Is Seven Deadly Sins Anime worth your time? (Review and more)

Nakaba Suzuki has written the Seven Deadly Sins (Japanese: Nanatsu no Taizai), a Japanese fantasy manga series of the same name and an anime adaption has been done for the same. Keigo Sasaki (Blue Exorcist) was the anime character designer, and Hiroyuki Sawano composed the music.

The Anime’s OP song is “Netsujō no Spectrum” (Netsujō no Supekutoramu, “Spectrum of Passion”), performed by Ikimono-gakari for the first twelve episodes. The second cour OP song is “Seven Deadly Sins,” performed by the band Man with a Mission. The ending song of the first cour, titled “7-Seven,” is a collaborative song between Flow and Granrodeo. The second cour ending song from episode thirteen onwards is “Season,” the major debut of Alisa Takigawa.

The Plot

Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are a band or a group of knights in Britannia’s land, disbanded ten years after being framed for planning a conspiracy against the Liones Kingdom ( Rionesu Ōkoku), the Holy Knights who squished them before taking control of the lands.

Elizabeth Liones is Liones’s third daughter. She ventures out to find the Seven Deadly Sins’ leader, Meliodas, and they start on a search out for his comrades so they can clear their names and liberate Liones from the Holy Knights, who were manipulated by a demon named Fraudrin to unseal the Demon Race from their prison. Meliodas is the demon king’s cursed son whole fate entangled with Elizabeth is revealed while fighting against the ten commandments. Watch the anime to find out more.

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Official News

Seven Deadly Sins Anime will air another sequel movie this summer. Nakaba Suzuki has written the story for The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light, which will follow the order after the ongoing TV anime.

Kodansha announced on Wednesday that The Seven Deadly Sins would be airing another anime movie this summer, titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light ( also known as Nanatsu no Taizai: Hikari ni Norowareshi Mono-Tachi in Japan). The movie will feature a new story by original manga author Nakaba Suzuki and follow the order after The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement anime.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement (Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan), the new season premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on January 6. Netflix started streaming the anime in 2021. The series was delayed from its previous October premiere date due to the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) but was rescheduled to August.

Seven Deadly Sins’ first 24-episode television anime series aired in 2014 and 2015. You can also check out the latest news on “My Next Life As Villainess.”

Nakaba Suzuki launched The Seven Deadly Sins manga in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine between 2012-2020. Kodansha published the manga’s final volume in May 2020. Kodansha Comics also published the manga in English digitally and in print. Crunchyroll is posting new chapters regularly as well.

Suzuki will launch Mokushiroku no Yon-Kishi (The Four Knights of the Apocalypse), a direct sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins manga Weekly Shōnen Magazine on January 27. The sequel setting will take place in Britannia, and it will begin at a place called “God’s Finger.”

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Name of the Seven Deadly Sins

Lion’s sin of pride (Escanor) Serpent’s sin of envy (Diane), Boar’s sin of gluttony (Merlin), Goat’s sin of lust (Gowther), Grizzly’s sin of sloth (King), Fox’s sin of greed (Ban) and Dragon’s sin of wrath (Meliodas).”

Review on Seven Deadly Sins Anime

This anime clearly defines itself as Action without reason. You may also call it a testosterone-trip, combined with flashy powers and fights that drag on for way too long. But it’s interesting to see an anime that suffers from these clichés but somehow utilizes them to their fullest extent, giving them a meaning and creating a subtle rhyme and reason to them, which makes the show a whole lot more fun and meaningful to watch.


The Plot is all about the adventures (and misadventures) of a team of knuckleheads as they travel the land, looking for other members of a mysterious group known as the “Seven Deadly Sins” (They also run a restaurant). Their travel diaries are all about the ‘team’ meeting the past members, getting into fistfights with various characters, help people out, chitchat, fool around and do things that are fun and just – while working towards completing their ultimate objective of reuniting all seven and reclaiming the land. The series did a great job balancing the humor, the drama, and the action (Echhi included). One doesn’t seem to overpower the other.

