The 20 Most Expensive Shoe Brands of 2022 – From Jimmy Choo to Tom Ford

If you thought only wealthy women buy the most expensive shoes, you’re about to be surprised. With sneakerheads, celebrities, and luxury goods collectors vying for the most expensive and flashiest of goodies.

While most expensive shoe brands have started charging exorbitantly for their creations, their sales are increasing fast every year.

List of the 20 Most Expensive Shoe Brands

20. John Fluevog – $400

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

For almost four decades, John Fluevog, the designer of unusual and distinctive footwear, has made shoes that are built to stand out. In 1970, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, where he joined forces with Fox & Fluevog, a shoe store he helped run for many years.

His shoe designs from the 1970s, seen on the official Fluevog website, were well ahead of their time. The Pilgrim, for instance, has a pointed toe and a T-strap with a buckle, which was featured by other catalogs only years later.

Fluevog shoes are out of the ordinary but exceptionally well-made, as seen by their popularity amongst stars such as former Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf De Maur. The Watusi, a classic shoe for ladies, is currently available for the price of $300 – $400.

19. Walter Steiger – $600

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

This avant-garde European shoe brand is made in France. The brand is well-known for its sculptural heels, which stand out from the crowd of typical high heels. Despite the fact that they are not cheap, these shoes create a strong fashion statement and are worth buying.

This brand is based in France, but it began in Switzerland when the founders met in 1932. Walter Steiger Sr. was the company’s creator, and at the time, it makes shoes for both men and women.

Fashion designers and fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, and Ungaro have worked with Walter Steiger. This designer’s curved-heel pumps generally sell for more than $600 per pair.

18. Balmain – $600 – $2000

Olivier Rousteing, the brand’s creative director, is in charge of Balmain. Born in 1986, he is of French descent. As a result, he joins the ranks of the list’s more established fashion designers. The use of decoration is prevalent in Balmain’s designs, which are also known for being sturdy. Fashionistas may refer to this as their glam armor if you will.

Balmain’s footwear and apparel may appear contemporary, but the level of glitz and glamor they contain is anything but because even on a medieval king or queen, some of it wouldn’t appear out of place. Other items have a “nightclub” vibe about them. Balmain is a favorite of Kim and Kanye’s. Ladies’ shoes might go upwards of $600 – $2000, but they’re worth every penny because they’re always in vogue.

17. Stella McCartney – $700 – $800

Sneak-Elyse Platform Shoes

Stella McCartney is Paul McCartney’s daughter, but she’s made her own way in the world. She’s a talented fashion designer who’s made it on her own terms. She sells vegan and environment-friendly women’s footwear.

Her sneakers, shoes, and purses may look like they’re made of leather, but they aren’t. When it comes to high-end footwear, not using leather is a hazardous business decision. However, Stella’s decision has paid off. Her company has had a great deal of success.

Stella provides Adidas footwear as part of a collaboration. They’re ultra-modern and totally in right now. For a little more than $200, you can get a pair of Stella and Adidas women’s sneakers. Other creations of hers are significantly more expensive, ranging from $700 – $800.

16. Manolo Blahnik – $1,000


Let us now turn our attention to Manolo. As a reminder, in an episode of Sex and the City, Carrie was mugged and her Manolos were taken. When she begged him to return her beloved shoes because they were in the sale, he took them anyhow, even though she begged him to give them back.

The shoe designer is so good that the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour, wears only Manolo Blahnik’s shoes. Manolo is a fascinating character, to say the least. Being so well-mannered and belonging to an influential home, he always wears gloves to keep germs at bay. He enjoys drawing shoes and looking for muses in pop culture to help him design enticing pairs of high heels, boots, and flats. Manolo Blahnik used Rihanna as a muse, and the two worked together on a number of creations.

15. J.P. Tods – $1,000

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

15th on the list of most expensive shoe brands, these shoes have a timeless appeal. Many celebrities, including Amal Clooney and Bella Hadid, favor these. This well-known Italian brand’s clothes are popular among men.

Their plush and comfortable loafers appeal to those seeking both comfort and elegance. Filippo Della Valle, the company’s founder, started creating shoes in the 1920s. In addition to Hong Kong and Europe, Tod’s shoes are now sold all over the world.

Do these prized shoes have a price tag to match their popularity? According to style, Gommino’s driving moccasins cost anywhere from $400 to $600, depending on the color and size. Even though Tod’s aren’t the most expensive, they’re a favorite among the “elite.”

14. Brian Atwood – $1,345

14. Brian Atwood – $1,345

A recognizable sight on Midtown Manhattan’s Madison Avenue, the Italian brand’s headquarter store bears its name in bright capital letters. Since its first line of ‘Maniac’ pumps, the Milan-based business has strived for show-stopping allure, and it has succeeded each time. The plush suede boots, which retail for $1300 or so are its claim to fame on our new list. Its boots have high heels, luxurious textures, and eye-catching colors, so you’ll stand out no matter where you wear them. Despite its snobbish reputation, the signature shoe brand sells to the average wealthy person, with prices starting at $600.

