25 Best Anime Trap Characters of All Time

Here we will be counting down some of the most iconic anime trap characters of all time. These anime traps have charmed us with their beauty despite their biological genders.

Sometimes traps represent the nonbinary and transgender characters in the anime. Other times they are simply the characters who enjoy fashion for as it is. Ignoring the gender stereotypes and norms of fashion.

If you are wondering what’s anime trap :

In anime culture, a male crossdresser whose cross-dressing so convincing that he’s often mistaken for a real girl

“Females crossdressing as males or pre-op female to male transsexuals are often referred to as reverse traps

According to wikipedia

Top 25 Anime Trap Characters You’ll Love

1. Aoi Futaba – You are under arrest

anime trap

From the 90s anime, Aoi is a proud and-out trans character from You’re Under Arrest. Aoi works as a traffic cop in the series. She was found adorable by a lot of viewers.

In You’re Under Arrest she was shown coming out to a suitor in a few episodes. Which the viewer balling their eyes out as it was genuinely touching.

Aoi’s character is probably the most competent, well-rounded, and professional member of the cast. Despite this, the character is portrayed in a problematic manner. She is one of the oldest anime trap characters.

2. Ana Gram – Phi Brain 

anime trap

He was the most convincing anime trap. His appearance of long light brown hair and green eyes has deceived a lot of viewers.

Where in the last part of the series is relieved that he is actually a boy. who was just too good at the effeminate cross-dressing. He has great knowledge of famous paintings and enjoys painting himself.

Moreover, he won a cross-dressing competition in school, without even participating in the first place. He was an important character in the anime as he has the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who created puzzles.

3. Haku – Naruto

anime trap

If you are a Naruto fan you know Haku is prettier than Sakura. That’s what Naruto said. With long black hair, pale skin, and big brown eyes Haku is definitely a beautiful boy.

Despite the fact that Haku is a gifted Ninja for his young age. He has been trained by Zabuza himself. This makes Haku really dangerous. Moreover, he possessed such prodigious talent.

Still, his androgynous appearance makes him one of the most beautiful anime traps of all time.

4. Ritsu Sohma – Fruits Basket

anime trap

Since we all are done crying over the fruit basket. Can we appreciate Ritsu Sohma for a moment?  This trap couldn’t stop apologizing and is known to be clumsy.

And he is possessed by one of the zodiac animals of the Chinese folk: Monkey’s soul. Ritsu’s character is introduced in the second season as a young adult who dresses up in a kimono.

He mentions that he feels more comfortable in woman’s clothing than men. However, he is not the only anime trap in the series.

5. Ruka Urushibara – Steins Gate

anime trap

It is a hot debate in the world of anime if she is considered an anime trap or not. As in the series he completes turns into a girl in a mystical exchange of email and remains a girl throughout the season.

With his short hair and skull clip, she stands out to be different and gains a lot of male attention due to his soft and feminine features. He is biologically male that turns into a female. Is he a trap?

6. Tsukimiya Ringo – Uta No Prince-Sama

anime trap

Ringo is a cute famous idol. Initially, when started working as an idol his agency asked him to act more feminine on his cute looks. Therefore, they forced him to cross-dress to get any work.

Moreover, he has this androgynous features with big blue eyes and long eyelashes. He also wears a long pink wig that reaches his waist.

Other than being a famous idol he is also the adviser for A-Class. The kawaii anime trap is definitely the highlight of the series.

7. Saika Totsuka – Oregairu

anime trap

Saika is the typical student anime trap of Sobu High School. He is also the president of the school’s Tennis Club. His short silver hair and his big doe blue eyes with light skin make him too beautiful to be a boy. Saika’s soft feminine look is often misgendered as a female.

Even the protagonist of the anime forgets that Saika is a boy. Even though he is seen mostly seen in gym uniform throughout most of the series his feminine side is easy to be mistaken. 

8. Aoi Hyoudou – Class President is a Maid!

Aoi Hyoudou trap look
Aoi Hyoudou’s trap appearance

Aoi got to be one of the confusing anime traps. He is the nephew of the owner of the maid café where the protagonist works. He is a professional cross-dresser and internet idol. Aoi’s androgynous features make it easy for him to cross-dress.

Moreover, his love for cute things makes him do it professionally. Aoi dresses up as a girl instead of a boy because he was bullied for liking cute things. However, his female persona likes toying with men’s feelings.

