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20 Most Beautiful Outdoor Cinemas in The World



Most Beautiful Outdoor Cinemas in the World

Everyone has been to the movie theaters, but have you experienced outdoor cinemas? It is one of the most unique and enthralling experiences that you will ever come across. Outdoor Cinemas was introduced in Berlin, 1916 that became a worldwide trend for generations to follow.

Outdoor cinemas provide the cinematic experience right under the stars and out in the open, thus making it refreshing, enjoyable, and most importantly, romantic! Here, we have picked the most beautiful and stunning outdoor cinemas in the world that should be on your wishlist.

20 Best Outdoor Cinemas in The World

1. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

outdoor cinemas
Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado
Location: Colorado, USA.

It is a historic and naturally formed mesmerizing amphitheater with a space of around 16,000 people to enjoy the movie on a slope under the starry night! Within a reasonable price, it is one of the best outdoor cinemas in the United States. The ambiance, lighting, and natural setup make it perfect for outdoor screening.

Check out more about Red Rocks Amphitheatre here.

2. The Miami Beach Edition

outdoor cinemas
The Miami Beach Edition, Florida
Location: Florida, USA.

The Miami Beach Edition is a tropical resort that has almost every form of relaxation and entertainment you are looking out for. The most attractive feature which stands apart from the rest is the space provided for outdoor cinema. Although the space is cozy, it is perfect for couples to have a nice and refreshing time together.

Check about more about The Miami Beach Edition here.

3. Hot Tub Cinema

outdoor cinemas
Hot Tub Cinema, London
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Sitting on a warm tub and watching your favorite movie with your friends or partner, is it really possible? This dream is now a reality due to Hot Tub Cinema. It has almost 30 tubs in total and can be booked for parties or specific events as well.

Check out more about Hot Tub Cinema here.

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4. Rooftop Film Club

outdoor cinemas
Rooftop Film Club, London
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Wishing to catch a movie on a windy rooftop with your friends? Rooftop Film Club provides an outstanding scenic rooftop view with your favorite movie. From the latest releases to booking for a special event, services are provided sincerely by the company. Also, complimentary beverages are available, so there is no compulsion to bring in snacks from outside.

Check out more about Rooftop Film Club here.

5. Amante Movie Night

outdoor cinemas
Location: Ibiza, Spain.

This wonderful setup in Ibiza will surely win your heart. A windy beach on one side, your partner on the other, and finally some great movie screening with a comfortable couch to lean on; it seems heaven on Earth, isn’t it? You won’t regret a single bit of visiting this place. (Put it on your must-visit list)

Check out more about Amante Movie Night here.

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6. The Graham & Co.

outdoor cinemas
The Graham & Co, New York
Location: New York, USA.

It is a small resort that has various facilities, and one of them is the outdoor cinema space (which is the coolest feature of the place). The badminton court and lawn are convertible as well for more space as well. Besides, this place has 20 rooms so, you can take up your friends or family for a vacation, and have an experience of the outdoor cinema.

Check out more about The Graham & Co. here.

7. The Nomad Cinema

outdoor cinemas
The Nomad Cinema, London
Location: London, United Kingdom.

As the name suggests, it is a nomad group that sets up randomly on any beautiful spots in England and premieres popular movies. For the supply of refreshments, they tie-up with some local food stores. The profits gained by them go to the charity, which makes it all the more worth enjoying.

Check out more about The Nomad Cinema here.

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8. Pluk de Nacht

outdoor cinemas
Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It is one of the largest outdoor cinemas that premier movies periodically. The location shares an impressive waterfall with the availability of tasty beverages as well. The most exciting part is about admission, which is absolutely free. There are beach chairs and blankets provided by them as well.

Check out more about Pluk de Nacht here.

9. Kino Unter den Sternen

outdoor cinemas
Kino Unter den Sternen, Vienna
Location: Vienna, Austria.

You will be surprised to know that Kino Unter den Sternen in Karlsplatz, Vienna premiers classics and popular art films daily throughout the month of July in the form of outdoor screening. Also, admission here is free, and the movies are mostly in German and English.

Check out more about Kino Unter den Sternen here.

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10. La Villette

outdoor cinemas
Cinéma en Plein Air de la Villette, Paris
Location: Paris, France.

This outdoor place is filled with soft grass, making it a bit simple yet beautiful. You can bring in your chairs or couches, or you can even lay on the grass (which feels amazing as well). The most interesting thing about this place is: It changes the theme of the place every year so that people look forward to it.

Check out more about La Villette here.

11. Moonlight Cinema

outdoor cinemas
Moonlight Cinema, Sydney
Location: Sydney, Australia.

