The Intriguing Series of Heavens Official Blessing, Now Streaming on Netflix 2021!

The Heavens Official Blessing on Netflix has been making a debut among being one of the rarest in many things. This Chinese animation is let out to the greater world through platforms like Netflix and previously by Funimation. It is seen to be rare as we mostly see the otaku culture from Japan being under the spotlight.

The story is about two males entangled with the purest form of love which is portrayed in small moments of noticeable factors. Another rare fact about the news of Heavens Official Blessing on Netflix is that it has the story of a god. This complexity yet a smooth flow with bluntness in the portrayal of love have been rare in anime especially where Boy’s Love is concerned.

The tale of fantasy and pure love among Xie Lian and Hua Cheng takes their story to the viewers and waits for the bigger picture to make it happen on Netflix. Do not miss out on what Heavens Official Blessing gives out. Let’s begin!

Heavens Official Blessing on Netflix is the Change Around the Corner

Insights of A Beautiful Journey- Heavens Official BlessingWhy you should watch this donghua?

The Heavens Official Blessing anime has a historical take on the plot that gets twisted with action and supernatural flow. The work of the Gods and how things get from zero to another level is primarily themed throughout the series of Heavens Official Blessing. It has a drama, adventure, action, and sci-fi feel for the viewers.

This anime has been produced by Haoliners Animation League and was originally created by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. The Heavens Official Blessing had first premiered on Bilibili and then on Funimation by 2020.

The first season comprises eleven episodes of 23 min each and the concept is never like anything done before by the studio. The story of god Xie Lian certainly gets the lows and highs of his life along with what turns the viewers to make him likable. This has done a good job on other streaming platforms beforehand due to its sound animation on screen.

Why you should watch this donghua?

The main character is god Xie Lian who is considered not to be in the good eyes of others. This is so because Xie had faced dejection many a time while ascending from heaven. He was also considered to be a god of misfortune due to certain miscellaneous incidents that had to darken up the cloud.

On a mission of his, Xie meets the Ghost God Hua Cheng who assists him on the same. The anime scenes are extremely pleasing to the eye and aesthetics mark the top position through the details of the show. Heavens Official Blessing has some pastel color scheme that makes it look larger than life on screen. All the characters of the show have been developed well and the minute details steal the show for all.

The Longhua has some funny leads as well as intriguing moments of love and terror too that bring light to Xie’s life mostly. The protagonist actually takes up investigation leads to pay debt and the one after that follows on a larger verge for him to navigate. One of the few works has such a background that makes it really special out of all the donghua. On another note, this is one of the fewest that has taken a position in streaming websites like Funimation and now, Netflix.

Keep an eye on us for further updates and reviews on Heavens Official Blessing. Let the first flow of the Chinese animation reach the world and the episodes get to you on a broader note.

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