He is kind of a tsundere as he behaves coldly around the female protagonist and refuses to show his true feelings.

9. Kaoru Hanase – Tamako Market

anime trap

Actually, it was never addressed in the anime itself whether Kaoru is an anime trap or not. The only fact we know that Kaoru has a beautiful manly voice and is taller tha most of the shop owners in the market. Gives off the vibe that the flower shop owner might be a trap. 

If the case is true then we must say he indeed is a beautiful trap with soft feminine features and fluffy blonde hair. That makes him look more like a lovely flower shop owner in the market. 

10. Yukimura Kusunoki from Haganai

anime trap

This anime trap was like more of an Uno reverse card. In season one Yukimura persists that he is a boy who dresses as a very cute girl. However, later it was revealed that Yukimura is actually a girl.

Her parents brought her up as a boy because they always wanted a son. Thus, making him believe that she was a boy from a young age. 

Her shoulder-length brown hair with brown eyes and feminine body made it believable for viewers to think of him as a trap. Also, she was mostly seen in her male school uniform in school and her maid uniform at the club.

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11. Hime Arikawa – Himegoto

anime trap
Hime Arikawa dressing up in pink wing as a trap

Hime is one of the anime traps that was initially forced to crossdress but later developed into a trap. According to his back story, his parents took a huge debt that Hime was struggling to pay back.

So his school’s student council approached him one day and made a deal with him. They promised to pay for his debt in return he has crossdressed for his high school days.

That’s when he started dressing as a beautiful woman and also served the student council. He is often seen with a bright pink wig tied in red ribbons as pigtails. He also wears a schoolgirl’s uniform despite being a boy.

12. Pico – Boku no Pico

anime trap
Pico From Boku no Pico

If you haven’t heard of Boku no Pico yet. Good job! Because Pico is one of the most legendary anime traps in the world of anime.

Pico’s blonde hair and big doe eyes got him mistaken by the protagonist as well. Even though it is sooner release that he is a trap. He gets to have the title of the main character in the anime.

13. Chihiro Fujisaki – Danganronpa

anime trap
Chihiro dressed as girl

Even the character didn’t know about this anime trap until later in the series. Chihiro is a teen trap of the Hope’s Peak Academy. He was trapped in the academy where he has to play a killing game in order to get out.

Much later it was revealed that Chihiro is a boy who cross-dresses to deal with his inferiority complex. When he was a child he got bullied for being weak for a man and his soft and feminine look. Which led him to dress up as a girl.

This was the way he accepted the fact he was weak. He associates his gender with a boy.

14. Kenjiro Hato – Genshiken Nidaime

anime trap

Again this an anime trap that has put effort to cross-dress just to be part of the club. Kenjiro latest member of Genshiken. Initially, it was secret but later he becomes the only male to be part of Genshiken Nidaime.

Kenjiro is a fudanshi who loves yaoi and BL mangas. When he first enters the club everyone was amused by her beauty of his female persona. He dressed up as his female persona so he won’t be mistaken for a fudanshi.

He even adapted a female voice and would show up as a girl while attending Genshiken. He gets caught but the female members were more than welcome for him to join them.

15. Felix Argyle – Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

anime trap

It is not mentioned in the series whether he is a trap or not. Felix looks feminine with his human-cat hybrid look that is combined with his dress costume.

At first glance, it is hard to believe that he is a boy. But there were parts where he opens up feeling like there’s a man inside his mind or soul. This makes one of the solid proof that he is a boy indeed.

Even though he is pronoun himself in the third person. Moreover, he is a side character because of which not much of his backstory is known. He got to be the cutest anime trap of all time.

16. Kashima Yuu – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

anime trap

If we talk about some of the reverse anime traps, Kashima is one of the most charming ones. Even though Kashima is a girl but her masculine and prince-like looks she is always swooned by girls.

She is pretty tall for a girl. Not like it’s abnormal but her built is somewhat of the IT boy of anime. The best part of Kashima is that she doesn’t cross-dress as a boy but has alike hair.

She does flirt back to girls if she finds one. She has girls fawning over her. Her androgynous appearance gives her the title of Prince of the school as well.

17. Kino – Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

anime trap

One of the adventurous anime traps is got to be Kino. She is the main character in the series. She travels to different countries and learning about different cultures and people.

