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How to Find Your Lost Phone – Best Apps and Services

Lost Android Phone

How stressful is it when you lose your phone from under you watch? You can crazy over finding it everywhere you can remotely imagine for your mobile to be and still not find it. Do not worry, here I will tell you about Best Apps and Services to Find your Lost Phone!

Lost Android Phone

Of course, you know there many apps available on the Google Play Store and even App Store to locate your phone if you have lost it or it is stolen. But, what if these apps are not installed in your device to acknowledge the emergency situations such as to when you need to find your lost phone?

First I will guide you through some effective techniques and services on How to Track a lost phone and preventive measures to care for!

A) Services to Find your Lost Phone:

1. Android Device Manager

This service started up and maintained by Google is one of the biggest boons for you in such a case. A simple method wherein you just have to make sure of a few things. So, here it goes:

  • Go to your device’s settings, Open Google settings, Go to security, and then turn on the button saying ‘Allow Remote Lock and erase’. Make sure your device’s Location is on too. Some people prefer to keep their location services as switched in order to save battery, but, beware in order for this to work the location services must be on.
  • Go to Google, type in ‘Android Device Manager‘, then login to your account. This will then start to locate your lost phone, with an estimate of its current location.
  • If the above-mentioned settings are switched to on, there is a good probability you will find your lost phone on the spot.
Find your lost phone

Now, say you misplaced your device in the home itself or in some known location, Android Device Manager will give you an option to set on the ringer. This way where ever the phone is, it will start ringing. Even if your phone is in silent mode, worry not, it will ring to its maximum volume possible.

When you are on your mission to find your lost phone, and it is in some unknown location which is unsafe and there is a possibility of you losing your device or some delay in locating it. Another option which Android Device Manager offers is to ‘Lock your phone‘.

If there is no password set or the current existing is easy to guess, you can set a new password to your device and save the data from getting breached.

If your device contains much of important information and office files, which in any case must not be leaked, and you are not in a position to get your phone back, the Android Device Manager’s option to ‘Erase Data‘ can be used. This will erase all the existing data on your phone.

2. Google Location History

Find your phone location history easily.

If by chance you do not have the Location services on your phone switched on, you can go for this choice. Check the location history of your phone by typing Google location history.

Find my phone Google will then give you all locations where your phone last was before you misplaced it to start to find your lost phone. This can be another of you shortlisting the probable location of your phone. So you can reach the place and search for it.

3. IMEI Number

The IMEI Number of your device is the ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ of your device. Now, this number is not just for your mobile phones, but for any device which can connect to the network services. This includes, mobiles, tablets, laptops, and even the dongles that you use.

Find your lost phone using IMEI Number.

This is unique to every device and is a 15 digit number. You can find this number in your phone bill, a box of the phone, under the battery of your phone and if you cannot access any of these methods, you can even send a text from your phone to ‘*#06#’ to get the 15 digit IMEI number.

Another way to get the IMEI Number is to go your Google Dashboard, this will show you a list of all the devices you have ever logged your email id on, from this list you can get IMEI number.

Once you have the IMEI number, you can give this ID to your operator. They will then block your phone so that who so ever has stolen the phone are not able to access the data inside it.

Another option will be to file an FIR with the cops who can either get the phone blocked or put it in surveillance mode so that if the thief tries to use the phone with any other sim, the cops will be notified. Rest all is dependant on the efficiency. In such a case there is a very slight chance that you will be able to find your lost phone.

B) Apps to Find your Lost Phone

1. Google Find My Device

Google find my device enables you to find your lost phone easily.

Just like the Android Device Manager, this app by Google enables you to find your lost phone with all these inbuilt features.

With the maps services, it will give you the approximate location to where your can find your lost phone, if the current existing location is not visible, it will show you the last known location of the device.

You can even turn on the ringer, or play a sound even if the device is on silent, or you can also erase the existing data on the device under unfavorable conditions.

The most required pre-requisites for this app are that the location must be on for the app to find your lost phone, and it also needs to access the email address associated with your Google Accountant for full efficiency.

2. Find my Device

Find my device allows you to check real-time location of your phone.

Find My Phone app also allows you to check the real-time location of your phone and helps you to find it.

For this app to work, you will need to download and register the application on that device as well as the on another device of yours. Then you will have to pair both these devices by using a private secure connection. So then you will be able to check the live location of the other phone and find it.

This app can also be used to keep a check on your loved ones and also for parental security.

Safety precautions:

  • Keep the Mobile Data of your phone switched on at all times.
  • Next, to keep the location services on at all times just for in case you have to face these gory situations.
  • Also to enable the Android Device Manager system as that must be the first option which you turn to.

Conclusion: You can use any of these methods to locate your lost phone. Remember to consider all your options and check even in the place of the least possibilities. Do everything in your power before turning to the cops with this problems

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