Best Printing Apps for Android in 2021

best printing apps for android

best printing apps for android

Your search for best printing apps for android ends here.
Why connect your phone to computer then print, when you can directly print using your Android device and printer from any brand.

The generation is almost a phone addict. Most of the work that PC used to do, phones are capable of doing it. So, nobody wants to waste their time in shifting from phone to PC and PC to phone, again and again.

As the phones were made advanced, some printers were made smart too. The phones can generate a print through an app that supports all printers. However, there are few printers which requires specific apps for the phone to generate prints, it is still surprising to know that a phone can do the almost work of PC now.

We have sorted you with the best printing apps for android – categorized as the common ones, and the specific one recommended by the printing companies.

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In every app, you will find features and related images and videos to make it easier for you to select directly from here without visiting each site separately. All you have to do is to pick that suits your need and device and download using given download link directed to play store. Here they are:

9 Best Printing Apps for Android

1. PrinterShare Mobile Print

Print From Phone
Print From Android
Print Sample from Android


PrinterShare supports almost all printers. On installing the PrinterShare app, the users can generate prints through their mobile phones. No matter where the images or documents are located. They might be from a folder, or contacts, or gallery, doesn’t matter. This app allows the user to print the images or documents directly from the phone.

However, the certain features from this app may be from premium mode. In this case, the user will be required to buy purchase the premium app.

Here’s why you should consider installing PrintShare –

  • Print with direct USB OTG connected Printers
  • Print on windows shared (SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers
  • Users can print via google cloud print (including save as PDF)
  • Also, print 20 pages in the remote mode with the internet
  • Print images and photos (JPG, PNG, GIF)
  • Print from Gmail
  • Allows printing from contacts, attachments, agenda, web pages, etc.

Premium features –
• Unlimited nearby printing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without a PC
• Unlimited remote printing.
• The receiver doesn’t require buying pages or subscribe.

Download Printershare

2. Google Cloud Print

This app allows users to print documents directly from google cloud print. Without installing a specific device driver, the user can just transmit the documents to google cloud. This makes the printing work easier for the user. 

The best thing is, it is compatible with Windows and Android both. As documents are transmitted to Google, it doesn’t create or maintain printing subsystems for all hardware combinations of client devices and printers.

Here are some reasons why do we recommend Google Cloud Print –

  • Print from any compatible Android device that connects Google Cloud Print to printer
  • Share images and documents from Android device to Cloud Print
  • Stay updated with printing status
  • Process printer invitations
  • Find and register new cloud ready printers on the local network

Download Google Cloud Print

3. NokoPrint

NokoPrint is another recommended app in the list. The user can print documents, web pages, images, etc without downloading additional apps.

However, NokoPrint app is limited to Inkjet and Laser printers. The user can print directly from Android phone or tablet to almost any Inkjet or Laser printer. And the best thing is, user can print anytime anywhere on any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB printer.

Let’s see why should you make use of NokoPrint for Mobile Printing –

  • Print photos and images (JPG, PNG, GIF) 
  • Print Microsoft Office word, PowerPoint and Excel files
  • Users can Print PDF documents directly from Android or Tablet
  • Print saved files, from Google Drive and email attachments (PDF, DOC, XSL, PPT, TXT)
  • Integration with other apps via Print, Share menus
  • Print on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-OTG connected printers
Noko print
print preview
printing steps
printing process
printing process


Download NokoPrint

4. Mopria Print Service

Annotation 2020-02-03 111413
Mopria print service


Mopria Service Printing was designed in collaboration with certain printing companies to make printing easier worldwide. This Printing Service enables user to Print from any tablet or Android device using Mopria certified printers and multi-function printers. 

These printers include – Brothers, Canon,  DEVELOP, Epson, Fuji Xerox, Gestetner, HP, Infotec, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier, Lenovo, Lexmark, NEC, NRG, Pantum, RICOH, Samsung, Savin, Sharp, TA Triumph Adler-UTAX, Toshiba and Xerox. 

