10 Best Motivational Videos for Kids

Kids are vivacious and outgoing, but they are quickly swayed by even the 
tiniest of influences.

As a result, watching movies and videos is an effective way to instill some concepts in them. Motivational videos are usually beneficial and provide that extra push toward attaining your objectives, therefore it’s the best way for them to learn playfully.

Make the most of their online addiction by showing them some of the best motivational videos for kids that are available on YouTube.

List of 10 Best Motivational Videos for Kids

1. Wellbeing For Children: Motivation – ClickView

  • Speaker: Layla.

Do your kids often struggle to get started on a plan? Perhaps they’re having trouble motivating themselves to get things done. This might indicate a lack of drive in your child. Layla discusses the differences between internal and external motivation, the many causes for her lack of drive, and how she may jump-start her motivation by following four easy steps in this video.

2. The Speech That Brought This Entire School To Tears – Motivation2Study 2

Marc Mero does a good job of moving the hearts of everyone in the crowd with awe-inspiring speech and delivery. It is among the most motivating lectures anybody will ever hear. This video might transform your life, drive you emotionally, and also, makes you grateful for everything you have in your life, particularly your mother.

3. You can be a hero too – MotivationUS

This video teaches that you, too, can be a hero; it is not a Herculean task. Helping others, giving out things from your resources, and not being selfish can award you with “Happiness” that you can never buy with money!

4. Powerful Inspirational true story: Never give up! – Connie Lynne

This video has a very clear motive; following your heart to motivate anyone who is feeling down and to motivate them to never give up in any situation. Life has an odd way of picking us up when we’re down. “Don’t Give Up” is a message of hope that we should all promote.

5. Positive Affirmations For Kids: Promote Self Esteem and Confidence – PINK THUMB Pre-K & Kindergarten Learning Channel

When your child is trying to dress himself or waiting their turn, an affirmation like “I can do anything” can just help them keep their composure. Having your youngster rehearse the phrases during a neutral moment when they appear calm and attentive might assist and get the most out of these affirmations.

6. Motivation For The Kids – Edmond Laryea

This brief speech discusses the value of education and the desire to achieve excellence. The goal of this clip is to inspire and motivate children all across the world. Children must believe in themselves and realize that they can achieve greatness if they work hard.

7. A Pep Talk from Kid President to You – SoulPancake

Every now and again, we all need a little nudge in the right direction. Knowing this, Kid President has put up a video that you might watch every morning as you start waking up or share with a buddy who needs a boost. Take a moment to share some positive energy with anybody and everybody.

8. I Hate Studying? Motivational videos for students to study hard – Educational Videos for Students

When Ava’s studying becomes difficult, her tutor, Mr. Childs, visits her to help her realize the significance of learning rather than just studying. This clip provides a fast animated video on leadership for elementary school children to grow in class that serves as a motivating video for students.

9. Wellbeing For Children: Confidence And Self-Esteem – ClickView

  • Speaker: Pablo.

How do you boost your confidence if it’s a notion you’re struggling with. This video follows Pablo as he struggles with his subconscious and confidence in a variety of situations and how he manages to overcome them.

Setting objectives, celebrating differences, persisting, and being constructive are five easy techniques that can help you teach your brain to become more competent.

10. You are a genius: The Motivational Video that Will Literally Change Your Life, Change Your Mindset – Motivation2Study

This video sends an inspirational message that everyone must listen to! Jim Kwik developed ways to drastically increase his mental performance after childhood brain damage left him learning-challenged.

He became a pioneer in speed-reading, rapid learning, and memory enhancement. His story inspired lakhs to be better people themselves too.

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