Top Android Apps by Microsoft in 2021

android apps by microsoft

android apps by microsoft

Microsoft has brought up a number of Android apps with an aim to create a better and stress free world. All the Android Apps by Microsoft are an android version of the Microsoft software. 

And these apps help users stay updated, edit documents, view personal files, create notes, Skype, play games on their way to anywhere with an Android Phone in hand, without carrying a PC physically everywhere they go.

In this article, we have sorted you with the best Android Apps by Microsoft, so you do not have to worry about your office work while you can let the office move with you, using these apps.

Let’s see what they are –

Here are the Best Recommended Android Apps by Microsoft

1. Microsoft Word

word app
Microsoft word app
Microsoft Android Apps
Android Apps by Microsoft
best android apps by microsoft


Microsoft Word Android App is a trusted Mobile Phone App that lets the user type, edit, view and share files with other users. 

Using Microsoft Word App users can create and edit documents on the go. There’re no restrictions to space, time and place. The Android App lets the user create and edit even while travelling, read before sleeping, and share with another Android user quickly and easily.

What makes Microsoft Word App the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Create your project, blog, assignments or any other document type using modern templates
  2. Use amazing formatting and layout options
  3. The reading view mode enables user to read long PDF files, blogs and scripts with ease
  4. User can easily convert PDF file into word document
  5. Enables user to collaborate with other users using comment section
  6. Users can invite other users to edit the text and allows them to share the documents with other friends quickly and easily.

2. Microsoft Excel

microsoft excel
microsoft excel app
microsoft android app
Android App
Android app by microsoft
android apps


Microsoft Excel aims at letting users do the office work anytime, anywhere they go. It has created a world where work has no particular time. Let it be a work in accounting, auditing, or finance, users are enabled to move along with the office.

Using Microsoft Office Excel, office moves with the user. That means that the user can confidently, with ease edit, view and share spreadsheets wherever and whenever they go. 

What makes Excel Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Review your work or start a budget on the go
  2. Customize your spreadsheet on the go with great features
  3. Start with your accounting analyses with excels modern templates
  4. Use formulas to run calculations and analyze your data
  5. Make the workbook quick and easier to read
  6. Review, edit and share the Excel file from any device
  7. using the draw tab feature, you can highlight portions in your workbook
  8. The user can also edit the workbook in an email attachment message

Download Microsoft Excel

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

powerpoint app
powerpoint android app
power point mobile app
android app


Microsoft PowerPoint mobile app has seamless syncing feature across devices. That means you need not worry about multiple file versions while you work on Microsoft PowerPoint App.

Moreover, using Microsoft PowerPoint Android App, users can carry the office work along with them wherever they go. They are enabled to present the slideshows anytime, anywhere, using any device. This gives them opportunity to access their PowerPoint files on their Android devices and edit them with ease. 

What makes PowerPoint Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Create a long-lasting impression with customizable presentations
  2. Present your slideshow from anywhere, anytime
  3. View and edit presentations on your or anybody else’s Android device
  4. Never miss a beat with PowerPoint on the go
  5. Craft your presentations like a winner
  6. PowerPoint makes it easier for you to collaborate with others
  7.  Easily manage permissions and see who’s working in your presentation

Download Microsoft PowerPoint

4. Microsoft Outlook

outlook android app
outlook mobile app
microsoft outlook
outlook app by microsoft
microsoft outlook android app
Outlook android


Microsoft Outlook is another best Android App in the list of Android Apps by Microsoft. It lets the user connect with all email accounts they hold, at one convenient place. 

Using this Android App, the important messages can be pinned at the top with Focused Inbox feature. And lets the user switch between multiple email accounts for different work messages.

What makes Outlook Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. With focused inbox keep the important messages at the top
  2. Connect all email accounts, calendars, and files at one place
  3. Schedule your next meeting in few clicks
  4. Easily shift from emails to calendars for managing new meetings
  5. Shift from different email accounts for messages and attachments
  6. Attach files from your device with ease

Download Microsoft Outlook

5. Microsoft OneDrive

onedrive android
onedrive app
onedrive mobile app
mobile app
Microsoft one drive app


OneDrive Android app by Microsoft aims at providing one place to all your personal files. That means you can control and manage all the important files on your Android devices as well as on the PC.  

Moreover, Microsoft OneDrive also have a Microsoft OneDrive Android App for business. That means you can control and manage your work files as well using the OneDrive Android App.

What makes OneDrive Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. See all the files created by you and shared by others
  2. Let others contribute to your work files
  3. Share and collaborate your files with others
  4. Get storage for personal and work files using both Microsoft OneDrive apps
  5. Automatically upload photos and videos to your personal OneDrive account using Camera backup
  6. Create new folders, rename, move and delete files
  7. Open your OneDrive files in other apps, including Office apps
  8. Quickly find documents you have recently opened

Download Microsoft OneDrive

6. Microsoft Edge



The new Microsoft Edge has increased the productivity and privacy for the users. The users can now be more productive at their work using the edge from an Android device.

Microsoft Edge maintains the same pace. That means user can experience the same browsing experience from phone as he does from computer. Also, the app gives you the tools to protect your privacy online with features like tracking prevention*, AdBlock Plus and In Private mode. That is why it has become the most used among users. 

What makes Edge Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Get more personalized browsing experience
  2. Take control of your data
  3. Block trackers from other sites through tracking prevention 
  4. Helps block unwanted app through AdBlock Plus
  5. Earn rewards while you search with Bing
  6. Organize the web better to make it easier for you to find, view and manage content on-the-go

Download Microsoft Edge

7. Microsoft OneNote



Microsoft OneNote is a Note pad that allows users to create memos, list, create ideas and save important messages/notes as memory.

Using OneNote Android App, one is enabled to plan big events, note down thoughts that inspired them, add images, and create a whole scratch book right in their Android Phone.

What makes OneNote Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Sync notes across your devices to access them anytime, anywhere.
  2. Save notes and view them at home, office or anywhere on the go
  3. Add and save pictures to your note
  4. Use flexible canvas in your content, anytime anywhere
  5. Organize notes with sections and pages to separate thoughts by theme at school, home or work
  6. Use OneNote to list down your thoughts on the go
  7. OneNote lets you create new ideas, save, and share with others wherever you go

Download Microsoft OneNote

8. Microsoft Wordament

Microsoft Wordament is another one of the best Android Apps by Microsoft. The users are enabled to feel relief after their work stress, during long hours of travelling journey, and in their study hours.

Wordament Android App by Microsoft has also recently added thousands of non-timed puzzles and new daily challenges for the fun to never stop. Because of daily challenges and chance to earn badges, the game has gained a lot of engagement from users. And is used by so many on their way to work, office, and college.

What makes Wordament Android App by Microsoft the best?

Here are the few exciting features –

  1. Play against thousands of users at once
  2. Relax yourself with thousands of non-timed puzzles
  3. Earn badges while completing daily challenges for a month
  4. Rounds offer challenges such as two- and three-letter tiles, themed words, speed rounds and more
  5. Become a champion in many ways
  6. Increase your vocabulary and other grammar techniques
  7. Relax yourself from stress, anxiety and arrogance

Download Microsoft Wordament

Hope we were of some help to you. For more such article you can visit our home page and surf stuff that would interest you.

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