Dr. Stone anime – 5 impressive Reasons to watch and Season 2 Updates

Dr. Stone is the perfect series to watch when you’re stuck at home, and I’ll give you five reasons to convince you to Dr. Stone. Science fiction hit Dr. Stone had already made its mark in 2019, and the fans can’t wait for the latest episodes of Dr. Stone season 2.

Can you ever imagine living in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone on the planet turned to stone? An era without wifi and cellphones? This anime has shown us that we would all be stuck in the stone age forever without science.

The Plot of Dr. Stone

The plot of Dr. Stone may seem to be all about Taiju Oki, Senku Ishigami, and Yuruziha Ogawa in the beginning. But as the story progresses, Taiju almost proposes to Yuruziha, and boom, Apocalypse happens. After about 3700 years, Senku and Taiju wake up from the never-ending petrification.

From the looks of the surroundings, they conclude that they are back to ‘The Stone World.’ So, Senku aims to restore humanity using the power of science. Senku also comes up with a formula to revive them from petrification.

They both plan to use this chemical to revive Yuruziha, but unforeseen circumstances lead to making them restore Tsukasa Shishio instead. Due to conflict of ideals, Senku forms a group of the Kingdom of Science in Ishigami Village. In contrast, Tsukasa establishes an Empire to prevent Senku from bringing back the modern world’s era.

Dr. Stone

As days go by, the kingdom of science invents more gadgets to uncover the mystery of petrification. What else to expect from an anime made on alcohol? This show’s producer had said that The production team was very much alcoholic at Anime expo 2019.

TOHO Animation and Shueisha produced this anime. The director of the series is Iino Shinya. The anime is an adaption from the ongoing manga Dr. Stone which is 10 billion years ahead of anime. Plus, I’ve tried not to include any spoiler from the Dr stone manga. So, if you are someone who hates spoilers, then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

You can also check out the trailer of season below.

Where to Watch?

Top 5 Impressive Reasons To Watch Dr. Stone Anime

1. Out of the box storyline

This anime series is fictional, and all the concepts in Dr. Stone are practical too. Only the ideas are replicated and not the methods in scientific demonstrations. The Series is already available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

 Dr. Stone is a great science fiction anime that has presented the world’s recreation in a well-balanced manner. Now many may wonder What’s interesting about the series? The exciting part of this series is the scientific methods of Senku to overcome obstacles. Since everyone got petrified due to the apocalypse, so Senku makes it his goal to restart the world with science.

To save people from being petrified forever, Senku decides to create a Formula (episode one). On mixing nitric acid and distilled alcohol in a ratio that only he knows, he establishes a liquid known as “Miracle Fluid.” By pouring the fluid onto a petrified human, the stone will crack and revive the person. Miracle Fluid is essentially vital as it can be a real-world solution used for etching metals.

Dr. Stone Anime Review

In most Typical Shonen formats, the plot revolves around a male protagonist trying to reach their goals. For example, in Naruto, it’s Hokage or the number one hero in My Hero Academia. In Dr. Stone, Senku, an 18-year-old boy who determines to restore society to its original state.

The world of Dr. Stone has a post-apocalyptic setting. SIt’s set around 3,700 years into the future, and there’s only wild vegetation while the cities have deteriorated. The anime has elements of the isekai genre, set in the same world, so it’s not entirely isekai. 

The best thing about a post-apocalyptic setting is that there are no laws, no homework, worry about unemployment, etc. Thus, Senku decides to restore the world while Tsukasa opposes him and starts murdering the stone structures to prevent the world from being converted. A real battle of wits vs. muscle and science vs. strength is the underlying theme of the series.

2. Detailed Artwork and Animation

Dr. Stone’s beautiful sceneries will spellbind you. The show is vibrant and full of bright colors with splashes of greenery as Dr. Stone is set in 2038 before the world was petrified, and by 5738, after the apocalypse, the world was overtaken by vegetation. The artists illustrated subtle details like Moss grown on the sides of trees and vines hanging down from branches.