Seven Deadly Sins

The core of this show is divided into two aspects: the fights and the character development. Most of the main characters (and many of the side characters and antagonists) get enough screentime to shine and develop throughout the story. Character dialogue, actions and interactions, and fantastic backstories for many of the characters really flesh things out and add a sense of purpose and reason to the story.

Things don’t always end up as they supposed to be, and there are many turning points in the series where completely unexpected things happen that really make the series more refreshing and less repetitive.

Lastly, the ending is not upto the mark it’s a bit lackluster compared to the whole series, but still it’s okay to watch. And, the way it ends leaves it open to the possibility for a new season.


The art in ‘Nanatsu no Taizai’ is extremely high, and the fight scenes keep getting better. Action scenes flow is very well smooth like a river, and character designs, facial expressions, backgrounds, etc., are above par. The greatest thing about it is that the quality was maintained throughout the series, making us more excited for the upcoming movies and series.


The music in the series is also good. But there are many pieces used in repetition, and the music gets played at perfect times and scenes in which they are used and don’t become annoying.

All four of the openings and endings are really good, and I listen to them on Spotify too from time to time. The voice actors did a great job at playing the characters. No lines felt unnatural, forced, or otherwise lacking feelings.


The show excels only because of its characters. Each of them has a unique personality. Some fear things, love things and hate things. They basically do everything together (don’t take it in another way). They cry, they laugh and fight together. The series does a fabulous job at developing the characters and making it feel like these are living, breathing people.

The main female character, Elizabeth, doesn’t show much development compared to others. The same goes for the protagonist. Meliodas doesn’t seem to change over the series and remains an enigma for the most part. There is a backstory given to him that helps him take the limelight for some time.

Seven Deadly Sins

But so many things remain unclear concerning his character, the overshadowing part was done well, but it can be hard to attach yourself to him as the show progresses. Sometimes, he is just too overpowered, which means you never fear him losing in any of the action scenes, and therefore, there’s no tension.

The secondary characters are many, and they have their own well-developed backstory as well. The series was well planned, and There’s a great possibility of you to have a change in heart for the characters you hated before.

Where to Watch?


There are many flaws; I think all anime has some flaws. But even with those flaws, the series didn’t fail to entertain me, and it’s a delightful series. It had great fights with meaning, great humor, great characters, and some really well-developed stories. I’m sure you won’t regret watching this anime.

This is a fantastic action-adventure anime and a “sin” for the fans who fall under the curse of binge-watching all the Series and movies. The committee did a great job over-all and got a thumbs up from me. I can’t wait for the upcoming new movies what about you?

I’ll rate it 4/5 stars.

FAQs on Seven Deadly Sins Anime

What are the Seven Deadly Sins Anime Series Watch Order?

The order of the Seven Deadly Sins Anime
Season 1 – The Seven Deadly Sins Anime (2 cour) Episodes 1-24 plus Bandit Ban OVA, Heroes Fun Time -Extra Stories Compilation- OVA.
Series Special – Signs of Holy war. Episodes 25-28.
Season 2 – Revival of The Commandments. Episodes 28-52 plus Heroes Frolic OVA.
Season 3 – Wrath of the Gods (Episodes 53-76)
Season 4 – (Aired in October 2020)

Is Gowther a girl or a boy?

Gowther has a goat’s sin of lust is a doll created by a great wizard. He was created out of a wizard’s love, thus has a feminine appearance, even though he is a male.

Does Ban lose his immortality?

Ban is an immortal being. Thanks to drinking from the Fountain of Youth, all of Ban’s wounds heal in no time, no matter how severe. However, Ban lost this ability after using the Fountain of Youth’s power to revive Elaine in one of the episodes. (spoiler alert)

Why did Ban kill Elaine?

Elaine was on the verge of death after fighting a demon. She sacrificed herself by giving Ban the Fountain of Youth (via a kiss). While dying in his arms, he promised her that soon they’d be together again, and she gave him the last seed to restore the forest.

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