Even though initially her gender stayed ambiguous but in later episodes her gender was relieved. She disguises herself as a boy because she is mostly on road on her own.

Thus cross-dressing is the best solution here. Also, she is skilled in combat and self-defense. Furthermore, she is used to the traveler’s life. Moreover she straight forward but polite.

18. Kikuchi Makoto – The iDOLM@STER

anime trap

Makoto is another conditioned reverse anime trap. Her father always wanted a son. Thus he raised his daughter like a son. Her father’s decision to raise her like a boy led to her developing boyish tendencies.

However, she wanted to embrace her feminine parts as well. So, she asked her father to help her. To which he introduced her to 765 Productions.

She becomes an idol but even after that, she gets more attention from the fangirls than the boys. She even receives love letters from girls at school.

19. Akito Sohma (Fruit Basket )

anime trap

Ritsu wasn’t the only trap in the fruit basket but we also have Akito Sohma the main antagonist of the series. All three seasons of the fruit basket her identity was sealed and often showed off a boy.

Apparently, after her father’s death, she had to take upon his position because of which her mother made her dress up as a boy. Even though he was relieved much later but the viewer has it coming from her behavior.

His boyish appearance and voice were the ones that have people puzzled about her gender. She definitely made it to of the most iconic anime traps of all time.

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20. Hideyoshi Kinoshita – Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

anime trap

He is the fraternal twin of his twin sister. People often mistake him for a girl as he looks very much like her sister. The only difference that can be a spot in them is their hairstyles.

Also because of his feminine looks, he is always forced to dress up a girl and given girl characters to play. The point where we can identify the fact that he wasn’t to be called a boy when he gets angry.

He is comparatively calm at times he would get angry if he is mistaken as a girl. Everyone responds to him as a boy as well. Hideyoshi’s dedication to the Drama Club is the reason why he is in Class F.

21. Kuranosuke Koibuchi (Princess Jellyfish)

anime trap

One of the reasons Kuranosuke started cross-dressing was to rebel against his family. As his rest of the family is involved in politics. He rather finds fashion more interesting than politics.

In the series, he is looking for his biological mother. As he wants to see his mother’s wardrobe once more. He used to live with his mother when he was very young. He gained his passion for fashion as he used to browse through her closet full of beautiful clothes.

According to him most of his fashion sense matches his mother’s. This slice of life series gave us one of the inspiring anime traps of all time.

22. Fisheye – Sailor Moon SuperS

fisheye in his anime trap persona

If you remember the iconic sailor moon. Fisheye got to be the most fashionable trap in the world of anime. He is a fish at the Dead Moon Circus who was given a human form to find the dream mirror.

When transforming into a human form he mostly liked to take up the feminine human form despite being a male fish. He would disguise himself in female human form while pursuing his victim.

However, he enjoys all the beautiful and fabulous activities of the human world such as modeling and beauty pageant.

23. Astolfo – Fate/Grand Order

anime trap

Inspired by the Charlemagne Legend this series has the most dreamy anime trap as the protagonist. Astoflo is the son of the English king and also one of the twelve faithful Paladins. Astolfo’s soft and feminine looks could be decisive at first. Also his androgynous looks with his fancy dressing styles. He likes to cross-dress “like a girl” because he likes cute things. It is still a secret which gender he prefers to be referred to.

24. Souta Takanashi – Working!!!

Souta in her anime trap persona

Souta who changes to Kotori is a 16-year-old boy who cross-dresses to work at Wagnaria restaurant serves. He is the new waiter. He has an obsession with cute little things because of which he started working in the restaurant.

His trap persona started in childhood when he would use his clothing. He has spent most of his childhood wearing girl dresses. He would also wear a pink wig while working in the restaurant.

This anime trap is the main protagonist of the series.

25. Gasper Vladi – High School DxD

Gasper Vladi in her anime trap persona

Gasper is an androgynous-looking boy vampire in Kuoh Academy. With platinum blonde hair and pinkish-violet eyes, he looks more feminine.

Moreover, he dresses in girls’ uniforms compared to the other boys in his school dressed in boys’ uniforms. Initially, he was labeled as a coward boy and was an outcast but once he gained confidence in himself.

He dressed and behaved the way he wanted. Furthermore, he exclaims that he likes wearing female clothing because he finds it cute.

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