Best 5 Romantic Anime Movies to Watch this Valentine’s Day

Best 5 Romantic Anime Movies handpicked only for you!

Who is not excited about valentine’s day? But many people prefer staying at home or having a movie date instead of going to fancy restaurants. But this valentine’s day, instead of watching some irrelevant movies, try watching some of my handpicked Romantic Anime movies, which are sure to make your day more special than ever. You both may even end up doing a movie marathon! Sounds awesome, right? Now stop thinking and start preparing.

Best 5 Romantic Anime Movies

  1. 5cm per second
  2. Weathering With You
  3. Your Name/Kimi No Na Wa
  4. Clannad: The Movie
  5. Ride Your Wave

Where to Watch?

  • Netflix
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Gogo Anime
  • Animelab

5. Ride Your Wave

“No matter how small the wave it had the power to come in from far away. Right now you’re just having a bit of trouble against that power.” (1)

Masaaki Yuasa is another shining star who has won awards for movies like “Lu Over the Wall” and “The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl.” But his latest Romantic Anime feature, “Ride Your Wave,” has some surreal emotional depth followed by the brightly colored minimal visual style that makes it so satisfying to watch.

Hinako is clumsy on land, but she’s a skilled surfer who moves to a small beach town for college. Due to an illegal fireworks show, her apartment building catches fire, but first responder Minato rescues her. The two characters fall crazily in love. Minato admires Hinako’s athletic nature and assures her she will find a way to manage her life just like she rides her surfboard. Hinako respected him and loved his compassionate nature. 

Romantic Anime Movies

When Minato dies in an accident at sea, Hinako starts believing that she can make him appear on any watery surface by singing their favorite song. But there’s another disaster written in her life, will she survive? Will she be able to live happily again? These questions will make you stick to the end.

Romantic Anime animation uses unique signature animation and is more polished than Yuasa’s earlier films. “Ride Your Wave” confirms that Masaaki Yuasa can be counted as one of the best-animated movie directors this year.

 Ride Your Wave is a Romantic Anime movie with peaceful and vibrant scenes that focus on a girl and a boy catchin’ some waves and gradually develop a relationship with each other.  

The movie was much better than anticipated, and especially the art makes me feel at ease. The Romantic Anime film is not depressing and teaches a life lesson. I think it can be an excellent movie to watch on a movie date with a special someone.

4. Clannad: The Movie

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. It would help if you weren’t lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes. But no matter what may await, please don’t regret meeting me.” – Nagisa Furukawa (2)

The story unfolded around the late 80s when High school student named Tomoya Okazaki hated going to school. But One day he meets a girl named Nagisa Furukawa, who started following him to school every day, claiming that he provided her with the energy to climb up the stairs to school.

She also shares her thoughts to Tomoya about re-establishing the school’s Drama Club, which he is forced to do after getting pressurized by her. He also makes his friend Youhei Sunohara join as well to complete the minimum three-person requirement.

Romantic Anime Movies

At night, Tomoya constantly shifts and turns around in bed as he is plagued with nightmares about being alone in a world of nothingness, dreaming about chasing after someone who may end up leaving him as well. But what if these dreams are more than just a mere dream? Could they have something to do with Nagisa? To find out, you must watch it.

I think Clannad The Movie is just a bittersweet Romantic Anime version in which Clannad’s Visual Novel story has been retold, excluding excessive characters. For someone who wants to start with something light, it’s a good place to start. The characters are not overbearing or intolerable in the movie, and the colors and music has been well collaborated to illustrate the feelings inside Tomoya Okazaki. 

Finally, I’ll say that someone who has never seen Clannad; Good luck to you. But if you’re someone who is looking for the real emotional experience with your loved one while watching a movie, then I’ll suggest watching the 2007 anime first.

3. Your Name/ Kimi No Na Wa

“Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.” – Hitoha Miyamizu (3)

Kimi no Na wa (English translation: Your Name). It’s a Japanese animated movie directed by Makoto Shinkai, is a perfect example of escapism-through-anime. The movie is about two characters, a highschool girl who lives in rural Japan and a boy of almost her age who lives in Tokyo.

Romantic Anime Movies

The two characters bodies get swapped, and they end up living in each other’s lives. The story follows the two characters’ relationship development with fragments of supernatural elements blended with traditional Japanese mythology used in the plot.