In episode 3, you might have noticed a great example of the potential they possess to draw real, like the Great Buddha statue of Kamakura partially cracked from age. You can also see that the warm, bright colors disappear during night scenes, and overall animation’s during night scenesYouare replaced with cool dark color tones to keep the white balance.

Senku is one in a billion when it comes to his mind but lacks physical abilities like Tsukasa. He is a genius who can create gunpowder explosives ( reference episode four of the Dr. Stone anime). Senku isn’t wholly overpowered as a character because he uses his wits to take advantage of the thick-headed people around him.

Dr. Stone Anime Review

( Episode seven reference) Senku struggles to carry a large pot of water, which shows he lacks even fundamental strength to carry out the miscellaneous tasks. Senku can explain the science behind everything in a 2-min explanation and has his limits for work.

While watching the series, you can feel that the animation avoided the action sequences, backdrops and mainly consist of still nature, and it has very little variety. In general, characters get the main focus.

Occasionally close-up shots of waves or fire are seen, making it a little unpredictable and non-repetitive. The animation may not be as good as expected. Still, the good news is that we can expect better animation in Dr. Stone S2 because season 1 turned into a huge success, producers have improved a lot more stuff they’ve lacked in the previous season. So, I have no complaints against them.

3. Natural Voice Acting

Yuusuke Kobayashi has provided the voice for Senku in Dr. Stone. He is very popular for his roles as Subaru in Re: Zero, Arthur Boyle in Fire Force, and Shin in Wise Man’s Grandson. Senku’s character is unique because of its famous nature.

Still, the other characters coordinate well, especially Taiju’s voice actor Makoto Furukawa, known for Saitama in One Punch Man, Shorter Wong in Banana Fish, and Miyuki Shirogane in Kaguya-sama: Love is War.  Manami Numakara made an entrance with Kohaku in episode six of the Dr. Stone anime, and she is known for Brandish in Fairy Tail and Tsubame in UzaMaid.

4. Cliffhanging Episodes

Dr. Stone is a prototype built to answer the questions of the unknown. What would happen if the world ended or came to a halt? How would civilization take place? These post-apocalyptic questions leave viewers with never-ending curiosity that makes them crave for more.

Viewers are more hypnotized to see what exciting invention Senku will show us next. Will Tsukasa win? And if Taiju will ever confess his love for Yuzuriha?

5. Good Base work and Foundation

Dr. Stone Anime Review

The first six episodes are more like a foundation to Dr.stone’s world; sometimes, it may feel boring (rarely). The first few episodes allow the viewers to attach themselves to the characters and feel their personalities.

The first major arc of the series reveals after episode seven when Senku joins hands with Kohaku and visits her village. If you can get through the intricate world-building, then I’m sure you will be rewarded with an enticing story as you keep watching further.

Official News

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release date

The Dr. Stone anime series was a huge hit. Thus, the production team has already released season 2 on January 14, 2021. The plot will be very different, and it will be almost time to wage war with Tsukasa and put their best of abilities to the test.

If you’ve already finished season 1, then it’s good news for you, now you can watch the latest episodes released last week. Do you want to know more about Jujutsu Kaisen’s second cour episodes? Then click here.

You can watch the season 2 trailer here!

FAQs on Dr. Stone Anime

1. Does senku marry Ruri?

Senku wanted Chrome to win the village tournament to build his science kingdom, which is essential to defeating Tsukasa. Still, he accidentally wins and gets crowned as the village’s chief and ends up getting married to Ruri.

2. How old is Senku?

Senku Ishigami is an 18-year-old young adult with a high level of IQ. He is the protagonist in the Dr.stone anime and manga series.

3. Why did Ruri divorce Senku?

Senku wasn’t interested in Ruri romantically; he gets accidentally crowned as a chief and gets married to her. But soon, he also divorced her after curing her illness.

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