The Best Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide 2022

We have done extensive research and deep analysis and provided you with the best Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide that educates you and informs you of all the necessary information required for purchasing your first or hundredth Birkin Bag.

Who knew that an airplane sick bag and the complaint for a weekend bag was enough to create one of the world’s most expensive and desired bags?

Named after the English actress and singer of the 70s, Jane Birkin, the Hermes Birkin bags are no strangers to love and admiration. Frequently adorned with exotic skins, gold, jewels, and precious stones, these bags have scored a world record under their name, owing to their uniqueness and extreme form of luxury.

It would be fair to say that Birkin bags are the identity of today’s, Hermes, and it would be correct to say that these bags are more of an investment than just a shopping item. These bags are strictly exclusive, and Hermes enjoys maintaining confidentiality in this matter.

Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide 2022

The Epsom Bags, $9,000 – $13,000

Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide
The Epsom Bag

The first up in the Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide is the type of leather that has gained fame Epsom leather. Epsom leather finds its origins in male calfskin, which provides it a unique texture in addition to its sturdy silhouette and grainy look. Its scratch-resistant qualities and laminated-like appearance make it a hot selling piece of Hermes. All thanks to the Epsom leather, the Birkin bag gets a mint condition look and makes its users look even more pristine.

The Epsom leather is a favorite at Hermes, and so it comes in sizes 25, 30, 35, and 40 with dimensions 9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in, 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in, 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in and 15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in respectively. The price ranges from $9,000, sometimes $8,000, to as high as $13,000.

The Togo Bags, $9,000 – $14,000

The Togo Bags, $9,000 - $14,000
The Togo Bag

Togo bags are by far the most popular and in-demand leather for manufacturing Birkin bags. And why shouldn’t they be? Available in colors ranging from black, brown, golden tan, navy blue, olive green, orange, pink, powder blue, red, and white, this leather made from baby calfskin provides you with a lightweight and roomy bag for sightseeing or a business meeting. Despite being delicate, they hold the shape of the bag in addition to being scratch-resistant.

The Togo bags are found in sizes 25, 30, 35, 40 with dimensions 9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in, 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in, 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in and 15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in respectively. The price varies from $9,000 to $14,000.

The Clemence Bags, $10,900 – $65,000

The Clemence Bags, $10,900 - $65,000
The Clemence Bag

Clemence leather is a classic Hermes leather that has been in use since the inception of the Birkin bag. Like all other Hermes leathers, Clemence leather, made from baby bull skin, is a fine quality material that is beautiful as well as extremely durable. An advantage of this leather is that it prevents tarnishing and refurbishing is available according to your wishes and requirements. However, it is not water-resistant and requires special care when near it.

While the Clemence leather is available in sizes 30, and 40 also, it is the 35 size with dimensions 13.7 in X 9.8 in X 7 inch which is the best-seller. The price ranges from $32,00 to $65,000-$70,000. If you are looking for something less rigid, then you can opt for this bag.

The Ostrich Bags, $20,900 – $54,450

Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide
The Ostrich Bag

The Ostrich leather used in Birkin bags is of utmost exclusivity and prime quality, which makes them exotic and different from all the other luxurious brands on the market. The wonderful ostrich skin has pores on the handbag that needs attention and care. However, this bag is extremely durable that making it stand out from the rest of the exotic bags. Another intriguing feature of this bag is that the skin gets darker when washed instead of fading away.

The Ostrich bags are mainly available in sizes 30 and 35 with 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in and 15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in dimensions. This exotic skin has a price range of $20,900 to $54,450 and can even go higher for exclusive designs.

The Fjord Bags, $17,600 – $35,000

The Fjord Bags, $17,600 - $35,000
The Fjord Bag

Giving a look and feel of flowing veins, Fjord bags are a luxury that everyone deserves to have. One of the most attractive Birkin bags comes in this matte leather made from cowhide. The water-resistant and scratch-resistant qualities of this bag give it an edge over the others. Despite being heavy, this bag is surprisingly not at all bulky and instead is soft and roomy for all your belongings. Also, the matte with grainy texture makes not some but all the heads turn.

The Fjord bag is available in mostly two sizes that are 30 and 35, with dimensions 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in and 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in respectively. The price varies from $17,600 to $35,000.

The Exotic Bags, $20,000 – $400,000

The Exotic Bags, $20,000 - $400,000
The Exotic Bag

The individuality of Hermes comes to life through the range of exotic skins that Birkin bags incorporate in them. Skins of crocodiles, alligators, lizards, bulls, box calves, and many more comprise the most exclusive products of Hermes. The materials used are authentic and adorned with pure gold hardware, which makes these bags so expensive and hyped about.

The sizes vary from 25, 30, 35, and 40 with dimensions 9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in, 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in, 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in, and 15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in. While some exotic skins sell between $20,000 to $30,00, some crocodile Birkin, like the ultra-rare Himalayan crocodile, sell for upwards of $400,000.

StyleMaterialSize Price Range
Birkin 25 Togo    9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in$9,850.00 
Birkin 30Togo 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in $11,000.00
Birkin 35     Togo13.7in X 9.8in X 7in$11,900.00
Birkin 40    Togo15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in$13,200.00
Birkin 30Epsom 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in$10,360.00
Birkin 35 Epsom13.7in X 9.8in X 7in$11,700.00 
Birkin 30Exotic Skin – Novillo 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in$10,800.00
Birkin 35Exotic Skin – Novillo 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in$11,400.00
Birkin 25Exotic Skin – Alligator  9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in$40,900.00
Birkin 30 Ostrich 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in$20,000.00
Birkin 35Ostrich13.7in X 9.8in X 7in $54,450.00
Birkin 30Clemence 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in$8,200.00 
Birkin 35Clemence13.7in X 9.8in X 7in$8,700.00

Hermes Birkin Pricing Guide

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