Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Is Your Dog Secretly a Cow Inside?

When we speak about the dietary habits of dogs, we tend to associate those cute little creatures with adorable eyes as carnivorous species. But have you ever wondered as to Why do dogs eat grass?

Probably not!

While your dog’s vegetarian preferences may concern you as a pet owner, rest assured over the fact that your pet hasn’t gone crazy. A research study by Benjamin L Hart, University of California says that more than 79% of dogs had consumed plants at least once in their lifetime.

The study further found:
• Sixty-eight percent of the respondents said their dogs ingest plants on a daily or weekly basis.
• Eight percent of the respondents reported that their dogs frequently show signs of illness before plant eating.
• Twenty-two percent reported that their dogs regularly vomit afterward.
• Of the plant-eating dog population, younger dogs ate plants more frequently than did older dogs and were less likely to appear ill beforehand or to vomit afterward

We are here to debunk all those myths and queries and list out some common FAQs about dogs eating grass.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Before we dive deep into this topic, let us understand why do dogs eat grass? There can be a multitude of reasons for dogs eating grass. Some theories opine that dogs eat grass as a way to relieve their digestive sickness and make them puke to feel better.

Other suggested reasons why dogs eat grass include improving digestion, treating intestinal worms, and fulfilling incomplete nutritional needs. However, every breed of dog is different and might produce adverse reactions in their body.

In an experiment conducted on a poodle, the dog ate grass for seven days continuously and eventually puked on the eighth day. This proves that every dog has its own way of reacting and sometimes it’s more than just a biological reason for your dog to prefer a herbivorous diet.

Is it Good or Bad for Dogs to Eat Grass?

As mentioned earlier, this completely differs from breed to breed. While it may be normal for them to indulge in it once in a blue moon, certain chemicals present in the grass may alter the digestive functioning of your pet.

To avoid such a haphazard, always ensure that you steer your dog clear from such products or have them consume products that are safe for animal use.

You could go on to set up a special herbivorous corner for your hound and teach them to use it. However, if you find your dog consuming more than an average amount, it’s best to get veterinary help at the earliest.

Do Dogs Like the Taste of Grass?

Most dogs do like the taste of grass due to its appealing taste and texture. However, this again is subjective and varies most of the time.

There are a few canines that indulge in some grass to expel the nauseous factor in their stomachs and would like to get rid of that gassy feeling in their gut.

As a pet owner, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that a periodic craving doesn’t turn into a menacing habit for your tyke!

Should I Bring Grass for My Dog?

While the grass may be a good option to add to a dog’s diet, it is not one of the most nutritious foods for them. Your dog may love to feast on it once on an occasion, it should be noted that most grassy surfaces contain a dangerous mixture of pesticides and fertilisers which may harm your pet.

As an alternative, you may decide to grow sprouts or other fibrous material that can be easily grown on your balcony. All of these contain healthy digestive enzymes and minerals which will nourish and care for your pup’s gut.

All in all, it should be noted that it should be considered perfectly normal for a dog to consume a bit of grass due to its chewy texture and tasty flavour. Some dogs eat more grass than others, and that should be perfectly fine.

Only when this occasional craving turns into addiction is when there is a concern and medical attention should be sought at the earliest.

Now that you know why do dogs eat grass, let go of all that tension and allow you and your dog to go for some good old playtime!

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