Below are the reasons for why you should use Mopria Print Service –

  • Easily print photos, web pages and documents when your mobile device is connected to a Mopria® certified printer using Wi-Fi or a wireless network
  • Print using share feature from any of your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Mopria Print Service enables users to control print service such as color, page size, media type, etc 
  • Print images, documents and PDF files using Mopria Print Service 

Download Mopria Print Service

5. Print From Anywhere

Print From Anywhere is the next best printing app for Android that enables users to print directly from Android devices.

However, Print From Anywhere requires users to create a Google Cloud Print account. Google cloud print is a new technology through which users can connect printers to the web. In case the user doesn’t hold a Google Cloud Print account, the App also provides steps for adding the printer. 

There are five reasons why Print From Anywhere is used by so many users –

  • Easily print documents from Android devices
  • Use Google Cloud Print account to connect with web pages
  • Transmit files to Google Cloud Print. Add your Printer. And click on the files you want to print
  • Google Cloud Print supports Android, Tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other device connected to Internet from which you want to print
  • The best reason is, Print From Anywhere is a free Application to print documents anytime, anywhere 

Download Print From Anywhere

6. Samsung Print Service Plugin

print service


Samsung Print Service is a wireless printing system tool. This app too integrates Mopria Certified Printers. These printing companies collaborated to make printing work easier. Using Mopria Certified Printers, users can easily print files from their Android phones.  

The Samsung phone holders do not require installing Samsung Print Service Plugin, as it comes in built. However, an Android user needs to install the plugin to start easy mobile printing process. 

Let’s see what makes Samsung Print Service Plugin a better mobile Printing tool

  • Lets user share files from a Samsung or an Android device to the printer
  • The user can Print documents for free
  • Print PDF files, images, web pages, documents, etc
  • Samsung’s users doesn’t require installing Samsung Print Service Plugin
  • Android users with the KitKat version 4.4 can easily share files and documents to Printer for printing

Download Samsung Print Service Plugin

7. HP Smart

hp smart
mobile print
printing app
hp print


HP smart basically connects with HP Printers. However, it also supports other Printers, but HP Printer would work better.

The users can print files as well as enhance them using filters. HP smart enables users to copy and scan the files. And later on can share the print files to friends, co-workers or cloud.  

Here are the reasons why do we recommend HP Smart

  • Set up and manage HP Printer directly from HP Smart
  • Check printer status and print on the go 
  • Edit and enhance pictures using filters, crop settings, and adjustments like – brightness, contrast, etc
  • Users can scan files using Android device camera, edit, preview, and save to their cloud account
  • Print, copy, scan and share directly from device to friends, co-workers or cloud

Download HP Smart

8. Canon Print Service

canon print
canon print service
mobile print


Canon Printing Service allows users to directly Print from menus in Applications. So the Android phone that supports mobile printing subsystem, already has a printing option in photo’s and file’s menus.

The users can print from Android devices and Tablets using Canon Printers connected to wireless network. And are also given other printing features all at the cost 0/-

Here are the reasons why do we recommend Canon Print Service

  • Allows users to switch between color print and black-white print
  • Double side printing can be done using Canon Print Service
  • Users can enjoy borderless Printing 
  • Allows user to control printing settings
  • Can print PDF files, documents, images, etc
  • Users can also use features like – setting paper types, stapling pages, secure printing, etc

Download Canon Print Service

9. Brother iPrint&Scan

brother print
android printing
brother iprint
iprint andservice
brother printer


Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app for mobile printing. This free app lets user scan and print files from Android devices to Brother printers.

However, wireless network needs to be connected to print from devices to printers. Also, Brother iPrint&Scan can be used better using Brother Printers. But, also supports other local printers for mobile printing process. 

Here are the reasons why do we recommend Brother iPrint&Scan

  • Brother iPrint&Scan enables users to print their favorite photos, web pages, emails (Gmail only) and documents (PDF, Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Text).
  • Print documents and photos directly from the following cloud services: Dropbox TM, OneDrive, Evernote®.
  • Users can scan directly from the android device
  • Automatically search for supported devices
  •  Use a local wireless network
  • Print from anywhere using remote printing
  • However, memory card is needed for printing and scanning
  • Users can also use NFC function, if both your device and machine supports NFC

Download Brother iPrint&Scan

These were the best printing apps for Android, I am sure it will save you a lot of time printing your important documents and photos. Please share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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