12 Best Android Video Editor Apps in 2022

12 Best Android Video Editor Apps in 2022

Creators are everywhere nowadays. Social media is taking over the traditional way of doing business and marketing strategies. 

However, to still compete with other vloggers and video makers, some basic requirements matter a lot, like – editing, sound, graphics, etc. If you really care for your efforts and want to make outstanding videos, considering these elements is vital.

To help you out with these issues, we have enlisted the 12 best Android video editor apps.

Along with the features, we have also included basic frequently asked questions at the end so you do not have to search for them individually.

Moving on to the list of the best android video editor apps.

12 Best Android Video Editor Apps in 2022

1. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is the number one Android video editor app that lets users create videos, edit, review, and share them on their social media handles.

Google play has recognized PowerDirector as one of the best apps. It is also featured as an editor’s choice app on Google Play. And carries 70 million users worldwide.

What makes PowerDirector the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Lets you create and edit videos up to 4k resolution
  2. The speed adjustment feature enables users to produce fast-forward or slow-motion videos
  3. Fix shaky cam footage with a video stabilizer
  4. Lets users edit video background with green screen editor using chroma key
  5. Effect and transition features in the video makes them look fantastic
  6. More than 400 templates and effects are available for free
  7. Combine photos and video in one clip using a photo video editor.

Download PowerDirector

2. FilmoraGo

One of the best things about FilmoraGo is it doesn’t restrict you with its watermark. The user is free to export the edited video without the watermark of FilmoraGo.

Also, this android video editor app lets the user create funny and astonishing videos, create memories, add music, effects and so much more at a time.

What makes FilmoraGo the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. FilmoraGo doesn’t stamp a watermark or time limit on your videos
  2. Easily share your creation with friends on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc
  3. Pick a Theme, add your favorite Music, Filters, Titles, and even Transitions
  4. Instantly share from the android app to social media apps
  5. Import photos and video clips from the gallery
  6. Enjoy features like – speed adjustment, add effects and transitions, add music and voice-over, add clips, and pictures and take your video to next level with amazing motion graphics.

Download FilmoraGo

3. VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow lets the user create videos, and short movies and beautify them with add-ons like – VFX, animation, filters, transitions, GIFs, effects, etc.

Using the VideoShow android app, users can engage with their audiences with live dubbing in a creative and personalized way. This also gives them opportunities to record their precious moments and share them instantly with friends and family.

What makes VideoShow the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. The VideoShow editor app is for both film directors and beginners
  2. Export HD videos without losing the quality of the video
  3. VIP feature removes the watermark from your video and puts no add during the process
  4. Over 50 elaborate themes are available to create an awesome music video/slideshow/vlog/funny videos instantly.
  5. Access to hundreds of free music to add to your videos
  6. With GIF making, make your own funny GIFs with pictures from your album, and make video leap

Download VideoShow

4. Alive – Movie Maker for YouTube and Instagram

Alive is a free video editor app. It lets you create short videos for everyday life. A user can record daily life videos to store as memory and show his creativity to friends and family.

The Alive video editor app’s features make videos look interesting and fun. Using this android video editor app, users can turn their recording creativity into amazing video editing skills. 

What makes Alive the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Capture and edit anytime, anywhere you want
  2. Slide to edit, add effects and share instantly with a tap
  3. Show your creativity to the world
  4. Seamless connections, place videos anywhere you wish
  5. Make your videos interesting and fun with video editing effects
  6. Free timeline editing, cut anywhere you want

Download Alive

5. Funimate


Funimate is another best app on the list of android video editor apps. Users use this app for creating music videos and recording their favorite times.

Moreover, it allows users to create lip-syncing videos, slow motion videos, editing, etc. Using this android video editor app you will have the best time of your life.

What makes Funimate the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Create musical, slow motion, lip-syncing videos
  2. Get featured on TikTok for making creative musical videos
  3. Funimate instantly transforms an everyday moment into creative and cool videos
  4. Easily share all your creative videos to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc
  5. Merge videos, cut and trim them
  6. Add effects and texts to your videos
  7. Enjoy features like – making video loops, music video community, adding emojis, and stickers, and sharing everyday moments with others. 

Download Funimate

6. KineMaster

KineMaster Android video editor app is used by creators professionally. It enables users to take advantage of its amazing features. These features leave an ever-lasting impression on the audience of the user. 

Moreover, KineMaster edited videos are all over YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and all popular video sites. 

