The Best 2021 Winter Anime Series You Must Watch

Winter is the season of love and joy. It’s the idle time to relax and spend quality time with our loved ones.

What’s more?

It’s the perfect time to watch some of the best winter anime series while brewing some hot coffee for you.

During the winter season, people usually prefer to watch romance, a slice of life, or anime based on some light novel.

Well, here are some anime that you can watch alone or with your friends.

5 Best Winter Anime Series to watch in 2021 and 2021

1. Erased

Winter Anime

Although several anime or movies have been based on the concept of “time-travel,” erased seems to steal the show for some reason.

Firstly, the storyline’s pace is neither too fast nor too slow, and it has the perfect rate. Secondly, the character was developed in such a way that viewers were able to empathize.

Over-all, its narration and animation quality is excellent. This should be on your watchlist for sure!

Check out the teaser below!

2. Winter sonata/Fuyu no sonata

Winter Anime

This anime is a remake of a K-drama with the same name. The story beautifully portrays the chronicles of hardships faced by the protagonists.

This is not a typical high school romance or a normal slice of a life genre show. There is soothing piano music as well. The plot is well developed and there was good continuity throughout the storyline. This is one of the heart touching Winter Anime.

A tip for you all!

Keep a tissue box with you! You’ll need it by the end of the anime.

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3. 3-Gatsu no lion/March comes in like a lion

Winter Anime

You’d probably never watched this heartbreaking series before! This series has 40+ episodes that revolve around a sad teenager who plays shogi.

This is a Winter Anime as well as this masterpiece is a combination of heartbreak, affection, and everything else related to life. This series is unique because it depicted serious issues like social anxiety, loneliness, depression, and bullying.

This anime has a raw and intense touch to it.

Although it’s slow-paced the series would definitely remind you of your struggles.

Check the teaser below!

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4. Guilty crown

winter anime

This series is set in Tokyo in the year 2039.

The protagonists try to end a mysterious outbreak/”Apocalypse Virus” that killed thousands of people. They called this outbreak “Lost Christmas”.

Now you may wonder why the name of the event is “Lost Christmas”.

Watch this anime to know the reason behind it!

This anime is all about the characters’ struggle and sacrifices to bring back Tokyo to its original conditions. Meanwhile, writers were also able to sprinkle some romance. The animation and action scenes are top-notch. The characters are well-balanced over-all, it’s a must watch Winter Anime!

You can watch this anime if you’re looking for some action this winter season!

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5. Achhi Kocchi/Place to Place

Winter Anime

This is a romantic comedy anime. It’s about the love between two high schoolers who try to express their feelings to each other while at the same time characters’ friends bug the heck out of them.

This anime is filled with cuteness, love, and laughter! This is a must light-hearted rom-com to watch. It clearly has the essence of Winter Anime

I challenge you not to laugh or smile throughout the series! This anime is sure to uplift your grumpy mood!

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