12 Best Data Recovery Software in 2021 (Free & Premium)

Best Free Data Recovery Software

Best Free Data Recovery Software

In search of the best free data recovery software? There are many that promise to be the best and it takes a lot of time to research and decide, we make it easy for you here.

Many times it happens that the most memorable photos of yours get deleted somehow and all you do is to regret over it for how you couldn’t take care of the data and made a backup already.

It’s quite common.

There might be various reasons for data loss but the two most common are accidental deletion and virus or malware attack.

Now, what’s the next step after you lost the important data and want to recover completely?

Many of us know that there are ways to get the data back our data. They can be recovered using data recovery software but either we understand it very technical or we are quite lazy for doing it.

Data recovery software is the last option after you have tried to recover it by yourself.

According to pricing model, Data recovery software can be categorized into three types. Some are completely free, some are freemium model (free for certain limit then paid) and some are available only as a paid version. Here we have discussed all three.

Best Data Recovery Software in 2021

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill comes on the ground when your files are nowhere to be seen on your devices and pc. The accidentally deleted data are sometimes not found in the recycle bin as well.

These files are still in some drives which cannot be accessed by its name. So, when such situations come, Disk Drill can help you restore these files.

Disk Drill works to free up to 500 MB data. You can restore files up to 500 MB for free through disk drill. And is compatible with all window users.

Download Disk Drill

2. PhotoRec

best data recovery software

PhotoRec recovers lost data from camera memory, hard disk or ROM. Users can recover the lost data for free up to 300 file family. It runs the lost data in the software, which can be put into another folder of your pc.

PhotoRec supports Windows XP, 2000, NT4, 2003, and 2007. It also supports DOS, LINUX, macOS, and ARM.

Users can use it for free to recover the lost data with more than 480 file extension. And it guarantees the permanent recovery of data that can be accessed by the user.

Download PhotoRec

3. TestDisk

TestDisk is another data recovery software which was designed primarily to recover lost partitions and make non-bootable disk bootable again.

It is easy to use the software if you already have the knowledge of data recovery techniques. TestDisk can be of help to make analysis and recover the lost data.

It fixes partition table, recovers deleted data, recovers FAT32 boot sector from backup, fixes boot tables etc. And is compatible with DOS, Windows XP, vista, windows server (2016/2012/2008/2003), Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS, and MacOS X.

Download TestDisk

4. Recuva

best data recovery software

Recuva is an advanced tool to recover lost files. It has better flexibility than other tools. Recuva aims to recover lost data from any rewritable media you have. The files that cannot be found easily, Recuva provides deep scan mode to get back the files you deleted accidentally.

Recuva puts forward three categories – free, professional and CCleaner for you to choose as per your requirements.

  • Free
  • Professional –
  • CCleaner- $29.95

Download Recuva

5. Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare

best data recovery software

Wondershare is one of the best data recovery software on the list. It has recovered data that were found unrecoverable by most of the companies. Wondershare has over 5,000,000 plus data recovery users since 2003.

It has gained a lot of fans over time for the service it provides. It restores all your data from PC, hard disk, mac, USB, SD card etc. and allows free file scanning before recovery.

Wondershare supports 1000 plus file formats to help you recover your lost data. It has the highest recovery rating among all the data recovery software and is found to be one of the best in the list.

Download Recoverit Data Recovery

6. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS data recovery software

EaseUS is a 100% safe data recovery software. It is a top effective data recovery software specialized in partition recovery, raw recovery, format recovery, and HDD/SDD.

This recovery data software supports Windows XP/VISTA/2003/2008/7/8/10. Users can get all their data back with compatible PC updates and can get quick recovery results. Moreover, users can recover up to 2GB data for free using EaseUS data recovery software.

Download EaseUs Data Recovery

7. Undelete My Files

Undelete my files permanently deleted data recovery

Accidentally deleted files go nowhere but come back to you. These files can be recovered in two steps by using Undelete my files.

The unreadable or inaccessible file that you used to use every day doesn’t get deleted forever.  Undelete my files recover all these data that used to reside on your PC in easy quick steps.

It also, on the other hand, allows the user to permanently delete the files that you do not want to recover.

Download Undelete My Files

8. Stellar

best data recovery software

Stellar has been one of the favorite data recovery tools of users. They are using it for years and have reviewed it as one of the best data recovery software.

Stellar recovers all the corrupted partition files and deleted files back to you from a computer.

Stellar is such a data recovery tool that all of us look forward to. It recovers data on all types of storage media such as HDD, USB, SSD, etc.

You can select the location of the folder and start scanning. It allows deep scanning mode before the data recovery process. After the scanning process is completed you can select the files and click on recover to save the recovered file.

Download Stellar

9. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete data Recovery Free

Glary undelete allows users to even recover the compressed, fragmented and encrypted data.  It not only recovers data from the hard drive but can also be recovered from removable disk.

The users can search the data they want o recover through Glary Undelete and undelete the files they want back to their drive. It is the ultimate solution to NTFS and FAT files. some users call Glary undelete as their magical application of choice for its better recovery services.

Download Glary Undelete

10. Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is another recommended data recovery software. It scans about fifty files to reach your lost data. It allows users to preview before restoring the data. This scanned mode scans only documents, pictures, videos, and compressed files.

It scans FAT12/16/32, NTFS and restores the file to its original place. Puran file recovery can be used for free to recover the data. Its one of the great advantages is that it supports all recent window operating systems. However, it uses a tree view and list view for easier scanning of the files.