What makes KineMaster the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Add multiple video layers for a great creation
  2. Change the background of the video using Chroma Key
  3. Add music, effects, and transition to your videos
  4. You can reverse your videos for putting an impression on your audience
  5. Take advantage of the speed control feature for time-lapse and slow-motion videos
  6. Edit, trim, crop, and reverse your videos
  7. Add voice-overs, voice changers, and enhanced effects in your videos

Download KineMaster

7. ActionDirector Video Editor

ActionDirector lets the user create movie-like videos with movie effects. Using a movie editing guide, users can help themselves create videos. This also gives them the opportunity to showcase their creative skills to the world and learn movie effects through the Android video editor app.

The other best thing about ActionDirector is it lets the user create HD 4k videos on Android Phones and desktops. Using this android video editor app, you can reach to great audience and make an impression on them.

What makes ActionDirector the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Record videos using music from your Android Phone
  2. Edit color, brightness, and effects in the video
  3. Make your projects come to life with enhanced editing effects
  4. Add text, titles, and subtitles with shadow and border
  5. Add stickers to your video
  6. Focus on the important shots with cut and trim features
  7. Add and mix music in your videos

Download ActionDirector

8. Vlogit


Vlog it is another best video editor app on the list. It is an easy-to-use android video editor app that lets the user create and share videos with ease. In this android video editor app, the instant YouTube thumbnail creating feature is even easier and the best thing about it. That is why it is used by a number of users everywhere.

What makes Vlogit the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Use stickers, customizable lines, and openers in your video
  2. Create YouTube thumbnails for creating the cover page of your video
  3. Export the video in 1080 quality
  4. Use the app for free without putting the watermark in the video
  5. Import already shot a video for editing and extra add ups
  6. Crop, trim and preview your videos
  7. Lets you import photos and videos from your social media handles as well

Download Vlogit

9. InShot


InShot video editor is an editing tool for an Android phone which enables a user to create videos instantly with ease. It provides users with all the features to use it in their videos such as – trim, cut, effects, transitions, etc.

Using InShot android video editor, users can add music to their videos and share them right away. It has made it easier for users to showcase their creativity to the world. And lets them record their precious daily life moments with a tap.

What makes InShot the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Lets the user split videos into two parts
  2. The multi-split video feature lets you split the video into multiple clips
  3. Get advantage of different layouts and amazing filters
  4. Add free InShot music or add from your library into your videos
  5. Give your videos instant effects and transitions
  6. Record your precious daily life moments on your android phone

Download InShot

10. VideoEditor


VideoEditor android editor app has all the features including trim, crop, cut, reverse, slow motion, etc. With a tap, you can import images and clip from your gallery into the app and start editing. And it’s absolutely free of charge. 

Also, the best thing about the app is it allows users to export videos without a watermark.

What makes VideoEditor the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Add text to your videos using the text feature
  2. Add image on image and put free backgrounds from the app gallery
  3. Video reverse and video playback let you create funny versions of original videos
  4. Add animations, transitions, and effects to your videos
  5. With zoom in and out feature, focus on the important part of the videos
  6. Merge multiple clips in one clip and add music

Download Videoeditor

11. VivaVideo

VivaVideo has always been special to users. I myself have used VivaVideo for its features. And that is what makes it the best in the android video editor apps list.

This android video editor app lets the user select from its themes and start editing. The users are enabled to import clips, pictures, and videos into the app. With the VivaVideo app, a slideshow of images becomes easier and great in look. And is awarded as the best video editor app by top bloggers.

What makes VivaVideo the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Make videos with music, song, and text
  2. Use themes from multiple themes to make your videos look interesting
  3. Use graphics and VFX in your videos
  4. Combine clips to make one video
  5. Make backgrounds of pictures in the video blur using the blur background feature
  6. Put text in videos and stylish filters to make it creative
  7. Make TikTok-like videos with music and songs

Download VivaVideo

12. FILMIGO Video Maker

FILMIGO Video Editor is another easy-to-use android editor app. Using this android editor app, one can create engaging slide shows and creative videos to share with the world.

With this android editor app, you can trim, crop, edit, put filters and effects in your videos, and share them instantly with friends and others. Moreover, its features make a fascinating art. 

What makes FILMIGO the best android video editor app?

Here are some interesting features answering the same –

  1. Quickly reverse and rotate your videos
  2. Users can duplicate the videos and cut the unimportant parts from the video
  3. Make use of free themes and filters
  4. Make your videos fun and creative with music and after-effect feature
  5. Export videos in HD 1080 without losing the quality
  6. Easily share your videos with the world

Download FILMIGO

Here we complete the 12 Best Android Video Editor Apps. I hope we were of some help to you. Do check out our other articles on Android Apps by Microsoft and do not forget to follow us on Social Media.

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