Affise Review: What’s Inside and How to Start Your Affiliate Program

Affise Review
Affise Review

When we talk about performance-based marketing, the first thing that comes to my mind is a reliable platform that offers authentic services. Here, a tracking solution plays a very crucial role.

While we all get carried away with the quality of the driven traffic, easy ways to monetize content, and tricks for converting users into customers, somewhere we all miss out on a majorly important aspect and that is the quality of the tracking software that we will be opting for.

In order to make any marketing campaign successful, first and foremost you need to step up your tracking game. Efficient tracking leads to high sales. Keep a track of your affiliates and partners accurately, this will help you in the long run.

Now for someone whos platter is already full and cannot add anything more to it, they can opt for Affise. Read our detailed Affise review:

Affise takes all of these resbonsibilites off your shoulder and makes tracking a very easy task.

You can simply track your campaigns, affiliates and partners all three from one single dashboard.

Whether you’re an affiliate network or a direct advertiser, you can begin with using Affise tracking to track those clicks, leads, sales, impressions, and literally every user action that you find important.

What is Affise?

Affise is a tracking SaaS software that assists you to create your own affiliate program or an affiliate network.

In simple words, it is a fully-fledged affiliate marketplace that allows you to track and administer your business network efficiently. It tracks the traffic you drive, clicks, and conversions made.

Affise comprises of services starting from setting up new advertisers for your business along with their campaign to recruiting affiliates and paying them their respective share a.k.a commissions.

How to get started with Affise?

The signup process takes hardly a few minutes. Just a few clicks here and there and you are good to go.


This is what the Affise homepage looks like, you can either start with the free trial or the paid plan, as per yur convenience.

I highly recommend you to opt for the free trial and learn the software before actually stepping your foot into it.

The free-trial is for 30 days.

Mostly for marketers, it works well, but some might not really enjoy working on Affise, so the free trial will help you decide here.


While you send in a request to get access for the 30 day free trial, you need to fill in some basic information about yourself.


  • All tools in Affise are ought to be useful. Several small companies have recommended using Affise as it helped them grow. They also have a tremendously good customer-oriented approach. Replying on time to user queries has helped companies ace. Their customer service representatives are available to assist you 24/7 on Skype.
  • Several other affiliate marketplaces charge users for traffic. Affise is one of those platforms that doest charge its users for pay per clicks. Its a completely user-friendly software, with several features.
  • Its a completely easy to learn software, no rocket science involved. The interface is designed in such a way that any newbie can easily learn and master it. Users have found its design really simple yet attractive
  • Users have reported the CPAPI to be one of the best features of Affise. However, even the Smart LInk works wonders.


  • Affise lacks when it comes to networking, more networks need to be integrated into Affise. There are a few traffic issues when the CR is too low. There isn’t enough time to optimize your campaigns.
  • There are a few errors that the Affise team is completely unaware of, however, thy fix it whenever you sen a complaint. This might be a little time-consuming.
  • The statistics take some time to get updated, its not real-time updation. Most of the time it lags from 10-15 minutes. For small companies, this can be overlooked, but it can cause trouble if you have a fully-fledged company.
  • Affise’s integration with third-party platforms and applications is a little more complex than it should be. This makes it a disaggregated experience for the users which leads to a lack of links between the integration. The integration with the end-user can be improved.
  • Affise’s price for certain services is really high, so it becomes a problem for companies with confined use of digital marketing campaigns. The configurable panels also need to be updated. An updated configuration panel will lead to greater reach.

Affise Pricing and Plans:

Affise is well known for its pricing, you don’t have to pay for per click. Rather, you pay for conversions every time the pixels are fired.

With this you dont spend more than you should be.

Performance marketing platform for beginners. All features you need for a quick and easy startScalable business. Performance marketing platform for effective management and constant revenue growthMarket experts. Fully customizable performance marketing platform for industry leaders
10 000 Conversions40 000 ConversionsUnlimited conversions
1 000 000 Impressions15 000 000 ImpressionsUnlimited impressions
24/7 E-mail Support24/7 Live Chat Support24/7 Premium Support
Dedicated Account ManagerDedicated Account ManagerDedicated Account Manager
Automation toolsAutomation toolsAutomation tools
Full-cycle impression trackingFull-cycle impression trackingFull-cycle impression tracking
Complete feature accessComplete feature accessComplete feature access

Affise Alternatives:

  1. LeadDyno

LeadDyno is an online affiliate marketing and tracking system. It’s a bridge between you and your affiliates to help operate your business and track lead generation.

If you are looking for something long term and more reliable then I suggest you to not opt for LeadDyno.

 A lot of users have reported LeadDyno for its poor customer service.

Some of LeadDyno’s features are, Customizable Website, a great Payout solution, Automating Communication, Automated Email System, etc.


TUNE is basically another affiliate marketplace that lets you partner with various people through mobile and web.

TUNE is reported to be the marketing industry’s most flexible SaaS platform. It comprises of building, managing, and growing partner programs.

It is highly trusted amongst affiliate marketers and iconic brands across the globe.

3. Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform designed to provide detailed apprehensive insight for its users and affiliates.

Easy-to-use affiliate manager software that lifts the burden of tracking each customer from the user’s shoulder and which helps them focus on building their business relationships with customers and partnering with affiliates.

It assists the user in easily tracking its loyal customers and influencers, helps recruit affiliates, and paying them becomes an effortless task. All these services are on just one platform.

My Final Review:

Affise is a complete solution, with tons of features. It is an upcoming product that is setting high standards for its competitors. Affise review is incomplete without saying:

It is very easy to use software, that anyone can get comfortable with. Its simplified UI designs and attractive colors have made it more alluring and compatible for the users.

Apart from all the features and tools, the best part about Affise is its customer service. Affise is well known amongst affiliate marketers as it provides quality assistance and manages to solve all the queries raised by its users.

Somehow, it needs to get more third party integrations that will give users more options to chose from.

I suggest opting for the free trial before you plan to invest, if you find its features and tools worthy, you can go for it.

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