[Fixed] Gmail Signature Image Not Showing

Google Signature Image not Showing
Gmail Signature Image Not Showing

Emails are a very useful means of communication, especially in a professional environment. Apart from the basic details, having an image signature in your email gives it a professional and polished look. It is a common problem to have your Gmail signature image not showing while sending mails through Gmail.

So, if your email signature shows a blank space and you are unsure of how to properly fix this issue, you can perform the following fixes to get rid of this issue and provide proper working email signatures.

Common reasons for Gmail signature image not showing:

1. Plain Text mode enabled:

If your Gmail Signature image is not showing up then the most common reason is that your email format is set to “Plain Text” Mode. In the plain text mode, the image for your signature would not be visible so you need to disable it.

You can solve this problem by simply disabling the Plain Text mode for your email. Follow these steps to disable the plain text mode:

Open a New message window by clicking on the Compose button.

Click on the three-dot icon at the bottom of the New Message window to see additional email settings.

If the Plain text mode is check marked, that means it is enabled. Click on it to disable it. Plain text enabled

Disabling the Plain Text mode automatically enables the Rich Text mode and now your signature image should be visible.Rich Text Mode

2. Signature Switched off:

Many times it may happen that you have created a proper working signature image but you forgot to turn it on. By simply switching on your signature, the signature image should start to show properly. For this, you need to go to the Gmail Signature settings and then switch from “No Signature” to your created signature.

Gmail Signature Image Not Showing

3. Sharing permission denied

If the signature image has been inserted from Google Drive, it might be possible that the sharing permissions of the image are not set to “Anyone can view it”. If this happens, the viewers will see a question mark in place of the signature image. To fix this issue, all you need to do is change the permission mode of the signature image to ‘Anyone with the link’ can view the file. Now select the image again and this time the signature image will be visible.

Drive Settings for sharing media

4. Wrong link to the image

One of the most common reasons for a signature image not working is that users add an incorrect link to the image. To make an image as your signature, you should add the link to the image, not the link to the entire page. By providing the correct image link, this problem can be resolved quite easily.

Adding link address to image

5. Using multiple accounts

If you are using multiple Gmail accounts then it might be possible that you have created a signature with another account and tried using it in a different one. The simplest solution is to log out from all your Gmail accounts and login to the one with which you need the signature image. This fix has proven to be effective in a large number of cases.

FAQs on Google Signature Image not working:

  1. How can I decrease the effects of the Signature image not showing?

    Even after troubleshooting all your problems with the signature image, there is still a chance that the image might not work. Thus, if you want to lessen the wrongful effects of the signature image not showing, please ensure that important information such as website URL, contact information, etc. is not added directly in the signature image. Add these details as text instead so that even if the image fails to show, the recipient receives the required information.

  2. What to do if Gmail Signature works fine with me but does not show on the receiver side?

    It is definitely a probability that the signature image used by you works fine on your end but doesn’t show on the recipient’s side. You can collect information from the recipient regarding their system because chances are that they might be using an email service that blocks remote images by default. Also, there might be some issues with the browser compatibility. In such a case, you can suggest them to change their email service settings and use a browser similar to yours.

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