25 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Engagement ring is a symbol of trust, love, and faith. An engagement ring says a lot about someone because it signifies one’s position in society and wealth. Engagement rings are the first step towards marriage and are what binds you to the person you love before vows and weddings come into place.

So, it seems quite understandable as to why many are fascinated by those diamond rings and adore them. If you’re obsessed with engagement rings too then this article is going to be worth your time.

Here are the 25 most expensive engagement rings!

1) Pink Star Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

It is supposed to be the most expensive ring in the universe. The pink diamond was discovered in 1999 in South Africa and has approximately 132.5 carats. This Pink diamond was bought and cut by Steinmetz Diamonds. It took him 20 months to give this diamond the luster and cut that made it stand out. This diamond has witnessed quite a few lives and has been a part of many auctions. The chairman of Chow Thi Fook purchased this stone for $83 million and gave it a new name CTF Pink Star in honor of his late father.

2) Graff Pink Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

It was the most expensive diamond ring till 2017. It was first owned by Harry Winston and was later purchased by Laurence Graff who purchased it for $46.16 million. He re-cut the diamond to give it a more vibrant and flawless look. The diamond was then renamed The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond and has been passed down royal hands many times.

3) The Cullinan Dream

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This is another expensive ring that was discovered in the Cullinan mine of South Africa. It is a 2418-carat rectangular mixed-cut stone. It is the largest blue diamond ring to have ever been auctioned. This auction took place at Christie’s New York in the year 2016 and was sold for $25.4 million. This Cullinan Dream ring will unfortunately be just a dream for many.

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4) Orange Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

It is one of the most expensive colored diamonds to have ever been sold at an auction with a weight of 14.82 carats. This orange diamond ring was purchased for $35.4 million in November 2013.

5) Sweet Josephine Pink Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This pink diamond was the most expensive diamond sold in 2015. It is a pear-shaped diamond, pink in color with a weight of 16.08 carats. Joseph Lau, a Hong Kong billionaire purchased this ring for $28.5 million and named it Sweet Josephine Pink Diamond after his 7-year-old daughter. It is one of the three fancy pink diamonds that are above 10-carats that have been sold to date.

6) 101 Diamond

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This jewel is known for its flawless color grade, finish, and astounding clarity. It was sold at an auction in Christie’s Auction house in Geneva for $26.7 million and weighs over 101.73-carats.

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7) Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This is an extraordinary oval-shaped blue diamond ring, weighing 9 carats mounted on white gold along with clear diamonds on the side. It was manufactured by the Chopard company and is one of the most exotic rings valued at $16.26 million.

8) Dream Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Currently known as The Graff Vivid Yellow Ring is now a 100.09-carat ring that was earlier 190.72-carats. This gem grabbed the attention of Laurence Graff also known as the King of Diamonds when he first set his eyes on it. The unusual color and resemblance of the golden sun grabbed the attention of many and was then recognized as the Dream diamond.

Later Nino Bianco transformed it to its current shape. What makes this ring extraordinary is its size and color. Its rare characteristics are the reasons why this ring was able to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva for $16.3 million.

9) Mariah Carey’s Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The legendary American singer late Mariah Carey’s ring is the most expensive ring among all celebrities to date and is also one of the world’s most expensive rings. It was the ring used to propose to her by James Packer and is a 35-carat diamond mounted on a gold band and is worth $10 million. She was so fond of the jewel that she wore it post-breakup for over a year. It was later sold for just $2 million by her business manager after Mariah’s engagement broke off.

10) Bvlgari Blue Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Once upon a time, this ring was considered the world’s most expensive engagement ring. It’s a 5.4-carat blue diamond ring worth $9.5 million that was earlier purchased by Graff diamonds at an auction in Bonham’s Fine Jewelry, London. Diamonds are rare but blue diamonds are rarer. Only 1% of the diamonds mined are blue which is why these types of rings are so expensive.

11) Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Also known as Krupp Diamond was earlier owned by Vera Krupp, the second wife of Alfried Krupp. This 68-carat diamond ring is an Asscher cut, D color, Type IIa diamond that was auctioned off after her demise to Richard Burton for $307,000, who gifted it to his wife Elizabeth Taylor on their yacht called Kalizma. She wore it in many films and occasions where she felt was worthy. She even considered it as her most prized possession. After she died in 2011 it was renamed The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond which was then purchased by a South Koren conglomerate for $8 million.

12) Kim Kardashian’s Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This was Kim’s first engagement ring and is a stunning 15-carat ring set on a platinum band that Kanye West proposed to her with. It’s a masterpiece worth $8 million that was created by Lorraine Schwartz. It’s a type IIa flawless cushion cut that is free of impurities and is thus, considered one of the purest gemstones. Only 0.001% of all diamonds are flawless i.e., no inclusions on the diamond even under 10x magnification and this ring met this criterion. To top it all off this ring has a D color rating which means it’s the whitest and the clearest with no yellowish tint.

