10 Best Animated Leadership Videos Everyone Should Watch

From kids to adults, everyone enjoys animated videos, isn’t it? While watching motivational and leadership can be boring sometimes, animated leadership videos can be interesting to watch. They convey excellent lessons about the need for encouragement, cooperation, and leadership development.

These characteristics are necessary for kids, but they also focus on some of the most critical attributes required to be a successful leader and motivate your team towards excellence. So, here are some of the best animated leadership videos that you’ll absolutely love to watch!

List of 10 Best Animated Leadership Videos in 2022

1. The power of quiet leadership – BBC Ideas

To be effective, leaders do not need to be loud and confident. Dr. Jacqueline Baxter of the Open University argues for a more subdued style to manage and lead. With the help of relatable animation, you can witness that being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t lead from the front.

The key to being an admirable leader is to be calm, and collected, make the right decisions at the perfect time, and be a role model for the team to inspire.

2. The Difference Between Boss and Leader – Practical Wisdom

Dogs are very sensible, and this video is another justification for that. This video shows how a leader should be – selfless and all about the welfare of the team. It is a touching story with a lot of key factors for learning, motivating, and inspiring yourself as a leader of the team.

3. Motivation: Leader and Teamwork! Animation Video – ALI Bahumaid

Who knew ants could also help you to learn leadership skills? Try out this incredible animated video where the teamwork and leadership skills will simply amaze you and impart some great skills and development required to be a great leader.

4. Leadership and effective collaboration – JOSE DIEZ

This video has a good blend of different animated animals as well as cute minions to deliver an underlying message – a great leader is all you need for the execution of a perfect plan. If the head of the team is on the wrong side, everything is bound to go in disdain.

5. Leadership: Execution and Teamwork – Ra Su

The next clip is from the movie Madagascar, the scene where the animals had to land the plane perfectly in order to save all the animals from the disaster. The penguin does an excellent job commanding everyone boarded the plane to hold tight and just listen to the precise calls made by it.

6. Inspiration: Leadership – Mail Jeff

One of the best animated leadership videos for novice leaders through the lifestyle of ants. Ants are one of the most sincere insects that strictly go by rules, and their life taught us some of the essential factors that are really useful to the leaders out there for gaining some experience as a leader and how to operate a team perfectly.

7. Leadership: The Butterfly Story – Bluepoint Leadership Development

The Butterfly Story – Animated Leadership Video

Butterflies are undoubtedly one of the finest and most beautiful insects you will ever see. But can you relate and learn something out of it? Yes, you can. The progression of the cocoon to a butterfly is rather a tough job, to overcome the difficulties one has to be strong, diligent, and most importantly – never give up on any sturdy situations.

Their lifestyle and the methodologies for overcoming the difficulties are compared to the skills you can learn as a leader of the team.

8. Cartoon Video on Leadership Characteristics – ASL Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd

This video has all the points you are looking for if you want to be a great leader. The ability to delegate, a good sense of humor, bringing together your team and firing them up for the game all depict and are equivalent to the things you can learn being a leader for reaching unattainable heights through willpower and strategy.

9. The 5 levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell | Animated Book Summary – The Better Men Project

This video discusses John C. Maxwell’s book with easy-to-understand examples and also learning how to become a successful leader through this book. Learning strong leadership skills is vital to succeeding in all areas of your life, whether you want to become a better manager, a better boss, or a better leader to your family or friends.

10. Characteristics of Effective Leaders – Suzanne Leitz

Come to a close with the simple video that reminds you of the characteristics that you should focus on being a responsible and outstanding leader. These subtle points will help you to focus on the basics and dedication that are necessary to be a leader that a respective team can count upon without any heed.

A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them.

M. D. Arnold

Hope these animated leadership videos help you develop leadership qualities today and be a great leader tomorrow.

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