5 Volleyball Anime Every Sports Anime Fan Should Watch

Are you a fan of volleyball and anime? No waiting, here are the best Volleyball anime you should watch.

Explore the range of some of the most exciting volley anime from the 60s to 2000s. From the first sports anime with a volleyball theme to the latest sensation. We are going to discuss all the Anime series that have caught the attention worldwide.

Some of these are internationally acclaimed series that made sports anime series globally popular. With television broadcasting in countries like France, Italy, and Germany,

Volleyball anime is the subheading of the broader concept of animes based on volleyball. These animes are filled with real-world drama and stories with the adventure of the characters involved in the volleyball game.

If you think watching sports can be boring then think again. Why not try out these volleyball anime series by yourself?

Top 5 Volleyball Anime Series

1. Haikyuu

If we think about a sports anime that includes volleyball, no doubt Haikyuu is the first one to arrives in our mind. If you have already seen this anime series then for sure you are a fan of the anime but if not. It should be on the top of your must-watch sports anime series.

Haikyuu is a story about a boy named Shoyo Hinata and his journey of becoming a great volleyball player at Karasuno High after attending one of their matches.

There was just one problem with Hinata which was his height. He was pretty short compared to his high school boys. Moreover, height is an important factor in volleyball.

Sooner. With some of his friends from middle school, he forms a volleyball team and plays against the famous little giants from Karasuno high. One factor which was common between the little giants and Hinata was the fact that they were short as well but had great jumping capabilities.

Although Hinata lost the match he was inspired by them. Soon after he graduates from his middle, he joins Karasuno High school where he becomes part of the little giants.

The story has a great development of rivalry and sportsmanship. As sports can become rally competitive at times but the anime has fiercely embedded its principles. It shows the development among the characters from being rivals to team working.

Also, the exposition of the anime shows more than the sports. The backstories with the character’s dreams and aspirations make the series rather more interesting.


Haikyuu has in total of 4 seasons out so far and the new season will be going on air soon.

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2. Attack No.1 (Atakku Nanba Wan )

Volleyball Anime

It is classic from the anime world from the 60s. Even way before Pokémon and sailor moon got popular internationally. Attack No. 1 is one of the earliest anime with sports as the theme of the series.

It was broadcasted internationally in countries like France, Italy, and Germany. Attack No. 1 is one of the early anime that revolves around the volleyball game.

Attack no. 1 is a story about a high school girl Kouzue Ayuhara. She moves from Tokyo to a more rural high school due to e to her illness. This was also the reason why she quit sports in the first place. Soon after a run-in with another student in the school.

She decides to give a tryout for the school volleyball team. After getting a place n the team her journey from the school tournament to the international championship begins.

The story has a great plot of the character development of the main lead. There are ups and downs in the story of Kouzue where she makes a comeback to sports and faces the difficulties of being a start player.

Where she makes some good friends but also ends up in rivalry with some despite being on the same team. And her struggle of keeping up with the expectation of other. Kouzue’s extraordinary talent in volleyball made her reach the spotlight but it also led her to stress and other dilemmas of her life.


Attack no. 1 has one season. It is consisting of 11 episodes with a running time of 20 minutes for each episode.

3. Attack you (Attakua Yu )

Volleyball Anime

Attack you is another classic from the 80s anime. Despite the lower rating in Japan. the series did exceptionally well in the European countries. The popularity of the series grew to the point the manga version was published in Italy with several reruns.

Attack You is a story of a 13-year-old girl Yu Hazuki who moved from a rural part of Japan to Tokyo. She gets enrolled into the Hikawa high school where she joins the school volleyball team. That where she discovers she has exceptional jumping abilities which makes her one of the star players of the team.

On the other hand, Yu’s father is against her for playing volleyball but let her play. He would often get angry when Yu mentions volleyball to him which leaves Yu confused. Despite this Yu focuses on her dream to be part of Japan’s national women’s volleyball team one day.

This anime also has the story development of rivals to friends. Where Yu and Nami (a senior player in the team) initially falls apart. The two girls are seen fighting for getting the attention of their coach.

They try to prove themselves through their volleyball game. Eventually warms up into a tumultuous friendship in the later part of the story.

Seasons/ Episodes
Attack Yu has only one season. It has in total of 58 episodes with a running time of 20 minutes each.

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4. Attack on tomorrow (Ashita e Atakku)

Volleyball Anime

Attack on tomorrow is often mistaken for the spinoff of the popular classic Attack no. 1. Even though the plot revolves around a girl aspiring to become a volleyball player. The story is quite different from Attack no. 1. Attack on tomorrow also made it to the international audience in the European countries.

Attack of tomorrow is a story about a high school girl Mimi Hijiri. She would be graduating from school soon with just 1 year left. That’s where an unexpected death of a fellow school’s student shocks the school.

The student happened to be one of the members of the school volleyball team. This lower the spirit of the school volleyball team who were doubting their abilities and morals. That’s when Mimi decides to join the volleyball team to helps the team get back on track.

It is a story where the characters learn some important life lessons including friendship and grief. Despite the current scenario they try their best to enter the volleyball league. The series mainly focuses on overcoming the hardship and dualities together.


Attack on tomorrow has one season. It has 23 episodes in total with a running time of 20 minutes each episode.

5. Harukana Receive (Harukana Reshibu)

Volleyball Anime

Originally was published as a manga which was later turned into an anime series in 2018. The anime is themed around beach volleyball

The Story is about two cousins from Okinawa. One of the girls Haruka Ozora has complexes about her height. Whereas on the other hand the other girl Kanata Higa is self-conscious because of her short height.

She wants to quit volleyball for her insecurities but circumstances make her confident about it. Both the girls together form the school beach volleyball team.

The story mainly focuses on the volleyball team members filled with the insecurities of a normal teenage girl. And how they overcome together as a team. The series has a good message for the coming generation to learn to accept the flaws and make the best out of it like Kanata Higa.

Seasons/ Episodes

Harukana Receive has one season. It has 12 episodes with 20 minutes running time for each episode.

Where to watch?

Some of the Animes mentioned above are from the 60s-80s which aa re little hard to find and not easily available on official streaming sites of anime.

On the other hand, Haikyuu and Harukana Receiver are available on the official anime streaming website Crunchyroll. Haikyuu is also available on Netflix to watch online.

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