Should you watch Fruits Basket Anime? (review and final season news)

Fruits Basket Anime Review

Funimation aired a new version of Fruits Basket Anime, and the story follows the manga closely, although it had brought changes to the animation. The visual quality and portrayals are better, and voice acting seems more natural in this new Fruits Basket Anime version. But the reason you are still reading this review is that you want to know whether it’s actually good or not?

The Plot of Fruits Basket Anime

Tohru Honda, a high school girl who lost her mother and moved to her grandfather’s place at the time of renovation, was temporarily asked to stay with a friend. Still, Tohru didn’t want to disturb her only two friends, and that’s the reason she ends up living in a tent in the mountains.

The land where she camped belonged to the Sohma family. Yuki Sohma was Tohru’s classmate and school prince as well. He lived a little further from the tent with the rest of the family members. When the family found out that she lived in a tent during a rainstorm, they brought her to their house, and The next day they find Tohru’s tent buried under a landslide.

Fruits Basket Anime

The family decides to take her in as a housemaid to provide a room and food to her. But things don’t go as planned because The family has a dark secret. If someone of the opposite gender hugs the members, they turn into one of the zodiac animals.

Where to Watch?

Official News

A piece of great news for Fruits Basket Anime fans! Finally, after waiting for one whole year, the official website has announced that the final season will be aired in April, and they also revealed a teaser along with it.

The Fruits Basket Anime “1st Season” reached the screens in Japan in April 2019 and aired 25 episodes. Funimation and Crunchyroll streamed the first anime season.

The Fruits Basket 2nd Season anime premiered in Japan in April 2020 will continue into the summer season and will be 25 episodes. Funimation streamed an English dub of the show after the Covid 19 halt in march. Crunchyroll also streamed the series.

Both the 2019 and 2020 Fruits Basket Anime series adapt Natsuki Takaya‘s Fruits Basket manga. The Fruits Basket Anime adaptation has a brand new Japanese cast and staff as per Takaya’s request. The anime will closely try to cover the entire manga’s story according to the news.

Yoshihide Ibata has returned to direct the new season at TMS Entertainment. Taku Kishimoto is again in charge of the scriptwriting. Masaru Shindō is the character designer for the series while Takaya will serve as an executive supervisor. 

Sources: Fruits Basket anime’s website, Comic Natalie


I won’t say I hate Fruits Basket Anime, but I’ll have to give an honest and biased free review. So, according to my Fruit Basket sounds catchy. If one reads the synopsis, they might feel interested in the whole people’s turning into zodiac animals around a kawaii (cute) female protagonist. It’s a great start for a shoujo series as long as the quality is maintained and the story is executed properly. I’d probably recommend watching My next life as a villainess instead of watching fruits basket.

Fruits Basket Anime

I started watching the Fruits Basket Anime 1-2 years ago because it took the “top airing” category in MAL. I like to watch shoujo only if it has a good storyline and yes, not forget charming characters. Talking about characters, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Satoru Gojo is quite an apple pie for the girls. The Fruits Basket Anime is just another anime with an exaggerated fan base because it seems unnatural and forced.

You can also try watching a review video here.

I felt a little disappointment with the series but it’s a good watch for those who want to watch something light.


Fruits Basket Anime story has elements of dramatical and emotional darkness upon which Tohru shines like a ray of redemptive hope. Because of this particular reason, 50% of the story is actually made up of Tohru’s and her friends’ internal struggles.

The other 50% of the story has overused gags, which seems to be forced into the story to make it look entertaining. There is no strong beginning or development throughout the story, and even the ending felt incomplete.

Fruits Basket Anime doesn’t even have a plot, and it’s just a series on Tohru’s daily life struggles. The entire ‘story’ could be summed up in the following sequences:-

