8 Best Free Android Apps for Your Cats and Cat Owner – (2020)

apps for your cats and cat owners
apps for your cats and cat owners

The little creatures are all occupying our hearts and that stare will always work if your cat wants a fish to play with. Cats are too cute to ignore and need proper care just like a child.

And if you do not want to miss the informative source of providing you with all you need to know for your cutie.

Here is the ultimate countdown to 10 best apps for your cats, especially for android users which will help you to combat the intensity of your cat’s playfulness.

If you are a person who has an inbuilt connection or attraction towards the cat, then these apps are of great help for cat masters. You will find petting a cat as easy as icing on the cake.

The games and aid offered by these android apps for your cat are an appreciable feature and their increasing demand is proof of the high degree of their popularity amongst cats as well as their masters.

8 Best Free Apps for Your Cats – With Features and Download link

Take a good care of your cat is essential and this video will ease it.


  • Cat Playground is a paid application that lets your pet have a ton of fun time playing cat games made extraordinarily for her.
  • It is a game about pursuing a mouse, a fish, or a laser pointer. She will gain points each time she gets some of them. With Cat Playground you can keep your cat companion engaged.
  • You should simply turn it on and the second she will hear the music she will come hurrying to have an entire stretch of a fun time.


Apps for your cat: app preface
  • Pocket Pond 2 is madly sensible and lovely for cats! A large number of various Koi are swimming over your android like in a lake. With Pocket Pond 2 you can raise, breed, sell and brighten your own lake.
  • And, your cat will be eager to play with it, as well! This application is structured in a manner that makes it look more realistic and charms the cats more than that of real, bland Koi.

3.  11 PETS

apps for your cat
  • 11pets is a modified pet consideration application, intended to help people with pets. Take the ideal care of your cat, while keeping significant records, and conversing with pet experts.
  • Get the latest updates on your pet’s care, from their significant arrangements to their ordinary needs.
  • All that you have to store about your cat, history of arrangements, items for use, and medications, you get everything stored in an application.


apps for your cat
  • Chewy has all that you require for your pet at cheap costs. Browse as many brands as you wish, including Blue Buffalo, Nutrition, and Tidy Cats – all from your home.
  • The pet specialists assist you in finding the ideal things for your pet. Looking for your pet has never been simpler before this rundown of apps for your cat.
  • Chewy endeavor to convey the best items with the best help – and getting better with time for consumer loyalty.


apps for your cat
  • Watch your pet with live HD video, night vision, and advanced zoom. Get full room inclusion with a wide view.
  • Play around with your cat with one of these apps for your cat. The laser toy is excessively smooth. Set to autoplay mode to keep pets connected when you’re occupied.
  • Activated by sound and movement location, Petcube Care catches your pet’s activities. Watch pets live and play laser games with love.


  • Deal with your hairy relative. The Red Cross Pet First Aid application places veterinary guidance on a regular basis in the palm of your hand.
  • With recordings, intelligent tests, and authentic guidance you will aace Pet First Aid.
  • It gives you numbers to search for regarding what’s up with your pet.


  • Friskies JitterBug is a free game application for Android which lets your android streak pictures of beautiful bugs to tempt your pet’s interest.
  • Set your android on the bed and let the application make through, it will pull in your cat to play with it by loading up the screen with the delicious bugs and engage her for some time.
  • You will have a 15-second timer to set the bugs, you may pick what number of sorts of bugs you need to show up. To leave the game you just need to shake your gadget and come back to the home screen.


  • ‘Cat ALONE 2’ is a continuation of the toy application ‘Cat ALONE’ with 6 exceptional stages. Simply leave her with your cell phone running this application and make the most of your extra time.
  • The fine art and thoughts behind these cat games in apps for your cat are magnificent! This is the best feline toy application in the market.
  • It essentially gets right to that piece of the mind of cats that fantasizes about chasing and executing things.


  • Breath life into photographs of your pet. Send it as a video on Facebook or welcome your loved ones with cute pictures of her.
  • My Talking Pet offers auto-restoring month to month and yearly memberships to ‘My Talking Pet Pro’. It has no watermark on recordings and has amazingly cute filters.
  • Membership naturally recharges except if auto-reestablish is off in any event 24-hours before the finish of the present time frame.


  • Train your cat to come at the sound of a whistle! With the help of one its kind apps for your cat, you’ll have your cat returning home from outside in a matter of seconds!
  • The sound of the whistle will convey a lot farther than your voice so no all the more yelling to have your feline returned inside.
  • It has additionally included a soundboard of fun whistles to play with your feline.

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