Deer Avenger- The Parody Game From 1998

Considered by many as a funny and better parody of a less than stellar original shooting game, while considered as an obscene and vulgar rip-off by others, ‘Deer Avenger’ is actually an impactful game that helped define the 90s.

Developed by ‘Simon and Schuster Interactive’ and ‘Hypnotix’, it is actually a parody game of the original ‘Deer Hunter’ series of games. The game was released in 1998 and in a single-player mode. It features the titular Bambo, probably an amalgamation of the Disney character ‘Bambi’ and action hero ‘Rambo’, Bambo is a bipedal deer who hunts down humans. The gameplay is very similar to that of ‘Deer Hunting’ as Bambo shoots human beings in a manner very similar to the original game

Deer Avenger
The Gameplay

Just like the original game, ‘Deer Avenger’ is also from a first-person perspective. The entire game is a very nuanced reply to the original game because it looks like the deer is exacting its revenge from human beings for hunting down his own kind. Just like human beings, Bambo after a successful kill takes the head of its victims and mounts them on a wall with their names on it! Another revenge tactic for the humiliation deers face after dying as their heads are mounted on the wall by humans as a piece of decoration.

deer avenger
Brian McCann- The Original Voice of Bambo

The game provides players with a vast array of weapons like slingshots and machine guns. the character itself has been voiced by Brian McCann, an American comedian, writer, and actor. This makes Bambo’s character all the funnier. Apart from that Bambo has a very sleek and fit physique which again can be can be a subtle nod to Rambo’s physical features.

Bambo is a very colorful character! He is often seen making obscene and inappropriate jokes, farting, and engaging in sexual activities.

The game’s graphics were pretty decent, keeping in mind that it was the 90s. The graphics were in simple 2D and did not really raise the bar for gaming. The game was available for Microsoft Windows.

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‘Deer Avenger’ Criticism:

Despite all its uniqueness and fun, it also received a lot of backlash and criticism.

Many players consider it to be full of ‘corny 90s humor’ that has not aged well. It is also said to be a very typical ‘Windows 98’ game. The game can get very repetitive and boring. The length of the game is not very ideal either. The commentary is very lewd and inappropriate.

The developers have been accused of not selling a video game but a vulgar and obscene 90s style humor disguised as a PC game.

Nonetheless, ‘Deer Avenger’ is still a beloved game for many and invokes a strong sense of nostalgia in them.

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Sequels and Versions:

The game has 3 sequels and 1 other version.


  1. Deer Avenger 2: Deer In The City- Released in 1999 by the same developers, the game was made available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The game is in the first-person perspective and has both multiplayer and single-player modes. The game, however, did not receive good reviews. It was given 1 star out of 5 by CGSP and 2 stars out of 5 by Next Generation. Only AllGame gave it a whopping 4 stars out of 5.
  2. Deer Avenger: Open Season- This game was released in 2001. The game just like the original is from a first-person perspective.
  3. Deer Avenger 4: The Rednecks Strike Back- This game was released in 2001, was developed by the same developers for Microsoft Windows, and again, just like its predecessors was in from a first-person perspective. The game featured a new and fitter Bambo with his physique even bulkier than the previous games. The game also featured more active humans. Even though the game was released some 20 years back, it is still available for download on some websites.
A ‘Let’s Play’ Of ‘Deer Avenger 3D’


  1. Deer Avenger3D: A 3D version of the game was released in 2000 by the developers. The developers aimed at introducing slightly better graphics, in 3D obviously.

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What game does ‘Deer Avenger’ parody?

‘Deer Avenger’ is a parody of the original game called ‘Deer Hunter’. In the original game, the player, assuming the role of a human, is required to shoot a deer. ‘Deer Avenger’ flips the table on the original roles and features a deer exacting revenge from humans by hunting them.

Where can I download ‘Deer Avenger’ from?

‘Deer Avenger’ is not available for download from an official source. But many unofficial websites claim to offer the game for download. offers ‘Deer Avenger’ for download. Another website, offers ‘Deer Avenger 4: Rednecks Strike Back’ for download and offers ‘Deer Avenger 2: Deer In The City’.

However, proceed with caution if you wish to download games from these websites. Since they are not official, it is highly likely that they contain Malware

What are some ‘Deer Avenger’ cheats?

A very good cheat code for the game for killing the hunters with ease is to Hold Shift and Click on the Fart icon. This can be done anytime during the game.

Is ‘Deer Avenger’ available on Steam?

Unfortunately, ‘Deer Avenger’ is not available on Steam and it does not seem that it would be released anytime soon.

Is there any news on ‘Deer Avenger’?

No, as of now, there is no news on the game. However, there were rumors that the devs were going to release the 5th game in the series but considering the reviews and the backlash it received, it seems unlikely that there will be a new game.

Where can I buy ‘Deer Avenger’?

You can buy a CD of the game for PC which is available on
Check, you may even be lucky if it does not run out of stock.