Berserk Anime: Is it Good & Worth Watching?

Berserk was previously made in the early years and this is the newest version of the anime that has started since 2016. The dramatic adventure of Guts fighting against his curse and leading towards revenge is a fantastic journey that recently people have noticed. Berserk anime has horror, terror, action, and twists tucked into the thread of fantasy.

This is the second time that Berserk anime is adapted to a television show after 1997 from the manga having the same name. It is written by Takashi Yamashita and Makoto Fukami, and the anime adaptation was directed by Shin Itagaki. The anime is fairly enterprises concepts of the video game too.

Berserk Anime: Do You Know The Actual Plot Twist?

Berserk manga is considered to be one of the greatest. People surely have some cryptic things to say when it comes to the series adaptations. The three movies on Berserk anime have been acknowledged more on the other side.

If you have already read the manga then it’s a disclaimer for you that you may not enjoy the Berserk anime series to the same level. The story proceeds with the protagonist Guts being born from his mother’s corpse and then getting adopted by women from the mercenaries. Soon after that, the woman dies, and then comes the terror for Guts. Guts are called the cursed child and resentment is held all around.

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He grows and becomes a powerful fighter who is quite careless at times. At this point arrives the second most important character, Griffith, who starts the tale of anger for Guts. In the way, Griffith betrays Guts for achieving powers merely for the self.

Guts seeks vengeance against him and also fights back to end the curse upon him and his beloved Casca. As he was the black swordsman, he was accompanied by the Elf Puck and his sword, the Dragonslayer.

Berserk Anime
The horrific vengeance of Guts.

Is Berserk Anime Season 3 Releasing or Not?

Berserk, the second version of the anime was first released in 2016 and then season 2 came along in the year after. It is the expectation that is overflowing for the release of Season 3. There are diverse comments on the fact that the adaptation could have been far better and some simply deny this and say that it is quite entertaining. But, as of now, Berserk anime is on the positive side of the river and the audience wants its third season to release soon.

There are no updates as of now as to when exactly the release date will be disclosed. Websites like Reddit and other anime fan bases also query on the fact that Berserk Season 3 will release sometime in 2021. In the year 2020, it was said that Berserk Season 3 was almost there but we all know what the world situation fell upon.

Remarks on Berserk Anime and Production

The IMDb rating for this Berserk anime 2016 version is quite low being 6.8. Different opinions have been summarised upon this anime series but the present ranking remains quite impressive as Netflix is streaming all the released seasons now.

This show was produced by Liden Films along with GEMBA and Millepensee as per the animation is concerned. Overall you can definitely give it a watch and definitely decide for your own good.

FAQs on Berserk Anime and its Season 3

1. Who is the swordsman in the Berserk anime?

Guts, the protagonist of the anime series is called the Black Swordsman and he is known to be a powerful character. It is his story that the anime basically narrates against his nemesis Griffith who was once on his side.

2. Berserk Season 3 is canceled or not?

No, Berserk Season 3 is not canceled as per major rumors and relied on sources but no release date has been finalized as of now. You may definitely look for any further information here at our door that we will deliver to you beforehand.