5 Best Realistic Anime that are aesthetically Strong!

Realistic anime which are eye-soothing gives an important aspect of getting hitched towards an anime. It is what it visually offers. Often you see critical complaints on how the screenplay or the sketching ruined the plot. Even if a super narrative is constricted, the way color schemes and aesthetics surround it develops the ultimate plate.

Fine and introspecting on-screen visuals are very rare to be found in an anime that is equally good with the story. The following list of best realistic anime shows eases that headache for you. Relive the best works made ever.

Best Realistic Anime that are pleasing to Eyes:

1. God Eater

Besides being really soothing to the eye, God Eater anime is one of the best dark anime shows. The scenario showcases in the year 2071 and unfolds an extreme dark nature of the show. This realistic and aesthetically strong anime is directed by Takayuki Hirao. It got released in 2015 and continued till 2016, March.

This realistic anime takes a sudden leap in the situation where humanity is at stake. The era is filled with Aragami creatures and an unknown danger, known as the Oracle cell. The human world is endangered as these filthy creatures are slashing humans like savages. The only hope of humanity lies with a kind of weapon called the God arcs. This powerful weapon is specifically designed to defeat demons.

The story follows the personal ride of Lenka, whose family was brutally taken away from him by the Aragami. Consequently, he seeks to become a God Eater. A God Eater is the one who can control God arcs. This anime series also unveils teamwork, friendship among fellow God Eaters, amidst deep science fiction.

You can watch this anime on Netflix as well as on Anime-Planet. This fantastic show is really technically strong and efficient besides the plot.

2. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf - Realistic Anime Series

It is very rare that we find a realistic anime that is different from what you expect. Also, it doesn’t compromise with the quality yet takes you to an extreme divergence from your expectations. Such an anime is Spice and Wolf, directed by Takeo Takahashi.

Taking essence from medieval times and introducing touches of Wolf goddess makes it quite fascinating. Besides the ravishing yet realistic plot, the anime couple from this narrative is quite a favorite for many.  Holo is the wise wolf of Yoitsu here who has special powers. This has also helped farmers in their annual harvest. With time, the story of a helping hand gets diluted.

One day she meets a merchant and offers her assistance. The story grows from this point of the sequence. This anime is full of drama besides a very unusual character that is submerged throughout the plot in particular. The aesthetically pleasing screenplay, as well as the sketches, will blow your mind for sure.

Watch the Spice and Wolf produced by Imagin studio on Netflix and Funimation.

3. The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor is one of the most realistic anime series ever
The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor has the most elegant illustrations and beautifully crafted storyline. This realistic anime is an immense driving source for attention due to its color scheme. It is directed by Higasa Akai and has been released by June 2017.

Heine is the character that is optimized in the story of the Royal Tutor. He is a respectable character who is seemingly intelligent and smart. Hence, due to the following nature of his personality, he gets involved in a special task. This task has already made many flew away and finally it has arrived at his door. It is to tutor the four royal Princesses who are literally flag bearers of trouble.

The four Princesses are the heirs to the throne and to tutor them turns out to be a massive headache for Heine. This royal theme of the realistic anime is absolutely enchanting with the color scheme. This certainly quenches the thirst of your eyes for once and all.

The Royal Tutor anime show is produced by Bridge studio and licensed by Funimation. It is available on Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet.

4. Psycho-Pass

psycho-pass realistic anime series

This anime takes a toll on a futuristic utopia where a world is nearly perfect. Here all the average citizens are at peace, without any possible fear in this absolutely realistic anime in vision. This is directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani.

The breakthrough situation in Japan is shown with an adequate modification in the police precincts and modern technology. It includes an update that senses the mindset of any ordinary man. The show navigates its rise in how a modified and perfect world apparently deals with the criminals at loose.

The Ministry of Welfares Public Safe Bureau accomplishes the tasks on the basis of this technology that tests one’s aptitude and all other thoughts. This particular source also establishes a percentage on what are the chances of a person becoming a criminal or committing a certain offense. This interesting yet realistic anime show is a bang-on hit for the viewers.

Produced by Production I.G. this anime show is available on Prime Video as well as on Netflix.

5. Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon was originally released in 2009, September. Black Lagoon has a similar core to that of Cowboy Bebop. It is directed by Sunao Katabuchi and produced by Madhouse studio. It was released quite a long time ago but it is definitely worth counting under the best realistic anime shows ever.

This show situates itself in Thailand where a place is covered with corruption. The place witnesses uninterrupted illegal offenses. This realistic anime show is about the fine morality and sense that a man can keep within such a climate at stake. Rokurou undertakes this challenge as a businessman and witnesses a swift transformation.

Black Lagoon will let you stick to your seats and is worthy to binge-watch. You can watch this anime show on Netflix, streaming right now.

FAQs on the Top Realistic anime shows

1. Is Black Lagoon having a season 3?

Black Lagoon had stopped quite a long back. Although, this anime is an evergreen one and still people expect a sequel out of it. It was apparently heard that season 3 of Black Lagoon was about to start. Since then, no-followed confirmation has been made on that note.

2. What are some realistic action anime to watch?

The best realistic stories authorizing ever action sequences are put up by anime like Cowboy Bebop. Also, Black Lagoon does stand in one of the finest animation series delivering amazing action.

3. What are some realistic romance anime?

Quality anime like Fruit Basket, Nana, or Golden Time are well known for their realistic plots sprinkling with romance at ease.

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