5 Best Yuri Anime which are Irresistible and Fascinating for Viewers!

Yuri has been well celebrated throughout the anime world. The LGBTQ essence and girls having affection for other girls are quite extraordinarily portrayed on screen with utmost love. Some of the best Yuri anime are really doing well among the otaku for a long. Have you experienced any?

Considering the excellent response that the audience delivers, it is extreme advice for you to go through these best Yuri anime. Some of the loveliest and sweetest essences is for all of us to revive.

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1. Riddle Story of Devil

The Riddle Story of Devil anime has a lot of assassination at the center. The entire class is of girls and that is what makes it the best Yuri anime. The storyline is set within the private academy of girls. The Riddle Story of Devil is created by Yun Koga.

The class of assassins looks forward to a target, the only one that concerns them. The target is Haru Ichinose who is supposed to get killed. There are eleven assassins and a new girl who joins the academy. She starts to act on a different road and decides to protect the target. The biggest issue for the assassins remains that the target is nearly impossible to kill.

This is one of the best Yuri anime in its character portrayal. With each episode, the focus shifts from one character to another. Each character of the Riddle Story of Devil anime is vitalized from one episode to another. The flaw of it however remains in the way the representation is done. Although that merely affects the quality it has to date is one of the best Yuri anime. This Yuri anime is streaming right now on Anime-Planet.

2. Sakura Trick

The Sakura Trick anime develops the romance between Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda. This certainly sidelines a trail where the casual talks of High School friends around goes too. This is one of the best Yuri anime in terms of its popularity and profit. The director of Sakura Trick is Kenichi Ishikura.

Sakura Trick best Yuri anime
Sakura Trick

The production studio Deen is always responsible for some quality animation. The quality enterprises the warmth and welcoming screenplay along with the character sketches. This being the best Yuri anime has plenty of reasons behind it. It has a very vibrant color scheme along with a great background. The Sakura Trick is really impressive with a sense of humor. It guarantees your laughter by the playful nature that it associates itself along.

Considering it is the best Yuri anime, it had a lot to give the viewers through the characters which were built finely. The supporting characters too had significance in all the episodes. The Sakura Trick was first released in 2014. Sakura Trick can be watched only on Crunchyroll.

3. Bloom into You

Bloom into you is produced by TROYCA production studio. It was developed to being the best Yuri anime series in the fall of 2018 anime season. This was directed by Makoto Kato.

The story of Bloom into You narrates the experience of a young High School girl who falls in love for the very first time. She certainly finds herself numb when gets confessed by her classmate upon love. This drastic situation modifies her personality. Later in her higher school year, she gets inspired by Touka and realizes how she can respectfully throw rejection towards the significant other.

Thus the best Yuri anime tackles a different tone of love in a subtle way. It was always with her that she did not feel anything when got confessed to. Finally one day she met Yuu. And every emotion of her flourished around. She was able to feel all that was missing in her life and here the reason to watch this best Yuri anime begins. Bloom into You is a wonderful Yuri anime that you can watch on Anime-Planet.

4. Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri Best Yuri Anime
Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri is quite a name I see for you to deduct what this anime centers at. It is really essential for you to note why it is considered to be the best Yuri anime for you. It tells you a very youthful story based on the innocence of a couple of kids in their school. This Yuru Yuri anime is directed by Masahito Ohta.

Akari is the protagonist who joins her middle school year and finds her friends around. She gets joined by her childhood companies too there. Being one of the best Yuri anime, this soulful portrayal certainly makes you feel very special about their concept of affection towards each other.

The main essence of the Yuru Yuri anime series is adorable. This is really all about the cutest girls doing what is in their minds. There is a triangular affection within the characters and it flourishes. The show rightfully and overwhelmingly showcases Yuri’s essence of love. The main protagonist girl having her lover for the other and the third one then comes in. This Yuri anime has the absolute friendly innocence to make you blush. Yuru Yuri is available now on Anime-Planet and Crunchyroll.

5. Citrus

Citrus has an unidentical tone towards the Yuri genre. This best Yurianime delivers drama along with a bold approach towards sequences where the sub-genre becomes excelsior. The Citrus anime was released in the winter of 2018, produced by the Passione studio.

The family complexity of Yuri brings her to a new school. This opportunity makes her excited but only to get disappointed in the end. She gets admission to an all-girls school where everything is strict around with all disciplined students without fun. She gets disappointed and her day gets exhausted with all courses of negativity around for her tone of personality.

This anime is facing a high rating and thus definitely falls under the best Yuri anime. Watch the Citrus anime on Anime-Planet.

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FAQs on Irresistibly Best Yuri Anime

1. What are some Yuri anime that are famous right now?

Citrus is one of the famous anime right now in the Yuri sub-genre. This has depth in the plot and offers more to you than just cute girls. You can definitely try some other Yuri anime like Yuru Yuri.

2. As a fresher which Yuri anime should I start watching?

Being a fresher to this sub-genre, you can start watching the anime Bloom into You as a starter pack. This gives you an innocent view of the way things act in it.