Far Cry 6 trailer: Things to be excited about!

After announcing the launch of a 6th installment in the ‘Far Cry’ franchise, Ubisoft dropped two trailers on 12th July 2020. A cinematic trailer and an official Far Cry 6 trailer. Since then, a lot of information has been released by the developers, some intentional, some accidental. Overall, ‘Far Cry 6’ seems to be building up to be the ‘best Far Cry game’ in the franchise. We think that there is a lot to be excited about and here’s why:

Far Cry 6 Trailer Breakdown

The cinematic trailer

The cinematic trailer is nothing short of stellar. It is aesthetically marvelous and the graphics employed in the trailer are life-like. Moreover, the imagery used in the trailer has a greater purpose, setting up the background of the story. The trailer opens with the arrival of, what appears to be, Spanish invaders who are directly/indirectly linked to instability in modern times.

The trailer is full of imagery that suggests the level of oppression present in the game’s fictional island under the tyrannical rule of its dictator. For instance, there is a safe full of gold bricks in high security hidden away from the eyes of the public which might suggest an economic embargo that the public is subjected to.

far cry 6 trailer
A still from the trailer

The trailer also does not shy away from the usage of the color red, which might suggest bloodshed and violence prevalent in the country.

On the other hand, the official Far Cry 6 trailer offered much more clarity. From the trailer, it has been revealed that the versatile actor Giancarlo Esposito will be starring in the video game as its main antagonist called Anton Castillo, the tyrannical leader of Yara. The trailer is shown from the perspective of Diego Castillo, his son, and who will probably be integral to the plot. Anton sees Diego as his successor and wants him to follow in on his steps. From the looks of it, the father-son relationship seems strained.

The official Far Cry 6 trailer

Anton Castillo: A New Villain

The franchise is famous for its memorable villains such as Vaas from ‘Far Cry 5’. ‘Far Cry 6’ introduces a new villain to the franchise, modeled after and voiced by none other than Giancarlo Esposito! The actor is most famous for his role in ‘Breaking Bad’ of Gus Fring and was most recently seen in ‘Mandalorian’ and ‘The Boys’.

Castillo is the ‘El Presidente’ of Yara and has been ruling over it with an iron fist. The fact that the antagonist is a tyrannical figure is intimidating enough but Esposito’s performance makes it all the more compelling.

Castillo is a dictator who was born with a silver spoon in his hand. Anton’s father was a dictator before him and faced a similar revolution in his country that he is facing now. In the game, Anton has a son Diego Castillo, who is seen as the future leader of Yara by his father. Anton wants Diego to follow in on his foot-steps but it seems like Diego might not be fit for the role. Anton does not appear to be very affectionate towards his son.

The trailer also delves deep into Anton’s Fascist beliefs which give his character more depth. In every way, Anton appears to be a charismatic, daunting, and intimidating character, quite possibly, the franchise’s best yet.

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Keeping in mind the above-mentioned facts, it is needless to say that expectations associated with the game are very high.

The game is set on the fictional island of yara which seems to be heavily inspired by Cuba. The game will feature the largest Far Cry playground to date which obviously means many different locations in the game. The country’s capital city, Esperanza, will provide the game with an urban environment, something that is happening for the first time in a ‘Far Cry’ game.

There is still a bit of uncertainty with regard to the protagonist of the game. According to the developers, Dani Rojas, a guerilla fighter is a protagonist. However, the official Far Cry 6 trailer implies Diego as the game’s possible protagonist. The player will also enjoy the freedom of choosing Dani’s gender at the beginning itself.

Since the main plot involves revolutions, it obviously means that we will need a wide selection of weapons at our disposal. Trailers and screenshots feature many a standard gun apart from explosives. A weapon that stands out, however, is the ‘ Discos Locos’, which is basically a deadly CD launcher.

far cry 6 trailer

The player can acquire it as a pre-bonus.

Other weapons include ‘Toaster Door Flamethrower’ which will be available to everyone.

The games in the franchise always include a plethora of vehicles for the players. This game is no exception. In fact, it is being speculated that this game will feature tanks.

Since Yara is an island, chances are that there will be water vehicles apart from helicopters and planes ( as seen in the trailer). It also is said that the player will also get to ride animals in the game.

Thus, it is quite safe to say that this might be the franchise’s best game yet and it is definitely worth your attention and quite possibly your money, in the future.

Far Cry 6 Release

The game was originally scheduled for release in February 2021 but Ubisoft has announced the postponement of its launch since then due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The game’s new release date is yet to be announced.

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