Best Minecraft Games with Animals in 2021

If you like animals and want to experience the wildlife through the eyes of Minecraft games, let me tell you about some Minecraft games with animals you must try.

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Here is the list of:

7 Best Minecraft Games With Animals

1. Mine Zoo 2

Mine Zoo 2 is a Minecraft game developed by Cyclone. The game gives you a wholesome experience of a zookeeper and you will find it very funny and enjoyable to play with different animals and manage the zoo.

You can expand and customize your zoo according to your creativity and you can also decide the animals and their individual or combined places. There are various types of animals to breed and play with. This is a very basic game with no proper story, basically just for fun and entertainment.

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2. Survival Plus: Forest Animals

Survival Plus Forest Animals is an adventure survival game developed by The Hives. In the game, you have to collect resources form the forest and survive within the wild animals provided in the game.

All the animals in the game come up with custom behaviour and sounds which makes the game more interesting and fun to play. Its imaginary cubic world and environment give you a very unfamiliar experience.

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3. Animals

Animals is a Minecraft game developed by Everbloom Games. There is basically tons of animals everywhere in the game world and each animal have its own unique behaviour and sounds. You cannot use the animals in your own world but you can play with them and also observe their unique animations. There are customized natural biomes and habitats with naturally spawning animals. The game has a 3000 X 3000 custom terrain in which you can explore new places and play with the animals.

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4. Cute Pets

Cute Pets is a Minecraft game developed by Cyclone. It has tons of cute and adorable pets in cubic format and with them, you can perform a lot of different activities like shopping with your pets, playing, and also explore the town as you do in real life. You can choose your pets as your wish and also they can be dressed up differently. There are also 30 kinds of magical pets and they can be your perfect companion to explore the island and feel the fresh environment.

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5. Farm Life

As the name suggests, Farm Life is a basic and very interesting farming Minecraft games with animals developed by Pixelheads. It is very fun to play the game as you can experience the challenging life of a farmer. You have to tend your fields and grow crops so that you can harvest them and trade them for better farming equipment. There are many farming animals present in the game like cows, pigs, chickens, goose, dogs etc. You can breed them on your farm and there are also many vehicles available to make your farming experience easy and more interesting & fun.

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6. Escape The Cat

In the list of Minecraft games with animals, Escape The Cat is one of my favourite games to play. The game is developed by Cubic Craft Games and throughout the game, you just have to keep running to save your life from the cats.

In a world full of cats, you are a mouse and you have to run between 11 different levels to save yourself. You have to collect cheese while running and there will be many obstacles and traps throughout the game. This game can also be played in multiplayer mode, so what are you waiting for, play with your friends and have fun.

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7. Wildlife: Savanna

Last but not the least, in the series of best Minecraft games with animals, Wildlife Savanna in a safari game developed by Pixelheads.

This game is basically a safari game with tons of wild animals in it. You can explore the wildlife of savanna with a four-seater off-road vehicle and experience the beautiful landscapes and wild animals as you want. You can ride the animals, play with them and also breed them. So, come and explore the wildlife of savanna and start the journey to a new wild world.

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