Castlevania Anime: With Successful 3 Seasons, Season 4 around the Corner!

Castlevania anime brings to you the gallon of horror and action that cajoles the best viewers of anime. It is another tale of adventure that endeavors a dark thrill within the audience while telling the story of vengeance wrapped in blood and terror. War is called upon by Dracula when his wife is burned in a heinous way. Hence, the vengeance falls into place where the opposition also prepares to defend the power. 

It is developed from the concept of a game called Castlevania III. The Castlevania anime is developed by Adi Shankar and written by Warren EllisFrederator Studios has produced the series from season 1 to 4. Let us take a thorough ride of the choking horror and action that Castlevania anime brings to all of us. (1)

Castlevania Anime: Why is it so Popular?

One of the difficult tasks in adaptation lies in developing an anime series from a game or a movie which must remain equally compelling in the timeline. The story dates back to the creation of humans, Draculas, and other Vampires.

Mathias, also known as Dracula was away on a mission and in the meantime, his wife dies. He goes mad on hearing that and on the verge of revenge; he demands to defy God to let it happen. Also, he decides to live as a Vampire and seek vengeance.

On the other side, Leon Belmont awakens and he gets the powerful weapon to kill vampires but he gets too late as beforehand Dracula becomes more powerful.

Now, the war is called and you get to see this grand action and adventure amidst the fight and hunt that goes on and carries the show forward. Leon’s companion in this hunt becomes Trevor from the same Belmont clan.

Castlevania Anime
Castlevania Season 4 around the corner.

Will Castlevania Season 4 Release Soon?

Castlevania Season 3 was last released in the year 2020 and had aired its last episode on 5th March. All the seasons are available on Netflix and it is rated one of the best in the horror category at present.

The release of its net season is not confirmed by any official but on different anime debatable platforms and social media, the release of Castlevania Season 4 will be in the summer of 2021. Although this information cannot be relied upon completely there are fair chances on its release.

Castlevania Anime Audience Review

Castlevania anime is satisfying to the audience and hence it has received a great rating of 4.7 stars globally. This English series is beautifully voice and the animation stands out. The characters take away the show as the Belmont clan’s last member is uplifted in the show against the war called by Dracula.

The gaming series was developed into this anime series that was licensed by Netflix since 2017 when the first season had released. It is since then that the popularity is peaking the sky. IMDb has given it an 8.2 rating with an utmost high ranking.

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FAQs on Castlevania Anime and the Upcoming Castlevania Season 4

1. Who is the protagonist in Castlevania anime?

The story of revenge admits gradually that Trevor Belmont is the main character in the anime series who tries to defend against Lord Dracula. Dracula is so determined to take down everyone who was involved in the process that led to the demise of his wife Lisa.

2. Is Dracula actually Belmont?

No, the real name of Lord Evil, Dracula, is Mathias Cronqvist. He was never a Belmont by origin but he had known the actual Belmont who had answered him. It was the series of actions that led Dracula to call war against them but there was no other tale of cruelty between the clans.