Kimi no Na wa successfully captures and leaps over the logic-driven world of actions-have-consequences and brings hope to the theme. The movie allows the viewers to engage in a leap of faith and discard all their logical inconsistencies and ambiguities. Kimi no Na wa beautiful expresses these lines through the Romantic Anime movie: if something is meant to be, the world cares enough that it will make it happen.

2. Weathering With You

“Who cares if we don’t see the sunshine ever again? I want you more than any blue sky. The weather can go crazy.” -Hodaka (4)

Weathering With You feels familiar for those who have watched Kimi no Na Wa. Once again, Shinkai pulls a brand new idea of a Young Adult world, with all the emotional intensity and a focused story on teenagers burdened with responsibilities. The story starts with the Protagonist, Hodaka (Daigo), entering the frame covered in cuts and bruises.

Romantic Anime Movies

Meanwhile, Hina (Mori), whom Daigo adores, is an orphan who takes care of her younger brother. She suddenly turns into ‘weather maiden’ of ancient legend, who can magically banish rain and thus the adventures begin. The story Takes some gorgeously surreal twists and turns, while also offering a grim and gloomy vision of our not-too-distant future.

I must point out that this Romantic Anime movie lacks narrative clarity, especially the middle act that needed tightening and a questionable moral. But these criticisms seem to fade amid Weathering With You’s consistently overwhelming visual glory. It is one of the most beautiful movies, and it’s a must-watch with you, dear ones!

1. 5cm Per Second

“I still don’t know what it really means to grow up. However, if I happen to meet you, one day in the future, by then, I want to become someone you can be proud to know.”
― Makoto Shinkai (5)

5 Centimeters per Second is another less popular Romantic Anime drama that follows Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara’s path. The story unfolds in 3 episodes set at different points in the characters’ lives: (what seemed to be) meeting by chance which slowly turns from an inseparable friendship to genuine love.

Romantic Anime Movies

Unexpected circumstances separated these two lovers and led them to make a promise that couldn’t be kept. Thus, this event was the cause of a life filled with regrets and unbearable loneliness. 

The production and storytelling of this Romantic Anime are mind-blowing and have depicted a very realistic situation that everyone can sympathise with. It also successfully prevented the anime from turning into many typical anime romance tropes with ridiculous visual gags or funny voices. The movie has a rich context and metaphors.

The environment and animation of this Romantic Anime is a blessing in disguise. However, the ending is controversial for many viewers. It may leave you unsatisfied, Shinkai’s decision not to give us a clear ending because he never wanted to present a resolution and left the decision up to the viewers whether they want to move on or wait for the love of their life forever.

5 Centimeters per Second is an emotionally dramatic movie with a good touch of romance. Despite the controversial ending, the story is open to a conclusion that the viewers want for the characters and lives.

Each person, each decision, each action in our lives impacts our future and paves the way ahead but…Lingering in the past or having regrets is worst…the point is, one must treasure each moment and keep moving forward.

Watch as many Romantic Anime movies as you can or spend time with the one you love because sometimes luck is not always on our side. What if you don’t get to see him/her ever again?

I might sound a little melodramatic but make sure to have a box of tissues while watching this movie on valentine’s day.

A friendly, final warning from the writer (me) Don’t watch it if you have had a recent breakup or you are having a bad day or got into an argument with your loved one!

Well, this is not the end of the list! There is much other Romantic Anime like – Violet Evergarden, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Ao Haru Ride, Your lie in April, Fruits basket, etc.,

You can also try watching horror anime for a change. I will keep coming with more recommendations in the future as well! But you must also tell me in return whether you liked this Romantic Anime or not? Which part made you cry? Which one of the movies made your heart filled with warmth again? I’m eager for your responses! Happy Rose day! Don’t forget to send roses to your loved ones.

FAQs on Romantic Anime

1. Is Weathering with you before or after your name?

At the movie premiere at Grand Rex in Paris, Director Makoto Shinkai said that Weathering With You story takes place in 2021, and Taki + Mitsuha meet again in 2022 at the end of Your Name.

2. How long is the Ride Your Wave Movie?

The movie’s duration is 1h 36m (6)

3. Is 5 cm per second a romantic movie?


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