13) Anna Kournikova’s Pear Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Anna Kournikova, a beautiful Russian tennis player also known as Britney Spears of tennis was proposed by Enrique Iglesias with this beautiful natural 11-carat, a pink pear-shaped diamond with diamond accents. This cognac-colored diamond was discovered in Argyle mine, Western Australia which is the biggest mine in the world. This ring is estimated to be worth $5.4 million and is truly one of a kind.

14) Beyonce’s Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

An 18-carat emerald cut flawless diamond ring that Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce with. It has a platinum band containing micro-pave diamonds that was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Beyonce and Jay-Z had kept their love life private but on September 6, 2008, Beyonce showed off her ring for the first time and left everyone startled and amazed. Her ring stole the show when she appeared on Fashion Rocks, New York. This ring is worth $5 million.

15) Paris Hilton Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This ring was presented to her by her ex-fiancée Paris Latsis, a Greek shipping heir. It’s a 24-carat diamond ring worth $4.7 million which she later auctioned off to aid the Hurricane Katrina victims. Like I stated before rings do tell a lot about a person and Paris auctioning this stunning ring to help the disaster victims speaks volumes about her as a person.

16) Grace Kelly Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Prince Rainier III of Monaco had proposed to Grace Kelly, a popular actress in the year 1956 with this 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. This spectacular ring was designed by Cartier and is worth $4.6 million. This ring changed this already popular movie star Grace Kelly’s life. It all started when the Prince proposed to her and her life from being a dazzling actor escalated to being a royal post-Hollywood icon. However, the love this power couple has for each other surpasses even this magnificent diamond ring.

17) Jennifer Lopez Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

A blue 8.5-carat diamond ring that is one of the rarest diamonds in the world was presented to Jennifer Lopez in 2004 by her now-ex-husband Marc Anthony. It was the talk of the town for a long time and is currently worth $4.5 million.

18) Melania Trump Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

First Lady Melania Trump was presented this 25-carat diamond ring by President Donald Trump long before he came into power. It was a gift for her on their 10th wedding anniversary. This ring is worth $3million and is an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring that signifies class and perfection.

19) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

A 40.43-carat marquise diamond that is worth $2.6 million was used to propose Jaqueline Kennedy by one of the richest and popular men in the world, Aristotle Onassis. This ring was designed by Harry Winston and to date is an exquisite masterpiece.

20) Blake Lively Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

This is the ring that was used to propose Blake Lively by Ryan Reynolds. It is an exotic 12-carat oval-shaped solitaire pink diamond mounted on 18-karat rose gold that precisely matches the color of the stone with tiny diamonds all over. This magnificent ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz along with Ryan Reynolds which is what made the end result of the ring so unique that it leaves everyone dazzled. Lively told British Vogue that the main reason this ring is close to her heart is not because of the intricate design or worth but the fact that Ryan Reynolds didn’t take her help for picking the ring out. It is worth $2.5 million today.

21) Kate Upton’s Custom Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

What is so special about this ring is the fact that it was custom-made by her husband, Justin Verlander. It is an enormous round-cut diamond embedded in a diamond pave setting. It is worth $1.5 million. This ring is said to be as big as her husband’s World Series Ring.

22) Jennifer Aniston Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The famous actress Jennifer Anniston became popular after starring in the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S as Rachel still melts the heart of many. Her ex-fiancée proposed to her this spectacular 10-carat diamond ring that was designed by her dear friend, Jennifer Meyer. It is a cushion-shaped rose gold diamond mounted on 18-karat yellow gold. It is currently worth $10million

23) Angelina Jolie Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Brad Pitt proposed to Angelina Jolie, the popular actress known for her extraordinary talent and skills in 2012 with style and elite sense of fashion. To make it even more picture-perfect, Brad helped with designing the ring along with the expertise of jeweler Robert Procop. This is a 16-carat ring embedded in 18k gold with an emerald-cut center diamond and baguette diamonds surrounding the entire ring. It is valued at $1 million.

24) Gabrielle Union Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

NBA star Dwayne Wade proposed to Gabrielle Union with this 8.5-carat cushion-cut diamond with a platinum setting that was designed by Jason Arashben, CEO of Jason Beverly Hills. According to Arasheben sources, Wade was very keenly involved in the entire ring-making process. The simple yet elegant design helps one get drawn to the main-cushion diamond. It is worth $1 million today.

25) Iggy Azalea Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Iggy Azalea is a famous Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter who has composed hits like Work and Black Widow. She became trending and won the hearts of many including NBA star, Nick Young who liked her so much that he later proposed to her on his 30th birthday party with this 8.15-carat intense yellow cushion cut ring embedded on 18k carat white gold with 2.28-carat of white diamonds around the center stone. It was designed by Jason of Beverly Hills who engraved his logo JBH in the ring. The estimated price of this ring is $500,00.

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