13. Jimmy Choo – $1,395

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Known for its confident sense of glamor and fun sense of fashion, Jimmy Choo is one of the world’s leading luxury brands. The brand’s history involves an outspoken Jimmy Choo, who has created designs for the richest and most affluential, including Princess Diana, in London’s East End in the early 1990s.

In 1996, Jimmy Choo as a company was established by the founder in the hopes of legitimizing his shoe business.

Jimmy Choo was one of the first designers to bring footwear and purses to Hollywood, and that same limelight became a perfect runway for the brand’s collection. Jimmy Choo is now worn by a wide range of style icons, including celebrities, nobility, entertainers, and government officials.

As a result of its celebrity endorsements, the company saw fast growth. Some of the world’s most renowned fashion photographers shot the attractive yet strong ladies wearing high heels and luxury handbags, which further defined the brand’s emblem.

12. Salvatore Ferragamo – $1,500

salvatore farragamo shoes

The Salvatore Ferragamo shoes worn by Oprah Winfrey show how far women have come in shattering the glass ceiling in their careers. It’s possible that you’ll wish to follow suit.

He was born in June 1898 and died in the late summer of 1960 but his legacy remains; Salvatore Ferragamo was an Italian fashion designer who lives on through his work. This prestigious fashion house was founded by an Italian immigrant. Before he launched his own business, he worked as a personal shopper for Hollywood stars in the Roaring Twenties.

This company’s footwear is a unique blend of art and science. Ferragamo invented a wide range of heel styles, including cage, wedge, and more. To this day, his business continues to be a preferred choice for wealthy customers. To put it another way, a pair of these classic ballerina flats costs roughly $600 and is arguably a good investment in terms of quality and elegance.

11. Tom Ford – $1,590


Tom Ford has a knack for dressing men to feel like millionaires with his clothes and jewelry. He uses superb tailoring and his own sense of style to produce eye-catching suits for men, and he also dabbles in womenswear. And he sells all of these things in addition to sneakers. When it comes to fashion, Tom Ford is revered by men all over the world.

When you look at him, you see a man with an impeccable sense of style and confidence in himself. There is not one thing that he cannot make work in terms of fashion.

Some of his most popular and famous collections of shoes start off at $1500 and can be worn both formally and casually. Each pair of women’s slingbacks with crystal embroidery costs $2990. This footwear collection has a sleek, contemporary look to it. It is glam and seductive in the greatest manner.

10. Berluti – $1,500 – $2,000

Berluti Shoes

Shoes that cost a lot of money aren’t just for women. Men can purchase Berluti shoes as well, and many do so because the brand’s shoes are a status symbol. It is run by Natalia Vodianova’s boyfriend and business partner. Antoine Arnault and his sister are the heirs to the LVMH family’s commercial empire.

To begin with, what is it that distinguishes Berluti footwear from the rest? Many of the shoes have a certain distinctive sheen to them, which distinguishes and elevates them above the others. Maison Berluti uses a variety of bleaching and dyeing procedures to condition leather and gives it a burnished appearance. This 1895-founded Italian brand caters to men who are looking for distinctive finishes and classic silhouettes. Invest in a nice pair of men’s shoes if your budget allows for it because these are worth the investment.

9. Chanel – $1,500

Chanel Shoes

9th on the list of most expensive shoe brands, Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, has long been in charge of this iconic brand. The late Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the brand’s founder, was renowned in the fashion industry for her impeccable taste in shoes and perfumes.

Many of Chanel’s shoe designs feature the brand’s signature interlocking “Cs,” which are known the world over. All the outfits and shoes designed by Chanel have a genuine French flair and are aimed at women who desire to emulate the Chanel style. Chanel handbags cost a lot of money. A. Lot.

Short metallic lambskin boots cost $1500 and even the most basic sandals can cost up to $1000 when it comes to Chanel footwear. The phrase “pricing upon request” appears on several women’s footwear product listings, and we all know what that means.

8. Alexander McQueen – $1,645

Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

The brand’s shoes range from embroidered sandals to horn heels to eyelet bow boots. A pair of $1,645 diamond wedges produced by the brand last year made sure this brand landed 8th on our list. The brand is based on a ridiculous appearance that’s infused with 16th-century flair but has been modernized.

Before starting his shoe company, Alexander worked as a costume designer for theater productions. Alexander McQueen frequently appears at high-profile events honoring celebrities at various award celebrations. Women can choose from characteristically informal styles like an oversized shoe, a ballerina with a skull motif, or an extra-long soled sneaker.

