How to Send an Email that can’t be Traced

how to send an email that can't be traced
how to send an email that can't be traced

Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted to tell your boss something? The real problem is when you cannot do it directly! You will then want to use anonymous mail services to do so. So, How to Send an Email that can’t be Traced?

Here I have researched some ways to Send an Email that can’t be Traced. You will not need any active installations for these methods.

But before you are ready to send it, don’t skip the safety measures. Make sure you are aware of all of these.

Safety Measures

With all the methods listed, It of utmost importance for you to keep in mind certain safety measures.

  1. Never send the email from your home or work computer or even WiFi networks. – This is because, organisations can have many ways to trace which computer was used. They can even detect who was sitting there at that time.
  2. Typing style of each person is unique. Make sure you do not make such an error. Be clear in your typing of words and sentences.
  3. Make sure you are completely safe whilst you are doing such an act. This is because, once if the law enforcement is involved they can implement many ways to catch you.
  4. Do not use that email id for any other purpose, as a safety measure. This is because if the authorities are involved, you might get traced.
  5. Do not use the same password for any other service. Multinational companies have ways to trace you in many ways which may be unknown to you.
  6. Make sure you use information that gets traced back to you. Any image or even abbreviations may get you in trouble. Even the slightest of idea may get you onto the suspect list.
  7. Never use your home network as it can be traced easily. Use any public network so you are not easily put under question.
  8. Do not use your mobile phone to create the email id or even send any of such emails via it.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure!

4 Ways: How to Send an Email that can’t be Traced

Using anonymous email sending websites



Senanonymousemail.net is a free site which is available on the internet. It allows you send anonymous emails for free. Using this website you are allowed to send emails to your desired recipient anonymously.

Follow the steps to write an anonymous email

  1. Type in the desired receivers email address
  2. Then type in the sender’s address. The email address which you want to use to send the email
  3. Write the subject for the email
  4. In the box, type your desired message
  5. You will see a security code, fill that code and hit send.

The email will be sent to the specified email address using the account as mentioned.

This is a simple and easy way to Send an Email that can’t be Traced.

Here is the link for the website – sendanonymousemail.net



This is another website using which you can write an anonymous email to your boss. Just like sendanonymousemail.net, you can use this website too.

Using this website you just need to enter the email address of the person you wish to send the email to.

After doing that, fill out the subject and he message you want to send.

Once you finish writing the message, hit send and your email will be sent anonymously. This way you can try to Send an Email that can’t be Traced.

Check out the website – anonymouse.org

Using VPN, clearnet email service providers with Fake identity

A Burner Email Id and VPN

Utilizing a mail account like Gmail to send an unknown email is a great choice. You can pursue a Gmail account without giving any recognizable data. A short time later, you can use that email address as a burner account.

Besides, when you send an unknown email from Gmail. The beginning IP address (where the email originated from) in the email header is a Google server. The adjustment in IP address gives you another level of anonymity.

If somebody somehow happened to follow the IP address in the email header, it would just show a Google server area. The server isn’t really near your area either, however, it covers your tracks. This is another process to send an email that cant be traced.

Using temporary email and VPN

Proton Mail

How to Send an Email that can't be Traced - proton mail

One way to send an unidentified email to your boss is to use Proton Mail. This is a very secure way as the company is Switzerland based. So being traced is using this is a bit difficult as compared to the servers connect back to Switzerland.

You will first have to set up your account with Proton Mail. Make sure you use absolutely invalid information. Make up a fake name, email address information, and even the recovery mail information must be fake.

Do not set up this account from your own device or your own personal network too. As there will always be a chance that the authorities are able to trace you back. This is possible especially when law enforcement is involved. Make sure you use a public computer like in a net cafe.

Click here to check out to Send an Email that can’t be Traced – Proton Mail.

Using Temporary Email Address

You can create a fake account using Gmail or Yahoo email services. Use a different name and email address. Put all information that is fake and nowhere nearby related to you. Even the security number or recovery email that is filled in must be a mock-up.

Also, keep in mind to use a public network and not your home or work WiFi network service. Ensure that you do not use your own phone or laptop while doing this.

You must also, use a VPN at all times. This will ensure that if you are being traced back, your original location is not leaked. This is another way to send an email that cant be traced.

Using Tor and Tor email services

Tor browser and tor email services

Tor is a software that permits clients to peruse the web anonymously. At first, created by the Naval Research Lab during the 1990s, onion switches get their name from the onion-like layering strategy that covers data about client action and areas. Today it is utilized worldwide, by individuals who need to follow the web secretly. For instance, it is regularly utilized by columnists and activists working under abusive systems.

Tor program is successful at concealing your area and keeping your traffic from being followed. It’s practically extremely difficult for your online movement to be followed through Tor’s system back to you.The framework has a couple of loopholes. In any case, the Tor program isn’t completely secure.

Utilizing Tor with a VPN gives you an extra layer of security as the VPN encryption forestalls the Tor section hub (the Tor server where you enter) from seeing your IP address. You must utilize a VPN administration you trust on the grounds that the VPN server will have the option to see your actual IP address.

To utilize our Tor shrouded administration (otherwise called an onion site), you should have Tor introduced or use Tor program.

The most straightforward approach to access onion sites is to download the Tor Browser. Tor Browser is nearly equivalent to the mainstream Firefox internet browser, however, it has worked in help for Tor. Essentially downloading Tor Browser will let you visit onion sites immediately. This is another way to send an email that cant be traced.

Open this website to download Tor on your android device.

Proton Mail Drakweb

Proton mail darkweb

You need to have installed Tor browser to access Proton Mail’s Tor hidden service.

Open this link for a detailed description to know how to set it up.


  1. OpenPGP Support
  2. Self destruct emails
  3. Two-step verification
  4. Alias email support

This is another way to send an email that can’t be traced. Here is the link for Proton Mail Darkweb.


Bitmessage is a P2P interchanges convention used to send scrambled messages to someone else or to various supporters.

It utilizes solid verification which implies that the sender of a message can’t be a caricature. It plans to stow away “non-content” information, similar to the sender and recipient of messages.

This is done as an insurance from uninvolved busybodies like those warrantless wiretapping programs.

Mail to Tor

Tor Mail is a previous Tor hidden service that went disconnected after an FBI strike on Freedom Hosting in August 2013. The administration permits you to send and get email namelessly, to email addresses that are inside and outside the Tor arrange.

Tor Mail’s purpose is to give totally unknown and private interchanges to you. The organization says that they were mysterious and couldn’t be compelled to reveal anything about a Tor Mail client. They said that the administration didn’t help out anybody trying to recognize a Tor Mail client.

Tor Mail’s administration comprised of a few servers, the secret help, and an approaching and active web confronting mail servers.


With all the safety methods and various ways listed, to write an anonymous email to your boss you can choose the safest method.

Another thing I would like to suggest is, usage of letters rather than emails can be a lot safer. Tracing the person who wrote the letter with just the handwriting and fake address is a tedious job.

Rest assured, the best way to write an anonymous email depends on your requirements. It depends on the depth of the message you are willing to convey too. This is because many times your message may not be read by your boss. The reason can be either they receive too many fake emails and are used to it. Another reason could be, they may think since the sender chooses to remain unidentified, the information is not legitimate. There can be many possibilities under this matter.

Make sure you know what you are doing and be safe!

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