  1. Tohru acts dumb but will be unbelievably nice to everyone around her, which causes other characters to act the same way. Even if it doesn’t match their personality, Kyo and Yuki fights are in repetition, and cliché and unfunny members of the Sohma family keep appearing. There is an irrelevant episodic character that barely has any significance in the entire episode.
  2. The story is too sweet, to the point that it makes no sense in reality. It’s crystal clear that the creators made it more like a rom-com, which doesn’t only focus on the dramatic solving of tragic events, but also contains its funny moments. Due to this very reason, the anime ends up having serious flaws, both in terms of execution and logic.
  3. I’ve often noticed that the scenes change too quickly from overly-serious to pink moe environment and the humorous gags keep popping up out of nowhere. Sometimes the events aren’t even relatable to the story anymore. Let me give you an example from the story itself; and You will see Tohru living in a tent at the beginning of the series because she doesn’t want to ‘bother’ anyone [seriously, it makes no sense].
  4. On the other hand, she has many people who care about her, yet they never check upon her well being. I don’t understand why the rest of her relatives hire a detective to find out her whereabouts instead of simply asking her.
Fruits Basket Anime

Finally, I’d like to say that in terms of storyline, Fruit basket has a really stretched out storyline with irrelevant events, and maybe this is the reason fruit basket has been a 13 episodes series and not a 26 one.

The problem is not just with its slow pace but also that it makes you feel sleepy sometimes. I didn’t expect it to have another season, and now there’ll be a 3rd and final season to it as well.


Fruits Basket Anime characters can be taken as an example of a shoujo genre anime that went wrong. The character personalities are cliche, predictable, and pretty much one-dimensional. The interactions and emotions feel very much forced. They exist for no apparent reason and has no impact on the viewer.


Tohru is the female protagonist who has been through many hardships, which was evident from the startup story. Logically, she’s supposed to be pessimistic for someone who has been through such difficult times, and yet we see Tohru socializing and giggling around like nothing ever happened to her life.

There’s a thin line between being inhumanly selfless and being ridiculously dumb, and Tohru is both of them. She doesn’t even seem to have any aim and aspirations in her life, and the question, is she even weak or not? She’s too much parallel with reality.

Sohma members+ Tohru’s friends:

Except for the two cute boys in the house, I feel like the rest of the Sohma family members and Tohru’s friends were created so they would make the anime entertaining and ongoing and, yet they all share the same characteristics.

Most of their past is dark and simple with the anchor around Tohru. There’s nothing anything more interesting about them, but due to countless repetitive unfunny gags, In the end, I felt bored instead of feeling entertained.

Art and sound

Fruits Basket Anime art and sound aren’t exceptional, but they’re not bad. They do successfully add up the sweet and pink impression the show tries to leave. There seems to be effort put into backgrounds and the big round eyes. The background work of Dr. Stone is also good, but Horimiya does it better than Fruits Basket Anime in terms of art.

Fruits Basket Anime

The voice actors manage to capture the characters’ personalities, and they portray really well, especially during monologues or conflicts. The OP and ED were too slow, so I ended up skipping them. The background music also didn’t really stand out – but I won’t say I hate it. It was pretty decent.


For me, the fruit basket wasn’t an enjoyable experience; it might be for you if you’re a fan of slow-paced, warmth and fuzzy feelings inducing series that stretch too much and seem to have no development.

The whole anime is like a mixture of randomly thrown characters trying to act dramatic and special (As I said, forcefully presented). They were predictable, boring, and irrelevant. Also, the mood changes are pretty common, which sometimes makes no sense.

Final words

Fruits Basket Anime had a good start, and the numerous cast of characters were entertaining to some extent, but it failed to get past the “My days are gloomy! Let’s bring Tohru she will turn it into all nice and pink” stage. Fruit Basket Anime is not a great series whatsoever, but most girls seem to like it; hence, there have been 2 seasons.

The viewer practically loses interest because there is no plot or character development whatsoever, nothing explained, nothing major accomplished. Let’s take Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo; this anime has no plot, yet it’s entertaining, but Fruits basket is nowhere near the level of Saiki Kusuo. Therefore, it’s a mediocre series with nothing special for the viewers.

I’ll rate it 2.5/5 stars.

FAQs on Fruits Basket Anime

1. Is fruit basket anime sad?

According to CBR news, they claim that the scenes bring tears to the viewers, but I think it depends; the series is very childish and good for children. It did have emotional scenes but wasn’t enough to make me or my friends cry.

What episode does Kyo kiss Tohru?

If you like to read manga then skip to chapter 129 to see them kissing and speaking of anime, the kissing scene will take place in season 3 (finale).

Is Tohru Honda a zodiac?

No, only the Sohma clan members are part of the zodiac.

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