7. Roger Vivier – $1,700

roger vivier shoes

Roger Vivier sandals, slides, and sneakers are all adorned with eye-catching decorations. Walking comfortably yet still feeling glitzy is entirely possible with these shoes for women. Styled with flowing gowns and high-end trousers, his jewel sandals have appeared in Vogue spreads many times over the years.

Even though the website does not display prices, you can locate retailers there to find out what they’re like. This company’s crystal-embellished slides often cost well over $1700 for a pair. The sandals are as comfortable as Birkenstocks, but they’re also loaded with swanky high-fashion appeal.

6. Miu Miu – $2,745

miu miu Plexiglas and metallic leather sandals

Miu Miu, which prices its velvet boots for close to $3000, comes in at number six on the list. If you’re looking for something more affordable, you may want to look at its collection of leather pumps, which start at $1800. In spite of the fact that these shoes radiate extravagance.

Miuccia Prada’s label is known for its minimalist style, which is reflected in the brand’s namesake. Even with the addition of frills, the Velvet-Trimmed and Leather Pumps manage to retain Prada’s elegant yet unpretentious style, making them appropriate for both men and women. The shoes are a perfect match for the Matelasse bags by Miu Miu.

5. Gucci – $3,700


5th on the list of most expensive shoe brands, Gucci is a brand that appeals to the super-wealthy as well as the average rich and the not-so-wealthy who happen to earn a large bonus.

The Gucci insignia is well-known worldwide and a favorite for counterfeiters, which is not surprising. This can damage the exclusivity of the brand and hence limit its appeal to the truly wealthy.

However, if exclusivity is a concern, Gucci’s exclusive collections which are impossible to fake make it figure fifth in this list. That’s because they set the prices accordingly, at almost $3800. The Sofia Etoile Shoes, which retail for $1,000 and are a rage amongst fashionistas were also released last year.

No one questions the company’s affinity for the bourgeoisie. Regardless of how you describe them, the shoes are a perfect match for the brand’s Italian couture and will be a conversation starter at any event.

4. Manolo Blahnik – $4,500


This year’s reduction in signature score of Manolo is statistically negligible. It tells us that the brand consistently ranks at the top of our annual ranking of the costliest shoe brands. The $4,600 pumps that made a mark on us and the rest of the world have made sure Manolo figures as number 4th on our list, but don’t bother trying to buy one; they’re almost certainly sold out.

To the chagrin of animal rights groups, the insane prices have clearly nothing to do with the crafting, and everything to do with the exotic materials used. As early as the 1970s, when Manolo Blahnik debuted its first collection of high heels, it symbolized a rebellious attitude, which is evident from a look at its platform shoes and boots collections.

3. Christian Louboutin Pumps – $ 4,700


Christian Louboutin’s stilettos which characteristically feature red soles are a dead giveaway to any fashion enthusiast. As a result, the brand appeals to the modern lady of style who is strong, confident, and yet feminine at the same time.

Louboutin heels are such a hit amongst women that you can walk into a room without saying a word, and immediately catch at least a couple of envious glances at your shoes. Be careful though, one pair may cost you up to $4,700. However, the brand offerings go beyond shoes, with purses and cosmetics now available, giving you yet another excuse to blow some cash.

2. Louis Vuitton – $10,000


Where does it say that women have exclusive access to the most expensive shoe brands? In fact, you’ll think the contrary when you learn that a single pair of men’s shoes made by the label are retailing for a whopping $10,000, which puts this in second place in our rankings.

The brand has been out since a few years ago, but it’s making a comeback this holiday season. It’s still covered in hand-waxed crocodile cowhide, which was manufactured by the owner. You can see Louis Vuitton’s signature details, such as the soft leather inside, delicate stitching, and hand-painted leather sole. The look is classic and will never go out of style. Men are just as capable of being conceited as women.

1. Stuart Weitzman – $3 million

Stuart Weitzman Shoes Price

First o the list most expensive shoe brands, Stuart Weitzmsn has to be at the top of our ranked list, and on a priority too. Compared to other brands in this space, the signature has consigned the most expensive models, showcasing styles with prices ranging from $100,000 to a couple million. The average price of the most expensive Weitzman shoes comes to $3 million.

Despite the fact that these releases aren’t available for purchase to even the typical wealthy, we defied our own rules because the brand releases shoes so frequently that it’s become the norm for celebrity appearances in movie premiers. Their most affordable pair of shoes is astoundingly the most expensive on this list of most expensive shoe brands.

Who would’ve thought shoes could cost this much? Mobile phones and most Apple devices might cost less than some of these entries. This display of wealth is impressive, but also appalling, won’t you agree? If you had the money, which pair of most expensive shoes would you want to buy? Or are you planning on getting yourself a pair of fancy shoes? Let us know down below your thoughts about this list!