule: August 27 – September 1, 2023
  • Location: Shibuya Hikarie, Omotesando Hills, and others
  • Tickets: RSVP, Ticket not yet available

Nothing can quite top streetwear fashion in Tokyo and the Tokyo Fashion Week is a veritable treat to everyone who follows. From Harajuku to Fairy Kei Tokyo is bursting with diverse fashion subcultures and unique styles and the fashion week certainly manages to retain this precious culture.

Topmost Houses in Japan bring together a visual treat for the event. Even if almost all fashion weeks around the world are on an invite-only basis being in Tokyo during fashion week can be your ticket to see the amazing embodiment of street fashion, the excitement certainly brings out the diva in Tokyo-ites and you can be part of the excitement too.

Berlin Fashion Week

  • Schedule: July 10 – 15, 2023
  • Location: Various
  • Tickets: RSVP, Ticket not yet available

Berlin, known for its beautiful infrastructure and history, unbeknownst to many is also a fashion hub. Berlin FW is the dream of every emerging fashion designer. It pulls in almost 70,000 spectators every year with its creative and accessible nature.

Held bi-annually in various areas in the city of Berlin, Germany, Berlin FW has a working collaboration with Elle for emerging fashion designers. A big attraction is Stylenight, held by Berlin FW, which showcases ‘unusual art and music performances’, with even Lady Gaga performing once in the past.

For every party girl out there, Berlin will have you swooning with its fashion events as well as its famous beer gardens.

Shanghai Fashion Week

  • Schedule: Expected to be from September 24 – October 30
  • Location: Shibuya Hikarie, Omotesando Hills, and others
  • Tickets: RSVP, Ticket not yet available

Shanghai, the beautiful coastal city in China, is essentially the country’s financial and economic hub. The historical landmarks and museums in the city are any tourist’s main goal.

But for a fashion devotee the Shanghai Fashion Week, held bi-annually in the city, is the main attraction. Part of the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival, Shanghai Fashion Week lasts roughly 7 days and is held two times a year.

The Shanghai fashion event isn’t just about designers and the runway but a lot of focus goes into the business side of fashion, namely fashion retail. Showcasing at the Shanghai FW often provides a lot of limelight for any designs that manage to make it to the famed runway.

The street-style ensemble outside the show also draws a lot of attention as well. If you want to see the bad-ass fashion edits of people dressed up and walking the streets like pros come to life, Shanghai is your place.

Seoul Fashion Week

  • Schedule: October 11 – 15, 2023
  • Location: Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP), Seoul
  • Tickets: RSVP, Ticket not yet available

Let’s be honest, we all love Korea. The new wave of K-pop has spared no one in its domination and we love it. Keeping aside the music (and the corresponding amazing videos), everything K-pop stars wear has more star value than anything on the planet with it getting sold out in mere minutes. From plain milk to luxury items, nothing is spared.

The fashion of K-pop idols and amazing styling has drawn eyes to Seoul Fashion Week, the main trendsetter in Asia apart from Tokyo. The biggest soft power in the world, it retains a lot of spotlight in its events and is a prime opportunity for brands to attain recognition and sell out pieces.

The latest one which was held in March of 2023 attracted a lot of buzz with K-pop sensation New Jeans appointed as even ambassadors as well as showcasing large diversity in its casting and clothes. From senior models to an alternative style, the runway was a huge success and set a few trends running.

Lakme Fashion Week

  • Schedule: October 11 – 15, 2023
  • Location: Not yet disclosed
  • Tickets: RSVP, Ticket not yet available

Lakme x FDCI brings all the buzz with top designers in India bringing their best to the runways. It boasts international coverage with Lakme as its title sponsor, and numerous celebrities have walked the runway which guarantees and generates widespread trends and popularity.

From Naomi Campbell to Indian superstars like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, Lakme Fashion Week suffers no deficiency in star power and when it comes to popular Indian designers we can see works of Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahilliani, Manish Malhotra, and more.

Australian Fashion Week

  • Schedule: May 15 – May 19, 2023
  • Location: Carriage Works, Sydney
  • Tickets: Ticket

When you think of Australia you think of beaches, exotic animals, and more beaches. A prime tourist location, it holds an abundance of natural attractions for anyone visiting. But Australia is also an influential fashion hub in the making.

Dubbed ‘one of the most chaotic Fashion Weeks ever’, Australian Fashion Week has seen rats released down the runways, a model perilously close to getting choked by a live snake while on a runway, and many more.

While it has received criticism for allocating more emerging designers to present their collections rather than established names in the industry, it has also been praised for giving the new faces a platform to gain much-needed recognition. If you’re looking for a fun fashion week with not much stuffy stay, Australian Fashion Week is the go-to.

Here are some fashion weeks that could provide inspiration or be worth attending, in addition to the top 10 international fashion weeks mentioned above.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

An inspiring showcase of environmental consciousness and social responsibility, Copenhagen Fashion Week brings together designers committed to creating stylish, sustainable, and ethical fashion. Held in Denmark with an emphasis on responsible fashion, this event highlights how fashion can merge beauty with responsibility.

Sydney Fashion Week

Amidst the vibrant and bustling fashion world, Sydney Fashion Week takes center stage as a proud display of Australia’s unique fashion industry. This event draws in not only local fashion enthusiasts but also international buyers and media who are keen to witness the upcoming trends. Australian designers, with their creative flair and talent, come together to present their latest collections in the spotlight of the world stage.

Madrid Fashion Week

Showcasing the latest collections from both Spanish and Balkan designers, Madrid Fashion Week is an event that draws in international buyers and the press. Also referred to as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, it provides a platform for Spanish designers to exhibit their prowess to worldwide consumers.

Amsterdam Fashion Week

Twice a year, Amsterdam Fashion Week takes the stage, presenting Dutch fashion designers with a coveted platform to reveal their latest trends to a worldwide audience. From striking runway shows to sought-after collections, this spectacle is a unique opportunity for designers to flaunt their creations.

Dubai Fashion Week

Fashion enthusiasts from all corners of the globe flock to Dubai Fashion Week twice a year for a glimpse into the latest collections from high-end designers. This exclusive affair showcases the epitome of luxury fashion and is always a magnet for celebrities and fashion-industry insiders alike. Buyers from across the world also make the pilgrimage to this event.

Toronto Fashion Week

Canadian designers regularly get a chance to exhibit their artistry during Toronto Fashion Week, an event that takes place twice a year. This showcase pays tribute to the extraordinary ingenuity and flair that Canadian designers possess as they exhibit their latest collections on a grand stage.

Melbourne Fashion Week

Celebrating their shared love of fashion, enthusiasts gather at Melbourne Fashion Week, Australia’s largest consumer fashion event. Highlighting this event are designer markets, pop-up events, and runway shows.

Shanghai Fashion Week

The largest fashion extravaganza in China is Shanghai Fashion Week. It brings together global fashion aficionados to witness the newest collections by both local and international designers. The grand event also captivates the attention of global media and buyers.

São Paulo Fashion Week

Showcasing the latest collections from Brazilian designers, São Paulo Fashion Week is the ultimate fashion event in Latin America. This highly anticipated event gives designers the chance they crave to flaunt their talents on a world stage and catch the eye of a global audience.

Berlin Fashion Week

Twice a year, Berlin Fashion Week takes center stage, giving rise to novel fashion statements both globally and locally. Celebrating originality and pioneering establishments, this event allows fashion lovers to feast their eyes on the latest trends from various designers. The German fashion industry unites, presenting a presentation of inventiveness and imaginative ideas.

These were the top international fashion weeks, have you been to any of the fashion shows ever? we’ll love to know about your experience.

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