5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Best manga like Solo Leveling Manhwa! Wait, do I smell someone who likes Solo Leveling Manhwa? Well, I’m happy to say that you’ve come to the right place! These 5 mangas are sure to make your day if you are obsessed with Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Solo Leveling Manhwa is a Korean manga or Manhwa, which is very popular for a very long time. The reason behind Solo Leveling Manhwa’s popularity is that it gives you a game-like experience in a webcomic. Imagine playing a game with unlimited possibilities and monsters, and every time you see that level-up notification or power-up notification, a grin comes on your face. Solo Leveling Manhwa knows to draw a reader into a gaming experience and keep it engaging at the same time with elements of curiosity for the next chapter.

But it’s boring. Waiting every week for the new chapters of Solo Leveling Manhwa. Leaves us with thoughts about what our hero will do next? Wait. Did you think that I’m saying the manhwa is boring? No way!! So, one Sunday night, while I had numerous plot ideas about solo leveling, I had to give up because it was too hard to predict finally. Anime has also been adapted based on this Solo Leveling Manhwa.

I decided to read other webcomics like Solo Leveling Manhwa, after hours and hours going through the abyss of Manhwas, I finally got some. I spent days reading all of them, and yet, here is the list of top 5 manhwa like Solo Leveling Manhwa.

Before going to the meat and potatoes, let’s have some starters. Solo Leveling Manhwa is a Manhwa in which various portals appear worldwide, which connects to a monster world known as “The Gate.” To close these portals, people called “Hunters” with special powers.

The protagonist is Sung-Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter, and while clearing a dungeon, he gets a superior power. Now the journey from weakest hunter to strongest S-class begins.

5 Best Manga Similar to Solo Leveling Manhwa List

  • The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower
  • Dungeon Reset
  • Second Life Ranker
  • Tomb Raider King
  • Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Where to Read?

5. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

We all have gone through nightmares in games called ‘tutorials’ no matter how many rounds of the same genre you’ve played, or you’re just making an alternate account. You have to do the unskippable tutorial. Imagine doing it again and again for 12 years.

5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Yes, our protagonist Hyeonu Kim was trapped in the tutorial tower for 12 years while watching countless people clearing the building with him as he once again starts over. After 12 years, he finally got free and decided to find the one who trapped him and some of his own unanswered questions.

If you want the feel of one punch man in a webtoon with a mystery like Solo leveling, go for this one. It’s not every day you see a person destroying hunters with a pair of slippers. It is filled with comedy and made me think, why not rename it as one slipper man!

4. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon reset is another webcomic with a mix of survival and comedy with the leveling system. It’s an isekai webcomic where a group of random people gets summoned, and they have to defeat the boss to move to the next level.

5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Dungeon reset is another webcomic with a mix of survival and comedy with the leveling system. It’s an isekai webcomic where a group of random people gets summoned, and they have to defeat the boss to move to the next level.

Unlike other webcomics where the protagonist gets a crazy power here, our protagonist starts with a simple skill. But everything changes when he dies, yup while he was waiting for his death, the first dungeon got reset, healing his wounds.

Though he was alive, the system registered him as an error, and from there, the fun starts. Unbounded by the network, he does all kinds of crazy stuff, making everyone surprised as he grows slowly and gets stronger and witty.

3. Second Life Ranker

In most betrayal manga like Shield hero and Arifureta, I feel like killing the people who left our protagonist to die. While we watch our protagonist taking on his rivals one by one, it gives satisfaction more than those ‘Satisfying moments’ on YouTube, but what if the twin brother dies?

5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Yeon-Woo had a twin brother who went missing 5 years ago, suddenly one day, he gets a pocket watch of his brother with his memories. After knowing how the people whom his brother trusted and loved backstabbed him, Yeon-woo sets out to avenge his brother with the power and knowledge left by his twin brother.

This webcomic is a mix of Tower of God and Solo leveling. Since his brother was betrayed, Yeon can’t trust anyone and go all solo. The world system is like the Tower of God, where the people meet new creatures and bosses as they climb the obelisk equivalent to the tower.

2. Tomb Raider King

If you’re someone who’s also fascinated by a mysterious tomb with powerful relics, then this is your webcomic. The gods’ tomb appears worldwide, containing relics, and people who have these relics rule the world.

5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Seo Joo-Heon was sent to raid a tomb, but little did he know that his boss set a trap, and while he was on the death door, he makes contact with one of the most significant relics. As a result, he was sent back to when the first Tomb showed up in Korea. Given another chance, Seo was filled with revenge, and he decided to empty up all tombs.

It’s very similar to Solo Leveling Manhwa in that it follows the same concept of portals as tombs, artifacts, and skills as relics. Both protagonists are crazy in their own way, and there is always a surprise element. There are places where Seo Joo-Heon blows up course to the boss because the enemies are holding the entrance.

1. Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Imagine reading a webtoon about a reader who is also reading a webtoon about a post-apocalypse world, and suddenly the webtoon he was reading becomes a reality; this makes you wish that it happens to our world as well, sounds impressive, right?

5 Best Manga Similar To Solo Leveling Manhwa

Kim Dokja is an average office worker who has been reading a webtoon about a post-apocalypse world for 3 years. On the last day of the webtoon, suddenly the comic becomes a reality, and only he knows what events will occur and how the world will end.

Unlike any other webcomic where the protagonist has a vast knowledge about the things going to happen, it’s different because Kim is not the main character. Still, for us readers, he is the protagonist. The way it’s written, the art and story progressing are top tier. You’ll be left on a cliffhanger often. I can’t explain how fabulous the webtoon is; the further discussion will become a spoiler.

If you want to read other manga types for a change, why don’t you try Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Horimiya, Eden Zero, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc. Lastly, I’d love to more about your thoughts about this list! Don’t forget to drop down your suggestions as well.

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