[Fix] Updating Failed: This Response is Not a Valid JSON Response



Getting this “Updating Failed This Response is Not a Valid JSON Response” message in your WordPress Gutenberg post/page editor?

Don’t worry. It is one of most common errors WordPress users face.

And the main culprit behind this annoying error is your website’s cache.

Also, sometimes this error occurs due to weak internet connection. So, before applying the below methods, check your internet connection.

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How to fix “Updating Failed This Response is Not a Valid JSON Response”?

There are two ways to do this:

1. Refresh the page and update your post again. But the problem with this method you may lose your unsaved data in case WordPress haven’t autosaved the post.

It’s better to not to take risk and lose your precious data. Second method always works perfect and your unsaved data is 100% safe in this case.

So, what’s the method?

2. Clear website cache using a cache plugin, it is must have for every website and whether it’s big or small WordPress website, they use some type of cache plugin.

Cache are unwanted residual files which we have to delete regularly in order to maintain flawlessness of our WordPress website.

Cache plugin not only solve this error, it is multi functional and improve user experience by improving the server performance.

These plugins put small icon on the top of your WordPress dashboard when you’re logged in to your website.

Using those icons, you can easily clear cache anytime and it won’t take more than 15 seconds for plugins to make your website clutter-free.

I have attached two screenshots below to make you understand better.

This-Response is-Not-a-Valid-JSON-Response-Fix

This-Response is-Not-a-Valid-JSON-Response-Solved

Note: If your cache plugin does not have top bar icon, you can open dashboard in a new tab and clear cache.

These are the 3 most popular free cache plugins for WordPress:

1. W3 Total CacheWith 1+ million active installations, W3 Total Cache promise to improve user experience by caching every aspect of your website. It also saves up to 80% bandwidth via minify and compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds.

2. WP Super CacheTrusted by 2+ million WordPress users, this plugin has definitely many great things to offer. It is very easy to setup as compared to other cache plugins. WP Super Cache enables simple caching, page compression, CDN support, extra homepage checks and many other exciting features.

3. Autooptimize – It is one of the coolest plugins that lets you minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It also concatenates all styles and scrips and load them in proper order. Above all, this plugin is completely free.

Our website load under 3 seconds. Thanks to the combination of W3 Total Cache and Autooptimize. We are using this combination to optimize our website and make it load super fast for you.

You can also use W3 total cache + Autooptimize, which works awesome without any conflict.

This error is very common and occurs often. All you have to do is follow the above steps and click on clear cache every time you see the error.

Hope this solves “Updating Failed This Response is Not a Valid JSON Response” error.

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