Download Puran File Recovery

11. Soft Perfect File Recovery

Soft Perfect file recovery is a non-installation tool that can be used for free. It’s too light to take space so if your data is nowhere to be found and there’s no space for the installation of other tools as well than soft perfect file recovery is the perfect recommendation for you.

It supports Windows XP through Windows 10. This tool also recovers files from NTFS and FAT. You are easy to go if you remember the name of the files you lost by mistakenly. It searches all the files by its name and extension.  Moreover, it can restore multiple files at one time.

Download Soft Perfect File Recovery

So, these were the software that we find the best to recommend others. Data recovery is not known by everyone.

Even if some know, they are unaware of good and reliable software. Data recovery is really helping to recover some important files that are nowhere to be found.

It was designed specially to read the inaccessible data which seems lost to us. And this software almost
supports every recent and old windows operating system.

I hope you found the best data recovery software to recover your data. 

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  • 1. What is data recovery?

    Data recovery is a process of getting back the corrupted, formatted, and damaged data from secondary storage, a removable disk, files, and other resources when the data cannot be accessed normally.

    Depending on the situations, solutions are given by the data recovery experts. Its 2021 and there have come a lot of data recovery software with their different and unique features and packages.

  • 2. How much does data recovery cost?

    Data recovery pops up in the mind when data is lost. People do every possible thing to get the data back. Finally, they think of data recovery software to bring back their files. Now, when data recovery software comes into the mind, people look for the best. And in their search, the only question that arises is, ‘but how much will it cost? And will it be affordable?’

  • 3. What are data recovery services?

    Data has so many types. Every data varies from another. What data you have lost can be different from what data I have lost. So, there comes a question that data recovery is possible but is this particular data that can be recovered?

    Well, data recovery software provides multiple services and solutions to your lost data. Their services include all kinds of data recovery. However, only certain software has different recovery services.

    These services include-

    • Hard drive data recovery
    • RAID data recovery
    • Apple/mac data recovery
    • Cell phone data recovery
    • Flash media data recovery
    • NAS data recovery
    • VMWare data recovery
    • Secure deletion
    • San recovery
    • iPhone data recovery
    • Damaged file recovery
    • Partition data recovery
    • Corrupted data recovery, etc.
  • 4. What are the risks associated with data recovery software?

    • The files while trying to recover may get deleted permanently.
    • You may face irresistible damage while performing the task on an unstable drive.
    • Have trouble reading commands.
    • These symptoms if noticed, then remember your drive is slowly becoming worst.
    • If the drives become worst, the chances of it crushing becomes higher.
    • And the files will no more be recoverable through the data recovery process.

    So, it would be better to get it recovered with professional services to have less chance of your drive getting crashed and the permanent loss of data.

4. What things to keep in mind while recovering data?

Data recovery is a simple process. However, professionals still advise users to take precautions while recovering data. These precautions may include-

  • Not making use of the same drive you are recovering data from
  • Make sure to use power backups to avoid closing of the drive
  • Do not run other software or applications while recovering data
  • Do not refresh to avoid closing of procedure
  • Do not do any installation of any application/software while recovering data

Without keeping in mind,the above-prescribed things, you may face the permanent deletion of your lost data.

5. Can I recover data from formatted drive?

Yes, you can.

 Data recovery is designed to recover lost data from anywhere in the drive. Different data recovery software supports different operating systems. However, all of this software recover data from formatted, corrupted and damaged drive to get your files back to you. 

6. What is the free best data recovery software for mac?

– These are the free best data recovery software for mac.

– Disk drill

– PhotoRec

– EaseUS

– SoftoteMac data recovery

– And MiniTool power data recovery

All of the above-listed data recovery software are described in detail at the start of the article for your reference so you can choose the best software for your mac. 

7. What is the best free data recovery software for Android?

– EaseUS MobiSaver

– Gihosoft Free Data Recovery

– Dr. Fone Android

– Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

– iReparto For Android

8. What is the best data recovery software to recover data from memory card?

– Disk Drill

– Recuva

– PhotoRec

– RecoverIt Free Data Recovery

– iCare Data Recovery

9. Which are the highest-rated paid data recovery software?

– Disk Drill Pro

– Data Rescue 5 for Windows

– R-Studio

– Stellar Data Recovery

– EaseUS Data Recovery

10. Can I recover data on my own?

The answer is Yes if you like to take the risk. Some important files get deleted accidentally and we do not trust others to check on the drive. You can download data recovery software and recover by yourself. Data recovery software has scan mode. This scan mode scans all files and allows users to preview, select and undelete deleted data.

Only make sure to not recover in the same drive to prevent unrecovered lost files. Also, if you aren’t familiar with data recovery you may seek the help of professionals than trying on your own to permanently lose the files.

11.Can data be recovered without using data recovery software?

As I said above, definitely if you have the data recovery techniques. However, you can also learn techniques but it may also worsen and damage the drive. This damage will cause permanent deletion of data. Not every time the techniques work, and if its important files than DIY may not be a good idea.

12. How to recover data from pen drive?

  • Connect the pen drive to your computer.
  • Go to Start button and right-click.
  • Click Command Prompt (Admin). The CMD will open.
  • Type the pen drive letter, E.g. > F: and press Enter.
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, press Enter and wait for few seconds.
  • Check the pen drive, and your files would be restored.

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