This is one of the best outdoor cinemas in Australia; where the setup is filled with greenery and steps are made so that a lot of audiences can watch. It also has beverages, refreshments, and snacks so that no one has the trouble of bringing in foods from outside.

Check out more about Moonlight Cinema here.

12. Cine Kamari

outdoor cinemas
Cine Kamari, Santorini
Location: Santorini, Greece.

This venue is considered as one of the best outdoor cinemas in the world, which is situated on the islands of Santorini. This place is also a heritage or landmark of how theatres were and preserve the traditions of Greece (established in 1987). Surrounded by greenery on every side, it gives out the vibes of a hideout under the starry sky.

Check out more about Cine Kamari here.

13. Sala Montjuic

outdoor cinemas
Sala Montjuic, Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain.

It is a summer event where outdoor cinema is held within the great walls of Montjuic Castle in Barcelona. A large crowd gathers to celebrate this event, and the vibe of this place will surely uplift the mood from any circumstances. Also, you can grab your friends or family with some homemade food to enjoy the movie and have a little get-together apart from the busy life.

Check out more about Sala Montjuic here.

14. Film Festival Locarno

outdoor cinemas
Film Festival Locarno, Switzerland
Location: Locarno, Switzerland.

Each year in August, Locarno’s Piazza Grande gets converted into Europe’s biggest outdoor cinema with almost 8,000 seating capacity. The city of Locarno has a different outlook than usual with its mood of the festival, on top of it famous movies screening on a gigantic movie screen makes it a lifetime experience of joy and happiness that you will hardly come across anywhere.

Check out more about Film Festival Locarno here.

15. Sait Halim Pasa Mansion

outdoor cinemas
Sait Halim Pasa Mansion, Istanbul
Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

The beauty of the view with crystal clear water body and 19th-century mansion will make you awestruck with delight (A Turkish one maybe?) A dream destination resort with outdoor cinema under the moonlight. Delicacies and cocktails are served at regular intervals.

Check out more about Sait Halim Pasa Mansion here.

16. Somerset House

outdoor cinemas
Somerset House, London
Location: London, United Kingdom.

Somerset House has an outdoor cinema that screens periodically and premiers film series, contemporary films, etc. This venue has the largest outdoor screen, and many talented actors, directors, or DJs appear on the spot. If you are scheduling your visit here, try to keep the days of the festival and enjoy with everyone.

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Check out more about Somerset House here.

17. Galileo Open Air Cinema

outdoor cinemas
Galileo Open Air Cinema, Cape Town
Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Galileo has brought outdoor cinema to a whole new level. Don’t only they have spots for screening in open-air, but also picnic mode and drive-in mode (where you can enjoy your favorite movie from your car). Rental services are also available for booked events and parties.

Check out more about Galileo Open Air Cinema here.

18. Cinespia Cemetery Screenings

outdoor cinemas
Cinespia Cemetery Screenings, Los Angeles
Location: Los Angeles, USA

Cinespia screening popular movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery became a Los Angeles thing. It is one of the most popular spots for watching outdoor movies as many people with their friends and family hang around and chill for some refreshment.

Check out more about Cinespia Cemetery Screenings here.

19. Sail-In Cinema

outdoor cinemas
Sail-In Cinema, Toronto
Location: Toronto, Canada.

It is the world’s first two-sided outdoor floating movie experience brought by PortsToronto. You can watch the movie from the harbor, or if you have a boat, you are welcome to sail and watch the movie from the opposite side. You can watch it for free from Lake Ontario. Cool, isnt it? The most unique setup you will ever see anywhere.

Check out more about Sail-In Cinema here.

20. Soneva Kiri

outdoor cinemas
Soneva Kiri, Ko Kut
Location: Ko Kut, Thailand.

This paradise resort in the islands of Ko Kut has an adoring setup in the middle of a jungle with a large inflatable screen. Try out delicious Thai delicacies and enjoy your favorite movie while relaxing with your most favorite person under the open sky.

Check out more about Soneva Kiri here.

FAQs on Most Beautiful Outdoor Cinemas in The World

1. Name some of the best cinema in the world.

Some of the best cinema in the world are:
– Rajmandir Theatre, Jaipur, India.
– Kino International, Berlin, Germany.
– 4DX, Seoul, South Korea.
– Uplink X, Tokyo, Japan.
– The Castro Theatre, San Francisco, United States.

2. What is the biggest cinema chain in the world?

AMC Cinemas or AMC Multi-Cinemas – an American movie theater chain headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, is the biggest cinema chain in the world.

3. Name some of the outdoor cinema in London.

Some of the outdoor cinemas in London are:
– Rooftop Film Club.
– Openaire Cinema.
– Sunset Cinema.
– Backyard Cinema.
– The Nomad Cinema.

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