Akame Ga Kill: New Season, Characters, Plot Review, and News

Akame Ga Kill tried to pitch a bit of Seinen’s outlook with typical Shounen character and motive. Released back in 2014, it was one of the most anticipated shows that had a dark shounen theme.

The story is unique in the terms of character development and how different ideologies clash against each other. The show might throw you off as a bit gory (the manner of killing) but it’s not at an extreme level of creeping you out. The scenes are emotional and we come across several deaths that contributed to the growth of the main character as well.

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Bagging My Anime List score of 7.50, this franchise has quite a remarkable audience (both in Japan and the rest of the world).

Akame Ga Kill
Akame Ga Kill! (2014)

Main Characters:


akame ga kill

The main protagonist of the story who is kind-hearted, a little lightheaded (Shounen’s main character defect), and oblivious.

He first wanted to join the military to help his village with some money but realizing the horrific scenario of the capital, he didn’t join. He was later recruited by Night Raid and gained the Imperial Arm Demon Armor: Incursio from Bulat which allowed him to gain full body armor and enhances his physical strength.


akame ga kill

The title-character of the story was originally sold to the Empire with her sister, but was recruited by Night Raid when she was extracted from the horrifying place.

She is more of a cold-hearted assassin and maintained a rivalry with her younger sister, Kurome. She wielded the Imperial Arm One-Cut Killer: Murasame which can cut enemies with a single cut.


akame ga kill

The leader of the Night Raid and who holds the biological Imperial Arm Susanoo. She was previously a General under the Empire and also the colleague of Esdeath, but due to some complicated past, she left their side. She is the most intelligent and the tactician of the team.


akame ga kill

He is called the 100 Man-Slayer Bulat, and a former soldier of the Empire who was ticked off by the dishonesty and injustice carried on by the government. So, he left and joined the Revolutionaries. He was the former user of the Imperial Arm Demon Armor: Incursio.


akame ga kill

She was one of the older members of Night Raid and was very kind to the group (much like an older sister). She had the Imperial Arm Animal King: Lionelle, a belt that that enhances her senses by multiple folds.


akame ga kill

The tsundere of the Night Raid group, she came from the Western western borders of the Empire and was despised and bullied for being a foreigner. She had the Imperial Arm Roman Artillery: Pumpkin which gave her the tag name of ‘Genius Sniper.’


akame ga kill

Another member of the Night Raid who was innocent, kind, and a bit clumsy, but a skilled user of the Imperial Arm Cutter of Creation: Extase which is a pair of large scissors that can cut through anything and everything.


akame ga kill

He is shown as a pervert of the Night Raid group and had the most versatile Imperial Arm Infinite Uses: Cross Tail, a pair of gloves with unbelievable strong and flexible wires.

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Akame Ga Kill – Seasons and Episodes:

As of now, a single season of Akame Ga Kill has been released in 2014. Everybody wanted to know the established world of this show, but sadly there has been no announcement from the production house. But we can expect a comeback by 2022.

Akame Ga Kill has a single season of 24 episodes.

Streaming Websites:

  • Original Network: Tokyo MXMBS, BS11, AT-X.
  • English Network: Anime Network, Adult Swim (Toonami).
  • Official Website: Crunchyroll, Netflix.

You can stream Akame Ga Kill! officially on Netflix and Crunchyroll here.

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Plot Review: (Spoiler Alert!)

Akame Ga Kill relies on the plot of fighting against the government to overthrow the Prime Minister who has grown to be greedy with power. The nation is mostly in poverty and only favors the richer ones in society. To fight against the odds, our characters have a Night Raid team, which is the assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army.

akame ga kill

The spotlight is on Tatsumi who plans to join the military to help his poverty-stricken village. But he soon realizes the reality of the capital – how corrupt and insensible they are. After certain events, he is recruited by the Night Raid party. The power multiplier in the show is the special Imperial arm machinery provided to each Night Raid member.

Although Akame Ga Kill is on the dark side with excessive gore, the basic plot tool is the same as the Shounen genre – fighting for justice. Tatsumi was naive yet strong, and almost every female character had a thing for him, which further proves my point of being typical Shounen.

You might wonder Akame is the protagonist or might play a major role in the series as it’s mentioned in the name of the anime itself, surprisingly it’s not. Tatsumi has all the focus of the story and his relationship with others. Personally, I felt this to be a little annoying and misleading.

So, what makes this anime stand out from the rest of the generic shounen? The characters who made an impact on the show dies and don’t return due to some plot armor or superpower. Some of the character development was brief but the backstory was featured so that you feel the loss when the character dies.

akame ga kill

The opening –  “Skyreach” by Sora Amamiya (eps 1-14) was kind of stale, it could be better but the second opening – “LIAR MASK” by Rika Mayama (eps 15-24) is pure bliss. The endings and OSTs were decent too. The animation wasn’t spectacular but it was decent and focused mainly on the detailing where it needed the most (action scenes).

It may seem I hate the show but I enjoyed it to some extent. If you love some dark-themed gory show with decent plot and character development, you will love it. Overall its a decent one and will make you see till the end (Could have been better in some areas but that’s okay there will be shortcomings).

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Akame Ga Kill: Season 2 Release Date?

The first season of Akame Ga Kill was first aired in July 2014 and ended by December 2014. After that, there has been no further announcement from the production house. The show was much popular and also criticized for being not the same as the manga.

But we can expect that it might release around the end of 2021 or by the beginning of 2022. We will inform with another article, as soon as we get any official announcement from the production team.

Is the manga of Akame Ga Kill over?

Yes, Akame Ga Kill manga was over back in December of 2016 with a total of 15 volumes and 80 chapters.

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